Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

The Annual Awards GALA is an opportunity for the extended ECC family to recognize our affiliated student organizations and student leaders who are active members of our Kelly ECC community and the broader UW community through activism, leadership, philanthropy, community service, and outreach. We also celebrate members of our community who are graduating and toast to the completion of a successful academic year.


Every year, the Kelly ECC GALA Awards Selection Committee has the difficult task of reviewing all nominations. These Are The Guidelines And Process When Nominating And Selecting Award Recipients.

Nomination Guidelines


We are proud to announce the Kelly ECC Awards GALA for 2018-2019 to honor registered student organizations and student leaders who have made significant contributions to the mission of the Kelly ECC.

Awards Criteria


These are the recent recipients of the Kelly ECC Awards in the past few years. These Organizations and Individual leaders have made exceptional efforts toward supporting the mission of the Kelly ECC.

Past Recipients


GALA voting will be open soon! For now, stay informed with what your RSO members and larger community are doing and keep them in mind once nominations and voting starts!

Cast GALA Votes