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IWW Strikes, Campaigns, Arrests 1906-1920 (maps)

These interactive maps and charts locate and describe more than 1,800 strikes, campaigns, protests, arrests, and trials, as detailed in the Industrial Worker, Solidarity, and other sources. They can be used in conjunction with this interactive database and also with our yearbook of events. Sources are explained below. More IWW maps. These maps and charts are hosted by Tableau Public and may take a few seconds to respond. If slow, refresh the page.

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Sources: The database is still under construction. Most of the events and descriptions are derived from articles in the Industrial Union Bulletin, 1907-1909;Industrial Worker, 1909-1912, 1916-1917, 1920; Solidarity, 1915-1917. Details have not been independently confirmed. Each event is listed, described, and sourced in the IWW yearbooks. Dates on these maps can be either the date of the event or the date of the newspaper article covering the event.

Research: Arianne Hermida, Nick Bragg, Alison Cheung, Morgan Cottle, Michael Handley, Oliver Janders, Michael Kirkman, Christopher Mulcahey, Danielle Simmons, and Austin Upton. Becca Flores developed and manages the database.

Maps: James Gregory

Additional IWW maps and charts

IWW events map 1905-1920

These interactive maps locate more than 1,800 strikes, campaigns, arrests, and persecution events involving the IWW from 1905 to 1920. Events can be filtered by year, state, and type of event. Hover to see short descriptions.

IWW local unions, 1909-1917

This set of maps locates more than 900 IWW unions in more than 350 cities and towns in 38 states and territories of the United States and 5 Canadian provinces. They are color coded by industry and you may filter by industry and state.

IWW newspapers and periodicals

Here are maps showing the 90 newspapers and periodicals affiliated with the IWW. They were published in 19 different languages. These data were compiled by Kenyon Zimmer.

Other interactive maps, charts


IWW strikes 1906-1920

More than 450 strikes are mapped. Filter by year. Hover for details on each one. Charts show numbers by state and years.

Arrests, prosecutions, beatings, and other violence

More than 350 incidents of persecution from 1906 to 1920.