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IWW Yearbook 1909

This is a database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Industrial Worker. It was researched by Oliver Janders. Start by reading his highlights report. Below that is the database.

Highlights 1909 by Oliver Janders

The Industrial Union Bulletin had not yet become the Industrial Worker as 1909 started. Indeed the Bulletin was in financial trouble and failed to produce an issue from December 12,   1908 until February 20, 1909.  In January, the IWW launched the Bulletin Sustaining League to rescue the paper. The problem, said the editors, was both “a lack of participation in the IWW” and “uncertainty as to the appearance of the paper.” [1] The Sustaining League eventually collected the funds needed to continue printing the paper by stressing its key role in expanding membership of the organization and delivering support where it was needed most during strikes. [2] In March, the paper appeared under its new name, the Industrial Worker, edited by James Wilson and based in Spokane, Washington.

The paper began publishing articles that contained fiery rhetoric in order to try and persuade workers to join the IWW. and get involved with the fight against capitalism. The newspaper also covered the activities of the IWW, including strikes, meetings, and campaigns against unscrupulous employment agencies and contractors, derisively called “sharks.” This summary highlights four major campaigns that received extensive coverage in the Industrial Worker while many other events are also listed in the accompanying database.

Employment Sharks vs. the IWW

The months of March and April, 1909, were filled with news of battles against employment sharks across the region. On March 28   Frank Smith and three fellow workers were discharged from the Union Iron Works in Spokane when the foreman disapproved of them attending IWW meetings. [3]

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The articles referenced in the database can be found in the online copies of Industrial Worker digitized by Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project at

Date Title Place State event description
2/20/1909 TO READERS OF THE BULLETIN The IWW has failed to raise enough funds for the past two months to run the newspaper. They have recently called on all members and unions across the nation to make donations so people can stay up to date on actions of the I.W.W.
2/20/1909 WAR IN MONTANA  Western Montana MT The I.W.W. and AFL are working at a combined union effort to fight against Lumber Companies for better pay. Additionally, the government told Indians not to allow any timber men that were apart of a union on to their property, and if so, call the US government. 
2/27/1909 EMPLOYMENT "SHARKS" Denver CO The unions in Denver have taken matters into their own hands after failed pleas to bring about correction of the methods of the broken employment shark agencies. They have vowed to force all the sharks out of town until they are gone. 
3/6/1909 THE FOURTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE I.W.W. Seattle WA The 4th annual convention of the I.W.W. took place, bringing many changes to the organization with it. One of which included changing the name of The Industrial Union Bulletin to the Industrial Worker. The second major change was making multiple amendments to the constitution of the I.W.W. 
3/13/1909 No paper published, The Industrial Union Bulletin switches name to Industrial Worker Spokane WA  
3/18/1909 FLATHEAD INDIANS; FLATHEAD WHTIES Flathead Reservation MT Even for the Flathead Tribe in Montana, times are getting tough and the cost of living is rising substantially. They are not surviving on their current living conditions and 1000 of them have now joined the IWW.
4/1/1909 I.W.W. IN SEATTLE WINS FREE SPEECH Seattle WA A court case regarding an I.W.W. worker that was arrested for talking negatively about employment sharks was finally brought to court. They ruled that it was out of their jurisdiction and they has no power to abridge the 1st amendment right of the constitution. 
4/1/1909 IT’S A LONG LANE THAT HAS NO TURN Spokane WA An employment shark assaulted an I.W.W. worker that was selling I.W. newspapers on a street managed by the Employment Shark Association. The man got away but continued to escalate the violence between employment sharks and the I.W.W.
4/1/1909 BOSSES FEAR THE I.W.W.  Spokane WA Four workers were discharged from the Union Iron Works in Spokane because they were attending I.W.W. meetings. The bosses did not approve of these actions, and the I.W.W. claim that this is evidence of how fearful bosses are of the I.W/W. 
4/8/1909 PORTLAND "REDS" CAN NOW TALK AGAIN Portland OR The I.W.W. recently won their free speech battle in Oregon against the state and Employment Sharks. They were arrested for denouncing the Sharks while refusing to move off the street, which apparently is crime in Oregon. The judge ruled this statue unconstitutional but still fined the I.W.W. $2. 
4/8/1909 SPOKANE GROWS FAMOUS FOR GAG LAW Spokane WA The free speech fight has now reached Spokane as multiple I.W.W. workers were arrested for protesting. The I.W.W. had made it clear that they will continue to fight against the authorities to make sure the workers First Amendment rights are not infringed.
4/15/1909 LOGGERS ORGANIZE ON PUGET SOUND Seattle WA Loggers in the Puget Sound have decided to begin striking in order to better their living conditions in the mountains, where they live amongst rats, fleas and sleep 10 in a small shack. 
4/22/1909 W.F. of M. Stirs "Our" Mayor Moore Spokane WA Wallace Miners' Union No. 17 passed resolutions condemning the Spokane "gag" law and began protesting against it, as well as the arrest of I.W.W. men. However, the Mayor of the city, Herbert C. Moore, sent out a notice stating that the local government had approved the law and the Regional Supreme Court would make the final decision on it.
4/22/1909 MANIAC STARTS RIOT IN PORTLAND Portland OR I.W.W. organizer and speaker, E.J. Foote, was tackled off the stage during a weekly I.W.W. rally held on the streets of Portland. It was initially believed it was an employment shark but turned out a town hooligan. 
4/22/1909 SILLY RACE PREJIDUCE Spokane WA The A. F. of L. has began devising plans to remove Japanese from the work force. The I.W.W. has vowed to rally against this because no worker should be discriminated against.
4/22/1909 NEW VAGRANCY LAWS N/A WA Washington state recently passed new vagrancy laws in order to try to put down unions. The laws force workers who are unemployed to go back to work if there is work available.
4/29/1909 GROWTH OF THE I.W.W. IN SPOKANE Spokane WA The size of the I.W.W. in Spokane has grown substantially over the years, moving from a 7'x11" shack to a massive building that costs $125 a month to rent. The building has an editorial room that is responsible for publishing the first issue of the Industrial Worker, primarily due to the ban on public street gatherings. 
5/6/1909 LUMBERJACKS ARE ORGANIZAING Seattle WA The Loggers of Labor Union 432 are growing in great numbers around the Puget Sound. There continues to be a call to action from the IWW for others to help the union grow and stress the importance of getting better conditions.
5/6/1909 COAL MINERS GETTING WISE N/A WA The local coal miner unions, #92 and #141 have elected executive committees. This collective work to rally miners is drawing 8-10 new workingmen for each rally.
5/6/1909 THE HEART OF A CROCODILE Spokane WA During a rally for the free speech fight in Spokane, an I.W.W. member was kicked by a policeman. The I.W.W. member, Albert Roe, was still charged $25 for "blocking the street" despite being assaulted by the policeman. 
5/6/1909 STRIKE ON Kalispell MT The brewery workers of Kalispell have gone on strike to stop the plans to divide Industrial Union into specific crafts. Additionally, they are calling for 6 hour days on Saturday and 10 cent wage increases. They encourage all I.W.W. members to cease consuming Kalispell beer and for saloons to stop purchasing it. 
5/13/1909 VANCOUVER GAG LAW AND THE I.W.W. Vancouver WA An I.W.W. rally took place last week on a street corner in Vancouver. The speaker was fined $5 for refusing to step down from the box he was standing on and stop speaking. I.W.W. members from Seattle have traveled down to help fight the matter in court. 
5/13/1909 STRIKE IN MONTANA BY THE LUMBERJACKS Fortine MT River drivers and bush cutters have ceased working along the river in Fortine in order to gain better working conditions. Workers have kept to their cabins as logs have pilled up high in the river. They expect a quick victory!
5/20/1909 THE PRINCE RUPERT I.W.W. ON STRIKE Prince Rupert B.C. Railroad workers of the I.W.W. in British Columbia have gone on strike against rotten grub and miserable living/working conditions. 
5/20/1909 STRIKERS APPEAL FOR STRIKE FUNDS Kalispell MT Members of the I.W.W. in Flathead valley that are striking or wanting to strike, are seeking funds to support the strike. Prices of food, clothes, etc. have gone up in the area and the reduced wages are making striking very difficult in the region. 
5/20/1909 THE BIG STRIKE GROWS IN MONTANA Somers MT There was a large meeting at the Somers saw mill on the 16th, as men voted to go on strike on the 20th, joining the trend of set by the river drivers and brewers. 
5/27/1909 STRIKES OF THE I.W.W. ARE IN FULL SWING Fortine/Flathead MT The strikes by the log-drivers are in full swing. The river has began flooding and mill owners are beginning to see the power of the I.W.W. Men are encouraged to continue to donate to this strike and help them achieve victory. 
5/27/1909 KALISPELL BREWERY WORKERS STILL ON STRIKE Kalispell MT The brewers at Kalispell were supposed to sign an agreement with brewery owners agreeing to the workers demands, but they instead opted out at the last minute. They continued to insist that saloons don’t purchase their beer.
6/3/1909 STRIKE IN MONTANA IS GETTING WARMER Somers/Kalispell MT The scabs have left the mills officially ceasing their operations. The Flathead County Hangman is threating to arrest them for destruction of property because of the flooding and has even choked an I.W.W. man to death. However, the men still have confidence that the owners will fold over and give into union demands. 
6/10/1909 THINGS IN WALLA WALLA Walla Walla WA I.W.W. numbers are very weak in Walla Walla, making their strike for better wages in the fields very difficult. Ranchers are being stingy with wages and workers are going hungry. 
6/10/1909 SEATTLE'S I.W.W. ON THE MOVE Seattle/Aberdeen WA There is a new strike in Aberdeen known as the "Anti-Employment Office League". 
6/10/1909 THE GENERAL STRIKE N/A WA Talks of conducting a general strike of all working people is being discussed. The I.W.W. is working on ways to carry the strike out, but has confidence it will be a success. 
6/10/1909 SEATTLE LOGGERS ARE 600 STRONG Seattle WA The Loggers Local Union 432 has grown to 600 in size and is starting to grow in Portland as well. They continue to seek larger numbers in membership in order to strike for better conditions.
6/10/1909 THE MONTANA STRIKE IS THE REAL THING Fortine  MT The strike in Montana is doing better than ever. Workers have continued on with their efforts to protest and all the logs jammed in the river have flowed into the lake, making them a total loss to the company. 
6/17/1909 PRINCE RUPERT MOVING Prince Rupert B.C. 125 more men have walked away from the rail line at Prince Rupert. Many are joining the I.W.W. and their will be an open meeting tomorrow for all union members to try and rally a larger membership.
6/17/1909 THE MONTANA STRIKE  Flathead County MT The situation in the area has remained the same. Some arrest have been made against I.W.W. members, but owners are continuing to lose profits as timber continues to be lost.
6/24/1909 FROM SEATTLE WA Seattle WA Orders of the Industrial Worker have increased dramatically in the city and the I.W.W. is growing strong. The Dishwashers Union has been very successful in its efforts and have achieved very high wages.
6/24/1909 400 MEMBERS IN PRINCE RUPERT Prince Rupert B.C. Owners have now been hiring workers that are willing to work at the lowest wages, prompting more to leave. Those who have stayed have opted to join the I.W.W., growing its number to 400 and hopefully 1000 by winter.
6/24/1909 FREE SPEECH FIGHT IN VANCOUVER, B.C. Vancouver B.C. Many different people rallied in the streets of Vancouver to protest against restrictions on free speech rights. The police quickly, and aggressively broke up the fight, targeting members of the I.W.W. and arresting them. 
7/1/1909 THE FLATHEAD STRIKE INDUSTRIAL WARFARE Flathead Valley MT Two injunctions were signed by a district court judge that forbid members of the I.W.W. from going on any of the companies land, as well as government post offices and highways. This essentially made it illegal for them to go anywhere, and has prompted even more police brutality against the workers.
7/1/1909 ORGANIZERS FOOTE IN SLEEPY PORTLAND Portland OR Rallies to spark membership in the I.W.W. have continued in Portland, primarily talking down employment sharks. Numbers there are growing and hope to reach 2000 by December. The union has mapped out a system of camp delegate work similar to that vogue in Seattle, providing information regarding wage rates, membership numbers, new jobs and more.
7/1/1909 STRIKERS ON THE FORTINE RIVER Fortine MT Logs continue to pile up and stay high and dry for some time. The boss at the mill wants to negotiate with the I.W.W. but the Somers Lumber Company has forbidden him from doing so. The workers will continue to strike until their demands are met.
7/8/1909 STRIKE AT WENATCHEE Wenatchee WA I.W.W. men on a construction job in Wenatchee performed a walk out after employers refused to raise their working wages.
7/15/1909 ANOTHER VICTIM Spokane WA The wife an I.W.W. worker was run over by a mall wagon during a protest. The driver did not stop to see if she was okay, making it appear as if the action was intentional.
7/15/1909 CONDITIONS AT FLATHEAD VALLEY Somers MT I.W.W. members continue to strike for better wages. However, they are running low on money and the cost of living in the area continues to go up. Mill owners are buying up the shacks they live in on the mill, trying to get rid of all the I.W.W. workers there.
7/22/1909 FROM PRINCE RUPERT NO. 326 Prince Rupert B.C. The strike at Price Rupert has been partially successful. At some points along the track where work has stagnated, the government began hiring workers to finish the building of sewers, sidewalks, etc. that were a part of the planned building of the railroad. However, at other places along the track, the railway company continues to pay at the lower wages.
7/22/1909 CONDITIONS AT FLATHEAD VALLEY Flathead Valley/Somers MT Conditions are worse than ever. People continue to come to the city and work for horrible wages. Conditions at Somers continue to stay stagnant because of the poor work quality of the scabs.
7/29/1909 PORTLAND I.W.W. FIGHTS JOB SHARKS Portland OR After growing numbers of I.W.W. membership in Portland, the Job Sharks have now sought an injunction against the I.W.W. This injunction would prohibit I.W.W. members from working at these companies as well as ban the sale of the Industrial Worker.
7/29/1909 THE SOMERS STRIKE Somers MT Workers are encouraged to stay away from Somers. The owner of the mill, Jim Hill, owns all the land, roads, post offices, etc. in the area and is terrorizing I.W.W. workers. 
8/5/1909 BIG I.W.W. STRIKE IN PENNSYLVANIA Shenango PA After one engineer was fired at the Shenango Tin Plant, all workers walked out to strike. Workers left steam engines on part of the plant went up in flames. They expect I.W.W. membership to grow to 450. 
8/5/1909 STRIKE ON GOVERNMENT JOB Conconully WA All working men, except carpenters, have gone on strike for better wages on the construction of the Dam in Conconully. They are demanding a 50 cent wage increase despite being offered a 25 cent increase.
8/19/1909 WAKE UP LOGGERS Puget Sound WA The I.W.W. has selected an organizer to improve the organization of loggers in the Puget Sound region.
8/26/1909 INDUSTRIAL WAR IN PENNSYLVANIA New Castle PA The Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin workers have all gone on strike in Pennsylvania against the United States Steel Corporation. They are asking for funds to help support the strike. 
8/26/1909 HOLD BIG MEETING Indian Mountain PA 8000 workers gathered yesterday to listen to W.E. Trautmann, a general organizer of the I.W.W., give a speech encouraging the men to continue to fight for better rights, conditions and pay. It is intended that these strikers will organize into an I.W.W. chapter in the near future.
8/26/1909 FROM PITTSBURG POST. Schoenville PA 300 strikebreakers were brought in from Chicago and Philadelphia by rail car to keep the steel mills going in Schoenville. They were met by union strikers and got into a huge brawl, preventing any strike breaker from getting in. They are continuing to do this every day.
8/26/1909 MASSACRE OF WORKING PEOPLE New Castle PA 10 strikers were killed after the local militia opened fire on them during a protest at the Pressed Steel Plant. Four officers were also killed during the clash.
9/2/1909 APPEAL FOR HELP FROM C.G.T. and I.W.W. N/A Sweden 300,000 workers have gone on strike in Sweden and the I.W.W. is looking for support from members to help with donations. This general strike has been one of the ultimate goals of the I.W.W..
9/2/1909 NEXT CONVENTION AND REFERENDUM The annual I.W.W. convention has been postponed until May 10, 1910 due to a lack of funds. The I.W.W. is calling for everyone to try and donate all the can to continue the fight.
9/9/1909 NEW CASTLE STRIKE I.W.W. IS GROWING  Shenango PA The Tin Workers Union No. 296 (I.W.W.) has grown to 450 strong. The I.W.W. has set up relief stations in the area for those who need it, and continue to receive applications everyday. The strike in general has grown to 3500 men at the plant, and both the I,.W.W. and the A.A. Tin Workers have agreed that no deal will be made with the company unless the demands of both groups are met.
9/9/1909 THE I.W.W. WINS OUT McKEES ROCKS STRIKE Schoenville PA The work of the I.W.W. has paid off and strikebreakers have not been able to get through to the factory and have given up completely. With the yards tied up, the Pressed Steel Car Company has offered to meet the demands of the I.W.W. men in order to re-open the factories. 
9/9/1909 FROM B.H. WILLLIAMS Nationally  USA I.W.W. men, B.H. Williams and Frank Morris, are traveling around the country trying to get more men to buy the Industrial Worker and help grow the I.W.W.
9/16/1909 I.W.W. AGITATION IN MISSOULA, MONT. Missoula MT The city of Missoula has rendered a notice to all property owners to put in concrete sidewalks to stop the dust problems in the city, causing them to hike up the rent prices of workers. The I.W.W. knows this is just an attempt to try and rid union men from the city, and has sent numerous organizers to sell newspapers, song books and set up a stand to rally members.
9/16/1909 LOGGERS OF PUGET SOUND Seattle WA This is another article discussing how rare it is that they elected someone to come and help the loggers organize, but that it was so necessary. 
9/30/1909 PORTLAND EMPLOYMENT SHARKS AT IT AGAIN Portland OR I.W.W. members continue to battle with the courts against the employment sharks and the police for discrimination against I.W.W. men. They are also calling for a 5000 I.W.W. member rally in Portland next year to raise wages to $3.00 for 8 hours work.
9/30/1909 FROM CORAM Coram CA Western Federation of Miners and I.W.W. miners and smelters are starting together, hopefully to create one union (I.W.W.) by next year at 1000 strong. 
9/30/1909 Industrial Struggle Rages in Sweden N/A Sweden The strike in Sweden has reached its 8th week against the capitalists of Europe. A delegate from Sweden is coming out in three weeks to speak at an I.W.W. rally informing I.W.W. members of the status of the strike there.
9/30/1909 FREE SPEECH BATTLE; FIGHT OR BE CHOKED Missoula MT Two I.W.W. members were arrested in Missoula when trying to rally timber workers to ban together for better working conditions. The I.W.W. encourages every I.W.W. man to go there and speak out against this, even filling the jails if necessary. 
10/7/1909 I.W.W. DEFIES LAW BUSY BULLS IN MISSOULA Missoula MT The Missoula police have continued to assault and make arrest of I.W.W. members. They are continuing to protest every day and workers from across the country have come to join.
10/14/1909 Paper canceled due to lack of funds. Will now be published on Wednesdays.
10/20/1909 I.W.W. ORGANIZATION No. 296, McKEES ROCKS Schoenville PA The I.W.W. of McKees Rocks has grown to 4000 members as a result of the strike.
10/20/1909 DELEGATE JOHN SANDGREN'S MEETING IN PORTLAND  Portland OR There was a large meeting in Portland, with the main speaker being John Sandgren from Sweden. He talked to 2000 I.W.W. members about the strikes, followed by a parade through the city.
10/20/1909 DISTRICT I.W.W. CONVENTION Pittsburgh PA There was a district convention on the east coast, consisting of 7 locals brining 20 delegates. They voted to mobilize the Industrial Council in Pittsburgh. 
10/20/1909 FREE SPEECH IS WON IN MISSOULA, MONT Missoula MT After 40 I.W.W. members were arrested, the police have finally given up the fight. There are too many I.W.W. members in Missoula who are willing to be arrested, and the cost of trials and jailing the men is becoming too high. Members are now freely speaking on the streets and selling newspapers hassle free of police. 
10/27/1909 FREE SPEECH IN SPOKANE Spokane WA An I.W.W. worker was arrested for speaking on behalf of the organization in the streets. His court date is on the 2nd, followed by street meeting that day regardless of the decision. 500 people are expected.
10/27/1909 GIRL OF SEVENTEEN TELLS HOW TO STRIKE New York NY 5,000 members of the Neckwear Workers' Union marched on the streets of New York demanding higher wages. It was led by a 17 year old girl who invited by the I.W.W. to come to Spokane to speak for the free speech fight occurring there.
10/27/1909 PITTSBURGH STRIKE STANDAR MFG. CO. Pittsburgh PA The three factories in the US that manufacture bathtubs, water closet implements, etc. have joined together to form a price monopoly .The workers have retaliated and gone out on strike to protest for safer conditions in the plant and to have Sundays off.
10/27/1909 FROM NO. 326, PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. Prince Rupert B.C. 8 men were arrested for refusing to work unless their wages were raised to 50 cents an hour. After the police were challenged as to why these men were arrested they were released. The next day they were paid the wage of 50 cents an hour. This has been the first major win in Prince Rupert for the I.W.W.
11/3/1909 FREE SPEECH FIGHT IS ON IN SPOKANE Spokane WA The court ruled against James P. Thompson, sparking an outrage by the I.W.W. in Spokane. A mass organization has taken place across the city and many police are out trying to get people out of the streets.
11/3/1909 PROTEST MEETING IN NEW YORK New York NY The I.W.W. rallied off a street corner in New York to protest the murder of fellow member in Spain, as well as the illegal detention of I.W.W. members in Missoula. 
11/10/1909 STORY OF THE FIGHT IN SPOKANE Spokane WA Protests have continued in Spokane as I.W.W. members flood in from across the country. 100 have been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy, but every street corner contains a union member speaking out freely. 
11/10/1909 NEWS FROM McKEES ROCKS New Castle PA A strike continues on in the steel industry of Pennsylvania, controlled by members of the I.W.W.
11/17/1909 NEWS FROM THE FRONT; FREE SPEECH VS. LAW Spokane WA There was a town hall meeting held in the city of Spokane to try and resolve the free speech fight. The A F of L and Socialist party stated that they supported the principle the I.W.W. was arguing. The court cases against the other victims are to take place soon, and a highly skilled lawyer from Chicago has been brought out to represent the men in court. 
11/17/1909 SPECIAL NOTICE Spokane WA The Defense Fund Headquarters of the I.W.W. has been moved to Coeur D'Alene until further notice due to the high risk of arrest in Spokane.
11/17/1909 RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED BY LOGGERS L.U. NO. 432 Seattle WA The loggers union of Seattle that is now 1000 strong has come together to collectively support the free speech fights in Spokane and have pledged their full support, donations and men to the cause until its over.
11/24/1909 COEUR D"ALENE BOYCOTTS SPOKEANE BEER Coeur D'Alene ID I.W.W. members have rallied to get the city of Coeur D'Alene to boycott all beer purchased from Spokane to protest the free speech fight. 
11/24/1909 NEWS OF THE FARCE; EVIDENCE OF NOSE-RINGS Spokane WA A crowd of 2000 lined the streets as I.W.W. men who have been arrested during the free speech fights marched from jail to a local school for showers. As the men marched, fiery rhetoric was spoken and the crowd tried to give the men fruit, sandwiches and more. More I.W.W. men continue to pour in from around the country and arrests continue to be made.
11/24/1909 RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED AS READ Missoula MT The I.W.W. of Missoula had a mass meeting on Tuesday and decided to boycott all goods from Spokane to support the free speech fight.
11/24/1909 SOLIDARITY New Castle PA The I.W.W. of New Castle, PA, will be starting to publish a weekly paper called Solidarity. This paper will be just like the Industrial Worker.
12/1/1909 SPOKANE SWITCHMEN TIE UP FREIGHT YARDS Spokane WA 2500 union men walked out last night at the train yard demanding higher wages, shorter hours and abolishment of a physical examination test. The train yard has begun scabbing for other workers to come fill their place rather than compromise with their demands.
12/1/1909 E. GURLEY FLYNN AND OTHERS PINCHED Spokane WA The courts have made it almost impossible for spectators to enter the court room for trials against those accused in the free speech fights. The judge has continued to sentence men to 30 days with $100 fines. Protests continue every day with many arrests.
12/8/1909 Not published as headquarters move to Seattle Seattle WA N/A
12/15/1909 FIVE MORE POUNCED UPON BY THE GUM-SHOE BRIGADE OF SPOKANE Spokane WA Five more leaders of the I.W.W. were arrested on conspiracy charges at a town hall meeting on Tuesday. Other members have stepped up to take their positions. 
12/15/1909 STORY OF MY ARREST AND IMPRISONMENT Spokane WA Rebel girl Elizabeth Gurley Flynn tells her story of being arrested during the strikes. She claims that a brothel was set up in the prison where she was being held.
12/15/1909 END OF THE SWEDISH STRIKE N/A Sweden The general strike of Sweden has finally come to an end. A compromise was developed between both parties and workers have got back to work.
12/25/1909 NEWS OF SPOKANE FREE SPEECH FIGHT Spokane WA The Industrial Worker printing presses were seized by Spokane police. The police also sent out a notice to all printing establishments that they would be fined if they printed any copies of the Industrial Worker. The paper will now be published in Seattle.
12/25/1909 SPOKANE FREE SPEECH DEFENSE Spokane WA The Spokesman-Review (Spokane's official newspaper) ran an article stating that the I.W.W. surrendered and will abide by the court. This article is false, but has caused decreased participation in rallies and those willing to go to jail for the cause.
12/25/1909 THE WAIST WORKERS' STRIKE New York NY 15,000 waist workers went on strike in New York, all of them girls. It did not take long for bosses to meet the union demands of better wages. They then celebrated by parading through the streets.
12/25/1909 THE SWITCHMENS STRIKE Spokane WA The Switchmens' strike has continued on, effecting about 65,000 workers tied to this industry. It has compelled most of these men to go on strike as well until these men get their demands.