The CF Foundation has released 5 requests for applications.  All are due May 13 via Proposal Central (https://proposalcentral.com/GrantOpportunities.asp), and would begin ~ November 2020.  

The first 3 are general calls for post-doc training awards, and pilot and research grants. These awards focus on CF lung disease, CF microbiology, and CF GI and endocrine disease. The post-doc awards fund stipends and travel, pilots provide 50K/yr for 2 yrs, and grants provide 125k/yr for 2 yrs.

The same 3 mechanisms are offered as part of the “Path to a Cure” initiative that focuses on CFTR repair and replacement strategies.

Please let us know if you need additional information, your application would benefit from support from our research core facilities (clinical, genomics, or host-microbe interactions cores), or if a letter of support from the UW CF research program would be helpful.  

Thank you.


download Postdoctoral Research Fellow guidelines

download Pilot and Feasibility award guidelines

download Research Grants guidelines

download Path to a Cure – Research Grant guidelines

download Path to a Cure – Pilot and Feasibility guidelines

download Path to a Cure – Postdoctoral Research Fellowship guidelines