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IWW Yearbook 1913

This is a chronological database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in Industrial Worker and other sources. It was researched by Christopher Mulcahey, with additional entries by Arianne Hermida. Start by reading the highlights report. Below that is the database.

Highlights 1913 by Christopher Mulcahey

Following the successful textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts, IWW organizers moved through the mill towns of the northeast. They found their next big campaign in the silk weaving factories of Paterson, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from New York City. Facing wage cuts and the de-skilling effects of new machinery, thousands of mostly Italian and Jewish silk weavers struck in February 1913, initiating a struggle that lasted six months and became the major focus of IWW resources and publicity that year.

The IWW also led or joined dozens of strikes in other industries including strikes by garment workers, lumber workers, railroad workers, silk workers, and rubber workers. Some were successful, gaining wage increases for the workers. Most were not, including the dramatic Paterson strike which ended when starving workers finally gave in.

1913 also saw important free speech campaigns in Denver, Kansas City, Minot, North Dakota. The Denver fight lasted the longest and ended in a victory for freedom of speech and assembly. January: The month began with railroad camps on strike. Their hours were cut along with a cut in the wages. They want a cut in hours but retain the pay they received for ten hours work. The picketing ended up being called off and the workers sent back to work in order to organize more effectively in the future. The unused money collected for the strike is to be sent to Merryville to help the striking lumberjacks in Louisiana. [1]

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The articles referenced in the database can be found in the online copies of Industrial Worker digitized by Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project at

Date Article title Place State Event description Source
01-01-1913 Stone and Webster Construction Strike Big Creek California Strike was for better wages, hours and working conditions Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
01-01-1913 Cannery Workers Strike San Francisco California Strike in response to wage cuts. Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
1/2/1913 Ten Camps on Strike Portland to Eugene Oregon Three hundred workers strike for reduced hours with no reduction in wage, Sunday holiday, and no mandatory overtime. The Portland, Eugene, and Easten Railroad is shipping scabs from different parts of the Northwest. Industrial Worker
1/2/1913 I. W. W. Strikes In Frisco Canneries San Francisco California 150 women workers strike against California Fruit Canneries Association. Workers. They demand $1.25 minimum wage per eight hour shift and one full hour for dinner. Industrial Worker
1/2/1913 Corean Organizer Beaten By Thugs Hawaiian Islands Hawaii I.W.W. organizer, B. Duck Sue, was whipped for organizing fifty-two plantation laborers. He was forced from the county, but the workers' wages were increased from twenty dollars a month to twenty four dollars a month. Industrial Worker
1/3/1913 Both Sides Claim Victory Little Falls New York Textile workers settle their six month long strike for a wage increase of 5 cents. Though the strike was called by the AFL, the IWW supported it throughout. The Times Dispatch
1/3/1913 Webster, Mass Webster Massachusetts IWW calls a strike of the American Woolen Mills Co. The Commonwealth
1/9/1913 New York Strike is Won Utica New York Strikers return to work with a raise in wages from five percent to twelve percent on the fifty-four hour work week. Industrial Worker
1/9/1913 Merryville Men Need Aid New Orleans Louisiana Merryville lumber strike continues despite the company's boasting that it will starve the workers back to work. Industrial Worker
1/10/1913 Waiters Gain Strength New York New York IWW takes control of the waiters' strike. The Washington Times
1/12/1913 Strikers De Luxe Now Invade Hotels New York New York One striking waiter arrested on charges of assaulting other waiters. New York Tribune
1/16/1913 Hotel Workers in New York City Vote to Strike New York New York Hotel workers vote to hold a strike, which will be co-led by the International Hotel Workers' union and the Industrial Workers of the World. Omaha Daily Bee
1/16/1913 Machine Guns at Merryville Alexandria Louisiana Merryville is still shut down tight after more than two months on strike. It is reported that the Governor of Louisiana has loaned the American Lumber Company two hundred Springfield rifles. Industrial Worker
1/16/1913 Garment Workers Strike New York City New York One hundred thousand garment workers strike, affecting more than four thousand shops. Their demands are for the abolition of the sub-contract system, a twenty percent wage increase, time and a half for overtime, double time for holidays, and improved workplace conditions. Industrial Worker
1/23/1913 Ripley To Whip The I. W. W. Alexandria  Louisiana Merryville is still down. The company is trying to do the work of thirteen hundred men with about two hundred "scabs, suckers, and gunmen." Ripley, President of the Santa Fe railroad, intends to whip the I. W. W. to a "frazzle." Industrial Worker
1/23/1913 Seattle Workers Win Strike Seattle Washington Twenty-five members in the Diamond Shop of M. Vollman and Co., struck and won pay for Christmas, New Years, and all legal holidays. Industrial Worker
02-01-1913 Rubber Workers Strike Akron Ohio Early in February, 300 workers from the Firestone rubber plant walked off the job for better wages. Very few of the strikers were IWW members but the group was eager for organized leadership as the strike grew from 3,500 people on February 15 to 14,000 by February 18. Local authorities responded with beatings and arrests, which quickly undermined the IWW's tenuous leadership in the area. By March 31, the strike was broken with no reported gains.  Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369; Dubovsky, We Shall Be All, 286-7
02-01-1913 Silk Workers Strike Hazelton New Jersey Strike for higher wages. Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
02-01-1913 Silk Workers Strike Paterson New Jersey Over the previous year, Paterson mills began implementing a four loom per worker system to meet the industry demand for cheaper silk. While this system allowed for potentially higher wages, it raised questions about worker health and safety as well as sustained full employment. When the largest company in town enacted this policy, what began as a small walk-out was expanded to the entire plant through the leadership of IWW Local 152.  Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369; Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  267-9 
2/13/1913 Bill Haywood Speaks In Spokane Spokane  Washington   Industrial Worker
2/13/1913 Nineteen I.W.W. Men Jailed In Denver Denver Colorado Nineteen fellow workers jailed for the crime of having spoken on the streets of that city at high noon on February seventh. Industrial Worker
2/13/1913 Taft Organizes I. W. W. Local Taft  California Oil Workers' Industrial Union No. 453 formed. A good stock of literature was ordered and the new local started off with an order of fifty copies of the Industrial Worker and the same of Solidarity. Industrial Worker
2/20/1913 First Violence in Rubber Strike Akron Ohio One striking rubber worker stabbed. Omaha Daily Bee
2/20/1913 On To Denver You Rebels Denver Colorado The authorities in Denver, CO have refused to permit the members of the I . W. W. to exercise their constitutional right of free speech and have placed all the active members of the organization under arrest.  Industrial Worker
2/20/1913 Patriots Preparing For Violence Seattle Washington Spanish-American War Veterans are making preparations to forcibly break up any May Day parade that might be held in the city. Industrial Worker
2/20/1913 I. W. W. In The Saddle New Castle Pennsylvania Organizer Frank Morris has assumed charge of the four hundred striking section men on the Pennsylvania railroad. They demand an increase of thirty five cents a day, or from $1.75 to $2.10 for 10 hours work. They had been promised this raise and the strike broke out when they opened their envelopes and found the company had lied to them. Industrial Worker
2/25/1913 Thousands Silk Workers Strike Paterson New Jersey IWW calls a strike of various silk mills to secure a weekly wage of at least $12. Twelve thousand are expected to strike. The Rock Island Argus
02-25-1913 Strike Spreads to Other Mills Paterson New Jersey The IWW called for all mill and dyehouse workers to strike. 25,000 workers responded, effectively shutting down the industry. The workers demanded higher wages in dyehouses and an eight hour day.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  269-270 
2/27/1913 Mob Violence In Merryville Alexandria Louisiana Gunmen, detectives, and officers of the Santa Fe railroad and the American lumber Company began a campaign of violence against the Merryville strikers. Industrial Worker
2/27/1913 20,000 Workers Strike In Akron Akron Ohio Twenty thousand rubber workers on strike against Goodyear and other rubber plants. Industrial Worker
2/27/1913 Silk Workers Strike In Hazelton, PA Hazelton Pennsylvania Altogether about 1400 workers are out on strike. Although AFL organizers were present, almost all the strikers opted to join the IWW. Industrial Worker
03-01-1913 Rubber Workers Strike Cleveland Ohio Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
03-01-1913 Textile Worker Strike Esmond Rhode Island Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
3/5/1913 Ettor Deported by Canadian Officers As an Undesirable Blaine Washington Joseph Ettor denied entry into Canada. Reports cite either unwillingness to answer questions posed by immigration officers or history of agitation as the cause of denial. Omaha Daily Bee
3/6/1913 Rubber Workers On The Firing Line at Akron Akron Ohio The sixteenth day of the great strike of rubber workers here finds the workers standing firm with ranks unbroken. All attempts to create dissension and break their solidarity have failed. According to the most reliable information approximately twenty thousand are on strike. Industrial Worker
3/9/1913 I.W.W. Leader Denies He Incited Strikers to Riot Paterson New Jersey Patrick Quinlan, one of the four IWW members indicted on charges of inciting silk workers to riot, denies any involvement in the riot. The El Paso Herald
3/13/1913 Silk Workers Strike in Paterson NJ Paterson New Jersey Five thousand silk workers on strike. Haywood is said to be on his way to Patterson from Cincinnati and the authorities state that his appearance before a strike meeting will be a signal for his arrest. As a result of denouncing this suppression of the right of free speech the state secretary of the Socialist party was arrested and taken from the platform where he was addressing a crowd of three thousand strikers. Industrial Worker
3/16/1913 World of Labor Los Angeles California Two members of the Los Angeles barbers' union suspended and each fined $100 for joining the IWW. The Arizona Republican
3/20/1913 Police Start Violence in Akron Strike Akron Ohio Police storm a picket line and beat strikers, one of whom was hospitalized after being detained without medical attention and is expected to die. Eight others arrested and held in jail. Industrial Worker
3/20/1913 All Seattle Tailors Out on Strike Seattle Washington As an outgrowth of the tailors strike against M. Vollman & Co., a permanent injunction has been granted against the I. W. W., restraining them from placing more than two pickets in front of any one struck shop. Industrial Worker
03-30-1913 Haywood Arrested  Paterson New Jersey After being denied a public meeting in Paterson, Bill Haywood marched approximately 1000 people toward Haledon. Before reaching their destination, Haywood was arrested for disturbing the peace.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  277
3/31/1913 Haywood Locked Up Paterson New Jersey IWW organizers Bill Haywood, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessing arrested on charges of unlawful assembly after leading a march of striking workers. The Washington Herald
4/1/1913 I.W.W. Organizer Is Given Term in Jail Paterson New Jersey Haywood found guilty of unlawful assemblage and sentenced to six months in jail, the maximum. The other charge of causing unlawful assemblage held for the grand jury. The San Francisco Call
04-01-1913 Electrical Workers Strike Stockton  California Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
4/5/1913 Freedom for Haywood at Court Trial Paterson New Jersey Lessing and Haywood dismissed after the court hearing of their unlawful assemblage charges. The Rock Island Argus
4/10/1913 Akron Rubber Strike is Called Off Akron Ohio The strike in Akron is called off. The men have gone back into the factories for the purpose of perfecting their organization. Industrial Worker
4/10/1913 Strike of Globeville Smeltermen Denver Colorado A strike of two hundred men occurred at the Globeville smelter. This is the third attempt of the slaves to wrest better conditions from the Smelter trust that controls the state. Packing houses, smelters, and other enterprises all employ mixed crews so as to prevent solidarity as much as possible. Industrial Worker
4/15/1913 Deny Papers to I.W.W. Members Seattle Washington Chief Naturalization Examiner John Speed Smith to challenge all citizenship applicants in Washington, Montana, and Idaho who belong to the IWW. Aberdeen Herald
04-19-1913 Bystander Killed in Skirmish Paterson New Jersey Modestino Valentino was shot and killed by company detectives during a conflict between strikers and scabs.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  278
4/24/1913 Stockton is in the Strike Zone Stockton California One hundred seventy-five men go on strike, organized by the IWW, against two electric company for increased wages. Industrial Worker
4/24/1913 El Paso Smelter Tied Up Tight El Paso Texas Six hundred Mexicans went on strike against the El Paso Smelter. The strike demands are for an eight hour day, twenty percent increase in wages, discharge of the head surgeon, and no hospital fee to be paid by the men. Industrial Worker
4/24/1913 The I. W. W. to have a Book The book will be entitled "The Trial of a New Society." The book, besides being replete with statistical and other data, will be illustrated by portraits, posters and cartoons. Industrial Worker
5/1/1913 Lucy Parsons Maltreated Los Angeles California Lucy Parsons is charged with selling literature without a license. Industrial Worker
5/1/1913 Take This Away, Judge! Montesano Washington There are a few judges in the state of Washington who are barring from citizenship all applicants who are suspected of being members of the I. W. W. Industrial Worker
05-01-1913 Lumbermen Strike Marshfield Oregon Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
5/3/1913 Giovannitti Again in Toils Hopedale Massachusetts Three IWW organizers including Arturo Giovannitti arrested on charges of violating town ordinances. The Evening Star
5/8/1913 Denver Free Speech Fight is Won Denver Colorado The fight for the right to speak on the streets of Denver has been won by the I. W. W. "The city authorities will grant the I. W. W. permits to speak on the streets of Denver at four designated points from the hours of 12 noon until 11 p.m., provided all the men who took part in the free speech fight will leave town if unable to get work." Industrial Worker
5/8/1913 Police Pinch 25 in Los Angeles Los Angeles California Twenty-five I. W. W. men arrested at a picnic on a charge of disturbing the peace and selling beer without a license.  Industrial Worker
5/8/1913 Sawmill Men Out at Pilchuck Pilchuck Washington A strike has broken out at Pilchuck, WA. The demands of the men are: the right to organize, sanitary bunkhouses at the camp and mill, pure and wholesome food at the mill cookhouse, fire escape to be put on the three-story bunk house at the mill. Industrial Worker
5/8/1913 Paterson Strike in I. W. W. hands Paterson New Jersey According to the New York World, the control of the silk workers strike has been swept entirely out of the hands of the A. F. of L. and into the I. W. W. Industrial Worker
5/8/1913 Hawaiian Unions Bar all but Whites Honolulu Hawaii Letter from reader of the Industrial Worker saying that he attended a lecture about labor conditions in Hawaii in which the speaker maintained that employers had the upper hand in part because the AFL unions exclude Asian workers.  "He then added that no trouble from this source was anticipated as the whites would admit none to the unions except white men. Rather significant. How much longer will this class of men be in position to make this statement? Not long, fellow worker, for the I. W. W. is growing in Hawaii." Industrial Worker
5/15/1913 Philadelphia Notes Philadelphia Pennsylvania The silk strikers are standing firm at Kensington and refuse to return until the Patterson strike is settled. Industrial Worker
5/15/1913 Strike Still on at Pilchuck Pilchuck  Washington The strike at Pilchuck is still on. The sawmill and camp are badly crippled Industrial Worker
5/15/1913 Nine Arrested in Detroit Detroit  Michigan Automobile Workers Union No.16, I. W. W. is growing and in the near future expects to have enough workers organized to present a very serious problem to Ford, Studebaker and Company. Industrial Worker
5/15/1913 Strike is off in Naramata Naramata B.C. Strike called off after winning only "small concessions." Industrial Worker
5/15/1913 Men Locked Out    Scotia, California Scotia California One hundred men revolted on April 30 at Scotia, CA when the Pacific Lumber Co. tried to force them to "feed and flop" in the company slop joint instead of boarding at private houses. The hundred men quit without calling a strike. As a result, the men are pouring into local 431, I. W. W. Nineteen new members joined in one bunch on May 1st. Industrial Worker
5/20/1913 Jail for 17 Women, 68 Men in Paterson Paterson New Jersey 85 arrested and given 10 days in jail for conduct in a riot related to the arrival of scabbing silk workers. The New York Tribune
5/22/1913 Loggers Strike in Coos Bay Coaledo Oregon The foreman of Camp 2 ordered all loggers who were I. W. W.'s or sympathizers to roll up and roll out.  About twenty-five men left at once. Local 435, which is the headquarters for the Coos Bay loggers immediately called a strike of all Coos Bay logger. The men are demanding a twenty-five percent increase in wages and no discrimination. Industrial Worker
5/22/1913 Striking Silk Workers Need Assistance Paterson New Jersey The struggle of the silk workers of the East has spread until it now is the greatest strike the labor movement of this country has ever known. In Paterson, NJ, where the strike started, there are twenty five thousand workers out. In Pennsylvania and NY states the mills are struck. The wheels have ceased to turn in the entire silk industry of America. Industrial Worker
5/22/1913 Strike on in Western Montana Logging Camps Missoula Montana Lumber companies want employees to work overtime in order to keep the mills in operation. Workers refuse to work overtime because there are people without a job that need work. Laborers demand more workers in logging camps and no more than nine hours of work in any one day. Industrial Worker
06-01-1913 Textile Worker Strike Ipswich Massachusetts Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
6/5/1913 Break Hunger Strike Peoria Illinois Seven IWW members ended their hunger strike after being fined $200 each and six months in the workhouse possibly due to destroying property in jail. The Arizona Republican
6/5/1913 Strike Proclamation! Loggers and Lumber Workers                            Puget Sound region Washington The strike vote recently taken shows that there is an overwhelming sentiment among the loggers and lumber workers of the Puget Sound region in favor of declaring a general strike to obtain better working conditions and shorter hours. Beginning June 5th, all loggers and lumber workers of the Puget Sound region are called upon to go on strike unless the workers' demands are met. Industrial Worker
06-07-1913 IWW Pageant Held  New York New York In hopes of gaining funds and publicity in New York, John Reed organized the march of strikers into Manhattan and a production that featured songs and the reenactment of Paterson strike events.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  280
6/12/1913 New Orleans Transport Men Call a Strike New Orleans Louisiana Marine Transport Workers Union has called a strike against United Fruit in concert with the Sailors Union of the Atlantic. The strike was caused by the United Fruit Company cutting wages by five dollars per month. Industrial Worker
6/12/1913 Missoula Woodsmen Standing Firm Missoula Montana The lumber workers strike in this part of the  state has settle down to a test of endurance. Industrial Worker
6/12/1913 Lumberjacks Responding to Strike Call Seattle Washington Over fifty camps are now affected, employing over five thousand loggers. The strike is gradually spreading and will soon enroll double the number of strikers now out. Industrial Worker
6/19/1913 One Thousand Montana Men Tie up Camps Missoula  Montana Over one thousand men are striking against the ten hour day and conditions in the camps. Industrial Worker
6/19/1913 Slaves Walk out of Paper Mills Oregon City Oregon One thousand slaves walked out of the paper mills at midnight in protest against damnable conditions. The workers have the eight hour day but it means eight continuous hours without a moment to eat or go to the bathroom. Industrial Worker
6/19/1913 A. F. of L. Scabs on Transport Workers Atlantic and Gulf coasts The Marine Transport Workers strike against United Fruit ships has spread up the Atlantic coast, joined by Sailors Union of the Atlantic (AFL) in New Orleans. But Mr. Bodine, head of the AFL union told sailors in New Jersey and New York  to scab on the very ships that are being struck by the men who are buying him his bread and butter. Industrial Worker
6/26/1913 Detroit Auto Slaves Are in Revolt Detroit  Michigan Six thousand of Studebaker's automobile slaves in revolt. Demands are for an eight hour day, twenty five percent increase and weekly pay. Industrial Worker
6/26/1913 Lumber Strike in Full Blast! Puget Sound Region Washington The strike has been going on for three weeks. Thousands of loggers have drifted out of the region and this seems to be one of the chief drawbacks involved in calling strikes of the migratory workers. Industrial Worker
6/26/1913 Free Press Denied in Paterson Passaic County New Jersey Police Chief Bimson said he would break the silk workers strike and Scott referred to him as "strike breaker Bimson." He also called Paterson a "hot-bed of brass button anarchy"  Judge Klinert said, "The crime is a very serious one."  Scott was sentenced to serve not less than one year in jail. Industrial Worker
6/26/1913 Strikers Ranks at Tucker are Unbroken Tucker Utah The strike of railroad construction workers was called on June 9th and about 1300 men came out together, foreigners and all. The companies threaten to use scabs but so far not successfully. Eight fellow workers are in jail in Provo, five charged with inciting to riot and damaging company property, the others with vagrancy. Industrial Worker
7/3/1913 New Orleans Seamen Appeal New Orleans Louisiana Forty-three members of the United Unions are in jail charged with inciting to riot. Five men were also shot and one died. The appeal is for funds to help them.  Industrial Worker
7/3/1913 Agriculturalists at Brawley Win Out Brawley California I. W. W. men pulled a strike and in thirty minutes they succeeded in raising wages five cents an  hour and gaining better board for sixty cantaloupe pickers and teamsters. Industrial Worker
7/4/1913 Patrick Quinlan Is Given Two-Year Term Paterson New Jersey IWW organizer Quinlan sentenced to no fewer than two and no more than seven years in prison and given a $500 fine for inciting a riot. The Omaha Daily Bee
7/10/1913 Lumber Strike Called Off Seattle Washington At a special meeting held for the occasion it has been voted to call off the  strike of loggers and lumber workers of the Puget Sound Region. This is because of the limited amount of men remaining to do picket duty. A serious drawback to strikes of migratory workers of the West. Industrial Worker
7/10/1913 Tucker Contractors Concede Demands Salt Lake City Utah As most of the contractors on the D. & R. G. construction work at Tucker have conceded the twenty cent raise with better accommodations, the strike has been temporarily called off. Industrial Worker
7/10/1913 Labor Skinner a Sky Pilot Ipswich Massachusetts A strike has been in this town for the past nine weeks. The Ipswich Knitting Mill is the lowest paid mill in the knitting industry. On June tenth, the strikers were picketing when they were attacked by police. One woman was killed and some other workers were arrested with murder and riot. Murder charge was dropped because of a lack of evidence. Industrial Worker
07-13-1913 IWW Member Killed by Strikebreaker Paterson New Jersey Vincenzo Madonna was shot and killed by a strikebreaker.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  280
7/17/1913 Los Angeles Electricians Join I. W. W. Los Angeles California Class-conscious wage slaves secured from the General Office a charter of organization privileging them to meet under the banner of Industrial Unionism and to be known as Electrical Workers Industrial Union No. 488, Los Angeles, CA Industrial Worker
7/18/1913 3 Soldiers Hurt in a Street Fight Seattle Washington Three soldiers stabbed by a crowd of men at an IWW street meeting. The Rock Island Argus
7/19/1913 Red Flag Is Attacked by Boys of Navy Seattle Washington Navy members ransack IWW and socialist headquarters and set fire to their furniture and literature. The Rock Island Argus
7/24/1913 I. W. W. Wins Strike in Utah Prico Utah The fellow workers in the state road camp walked out when one of our number was discharged without pay. All demands were granted in just eight hours. Five workers were arrested on trumped up charges. Industrial Worker
7/24/1913 Strikers Evicted  Ipswich Massachusetts The mill owners suddenly got busy yesterday morning and began to evict strikers from company houses. Industrial Worker
7/25/1913 Barbers Again on Strike New York New York 12000 barbers go on strike supported by the IWW. The Bemidji Daily Pioneer
7/27/1913 Merchants Estop I.W.W. Meeting Seattle Washington Judge issues an injunction prohibiting socialists and IWW members from holding street meetings at the corner of 4th ave and Westlake. The San Francisco Call
8/1/1913 Patrick Quinlan is Given Year Term for Disorderly Conduct Paterson New Jersey Quinlan given a one year sentence for disorderly conduct after saying, "Elect a social mayor and then you won't have cops like Bummy Ryan batting you over the head with a club," at a recent IWW meeting. The Omaha Daily Bee
08-03-1913 Hop Pickers Strike Wheatland California In a series of meetings, IWW members such as Richard "Blackie" Ford helped the seasonal hop pickers of the Durst Ranch to draft a list of demands which included a set minimum wage, water availability and improved camps. Durst recruited local law enforcement to dispel a mass meeting, which in turn led to a violent clash between workers and authorities. The Yuba district attorney, a deputy sheriff, a worker and an English boy were killed while many others were injured or beaten. The IWW were blamed for the violence and law enforcement sought out IWW members throughout California in response.   Brissenden, The I.W.W.,369; Dubovsky, We Shall Be All, 294-7
8/11/1913 Troops May Quell North Dakota Riot Minot North Dakota IWW street meeting leads to the arrest of eighty people. The El Paso Herald
8/13/1913 I.W.W.'s Deported Minot North Dakota Fifty-eight IWW members marched out of town surrounded by sheriffs and citizens and told to not return. The Daily Missoulian
8/21/1913 Hell is Popping in Minot, ND Minot North Dakota A little city in the heart of the great wheat belt is in the throes of the greatest labor battle in the history of the state. It's a fight for the right to organize workers. Industrial Worker
09-01-1913 Annual Convention Chicago Illinois At the annual convention, the IWW reported 14,000 members. The meetings revealed a conflict between members who favored autonomy of locals and those who promoted more centralized leadership.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  81-87
09-01-1913 Tobacco Workers Strike Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Brissenden, The I.W.W., 369 
09-01-1913 Industrial Worker Ceases Publication Spokane Washington The Industrial Worker ceased publication during a period of time in which the IWW faced internal turmoil between those advocating for stronger leadership and those hoping for a more decentralized model.  Dubofsky, We Shall Be All,  288
9/4/1913 Free Speech Established in Minot Minot North Dakota Socialists and Wobblies successfully unify to release the over one hundred people jailed for IWW involvement. Industrial Worker
9/18/1913 I.W.W. Men Attack Farmers Minot North Dakota IWW saboteurs hide spikes and rocks in bundles of grain to slow down threshing and damage equipment. The Weekly Times Record
9/30/1913 Boyd Is Convicted Paterson New Jersey IWW organizer convicted of advocating sabotage. The Arizona Republican
10/22/1913 I.W.W. Arrested by Ogden's Sheriff Ogden Utah 22 IWW members claiming to act as an "advance guard of an army" were arrested shortly after getting off a freight train on charges of riding illegally.  The Daily Missoulian
12/5/1913 Industrial Workers of World Declare War on Kansas City Kansas City Missouri Five IWW leaders fined $100 each for impeding traffic during a street meeting. One declared the city would soon after be inundated with IWW members sent to preserve free speech. The Omaha Daily Bee
12-24-1913 Free Speech Fight Juneau Alaska Free speech fight begins on December 24 at 8 o'clock. 11 arrests so far. Solidarity 01-31-1914
12-26-1913 Members Arrested for Street Speaking Kansas City Missouri I.W.W. local 61 free speech fight. 85 men in jail for speaking on the street. Local requesting men to come to Kansas City and join struggle. Fight began because of the arrest of 5 I.W.W members for holding a street meeting on behalf of the wheatland prisoners. Solidarity 01-03-1914