CF Research Development Program
Seattle Children’s Research Institute
University of Washington
2001 8th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

CF Research Development Program Pre- and Post-doc Fellowship Summary Applications

due January 24, 2022

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RFA Description

The University of Washington Cystic Fibrosis Research Development Program is seeking applications for pre- and post-doctoral fellowship positions in laboratory-based research.

Pre-doctoral applicants should be a Ph.D. candidate who has finished all coursework and is working on laboratory Ph.D. thesis research of clear relevance to CF.

Post-doctoral applicants may have M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree(s) working on laboratory-based research of clear relevance to CF.

Trainee funds are available for up to 2 years, and include a stipend, laboratory supplies/tuition and travel funds.

Applications must address a research question of direct relevance to cystic fibrosis. Examples of relevant topics include but are not exclusive to:

a) Chronic lung inflammation
b) Lung microbiology and chronic CF infections.
c) Bacterial-host interactions relevant to CF
d) Bacterial physiology and antibiotic resistance as related to chronic airway infections
e) Lung transplantation research

We use a 2-stage application process for trainee funding. Applicants should provide a 1-2 page application summary that includes project title, relevance of the research question to CF, key preliminary results and methods, and specific aims proposed. Applications should also include an NIH formatted biosketch (and mentor’s biosketch for trainees). Biosketches and literature cited are not included in the page limit. First stage applications are due January 24, 2022. Selected applicants will be asked for full proposals to be submitted thereafter. Awardees must participate in UW CF Center activities, such as the seminar series and CF annual retreat, and trainees must apply for additional fellowship as their project develops.

Institutional signatures are not required for the application at this time. For application instructions and forms, please contact Donna Crist, Program Manager (206 349-6636)

For scientific and other information, please contact:
Dr. Pradeep Singh, Professor, Microbiology (206 221-7151)
Dr. Lucas Hoffman, Professor, Pediatrics (206 543-6716)
Dr. David Nichols, Associate Professor, Pediatrics (206-884-1137)