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Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium / University of Washington

How You Can Help

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Volunteers have become invaluable to this work. More than 1,000 volunteers have assisted by reading deeds and recording the information we need to plot these covenants. We use optical character recognition (OCR) to identify property records containing racial language, but computers can only do some of the work. Please volunteer to examine the text flagged by the computer and answer a series of questions. Each document takes no more than a few minutes to examine. The information that you enter will be exported to our database and used to finish our maps of racial restrictions.

Please sign up to help in the subscribe box. We send out a monthly newsletter about our progress. Your email address will remain private and will be used only for these occasional updates. Or contact us at


Zooniverse is a citizen science web portal owned and operated by the Citizen Science Alliance. It is home to some of the Internet's largest, most popular, and most successful citizen science projects. Millions of volunteers from around the world have helped with projects like ours. This video explains what you will see on our Zooniverse page.

13-minute training video by Justin Schell (Shapiro Design Lab, University of Michigan)

Zooniverse shortcut: Here are some of the common restrictions encountered in our research. Zooniverse volunteers may find it helpful to copy and paste rather than transcribing the longer restrictions.


Financial contributions help the project keep going. Make tax-free donations to "UW Foundation - Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project." Please mention "History Department."