School Age Curriculum: What is PKU?


Alligator's Allergy
Read a story together about Alicia Alligator, who becomes allergic to plants. She learns she must avoid the things she is allergic to in order to stay healthy. Compare this to PKU. Although PKU is technically not an allergy, it does involve avoidance of certain foods. This similarity provides children with an easy explanation of the PKU diet for others.

Detective Dawg and the Package
Read a story about Detective Dawg and his discovery of the meaning of the mysterious letters "PKU"

Kevin's New Friend
Read a story together about a boy with PKU who moves to a new town and meets a new friend, who has diabetes. The boys become friends and discuss their similarities.

My PKU Story
Children read a story and discuss the basic concepts of PKU.

Protein and Amino Acids
Learn about protein and amino acids and how they relate to PKU.

The Body Engine
Read a story about a car that runs out of gas. The children learn that people need fuel to run, just like cars need fuel to run (but a different kind of fuel). Learn about energy and discuss the types of foods that are the best fuel for people with PKU.

The Protein Train
Children learn about the "Protein Train". This purpose of this activity is to explain what happens to protein foods when they are eaten and how phenylalanine can become elevated in a person's blood.

You and PKU
Read a story together that explains the fundamentals of PKU in a very simple and enjoyable way.


What is PKU Curriculum for other ages:


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