UWAB Alum Dr. Eddie Schwieterman Featured on Ask and Astrobiologist

UWAB Alum, and member of the Virtual Planetary Laboratory Research Group, Dr. Eddie Schwieterman (PhD. Astronomy & Astrobiology, 2016), was recently featured on the Ask an Astrobiologist program!

You can watch a recording of the presentation on YouTube.

Dr. Eddie Schwieterman, is now an astrobiologist and astronomer interested in studying planetary habitability and remote biosignatures to uncover the distribution of life in the Universe. Since receiving his PhD, Eddie spent three years as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Riverside working with the Alternative Earths team, is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech, and will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside in July

Ask an Astrobiologist (which is managed by SAGANet with production support from the NASA Astrobiology Program) is a show where the public is invited to interact with a high-profile astrobiologist, who replies to questions on video. Each session lasts about an hour. You can learn more about the show on their website here