The University of Washington Autism Center: Autism Stories Project is an idea inspired by StoryCorps, based on the belief that everyone has an important story to share, and that these stories connect and strengthen us. We invite 2 people to have a conversation about how their lives have been touched by autism, and we audio-record these conversations so that others may hear.

Do you have an Autism Story to share? If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact Dr. Kelly Johnson at uwautism@uw.edu.

Autism Stories 7: Marikay and Maci
Autism Stories 6: Thiago and his English Teacher, Adriano
Autism Stories 5: Natasha and Brandon

Autism Stories 4: Sascha

Autism Stories 3: Tracey and Andrew

Autism Stories 2: Marcia and Joel

Autism Stories 1: Cinthia and Craig


  • Claire Miller, a recent UW Autism Center trainee and current UW graduate student in Social Work, assisted with editing audio-recordings.
  • Katya Downey, a recent UW Autism Center trainee and graduate from the UW School of Social Work, assisted with managing the process of recording and creative editing for our seventh UWAC Autism Stories audio-recording.
  • Annuska Zolyomi, PhD received her doctorate in Information Science from the University of Washington and is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Division of Computing & Software Services. During her doctoral studies, she assisted with the UWAC Autism Stories project through community outreach, conducting/recording sessions, and editing/preparing several audio-conversations featured on our webpage.
  • Kate Clark, UW graduate in Journalism & International Studies, assisted with many aspects of the Autism Stories project including managing the process of recording and editing the first audiotaped conversations.
  • Luke Morse provided his original background music.
  • Yunmi Her, PhD student in UW Digital Arts and Experimental Media program (DXARTS), helped with editing.
  • Dr. Harrington (né “Natasha”) now goes by Lucas (he/him). He has requested that his interviews remain available as-is to the public.