Lakewood High School visits UWAB!

Thanks Lakewood High and UWAB volunteer speakers for all the Astrobiology fun!

Professor Rory Barnes (Astronomy) and Erika Harnett (ESS) led the series of lectures with contributions from current UWAB students Owen Lehmer (ESS) and Jacob Lustig-Yaeger (Astronomy) and current undergraduate, Caitlyn Wilhelm (Astronomy), who works with Russell Deitrick (Astronomy). Thank you everyone for your participation! Hope to see you next year!

Dani Leach teaches a class devoted purely to Astrobiology at Lakewood High School at Lakewood, WA. Her students, who range from freshmen to seniors, can also earn college credit at the local community college by taking this course. Their curriculum includes a yearly visit to the UW campus to hear from our current students and faculty about recent developments in Astrobiology and their research. This year, UWAB hosted Lakewood on February 27, 2017.