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IWW Yearbook 1916

This is a chronlological database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Industrial Worker and Solidarity. It was researched by Morgan Cottle and Arianne Hermida. Start by reading the highlights report. Below that is the database.

Highlights 1916 by Morgan Cottle

1916 saw a dramatic increase in IWW-led strikes and organizing campaigns compared to the two previous years. In addition to a summer-long strike in the Minnesota iron range that involved thousands of iron ore miners, Wobblies led dozens of other actions and recorded large increases in membership. The year ended in violence with two deadly shootouts, one in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the other in Everett, Washington.

 The IWW began the year with one weekly newspaper, Solidarity, based in Cleveland. Headlines in January and February reflected the upbeat mood, announcing that famed humanitarian Helen Keller had joined the IWW, that paper mill workers in Massachusetts had won a strike, that in Pennsylvania twelve locals of coal miners had been organized, while in the Pacific Northwest a branch of the Agricultural Workers Organization (AWO) had been organized.

In April, the Industrial Worker, which had suspended publication in 1913, resumed under new editors, now based in Seattle. And good news followed. Railroad workers in Chicago, shoe workers in Detroit, quarry workers in Wisconsin, maritime workers in Puget Sounds, and motion picture workers in Los Angeles were on strike, mostly ending in victories. In Denver, the IWW organized the Domestic Workers Industrial Union, with 300 initial members. By May, the Industrial Worker began using a recurring headline “Another Strike Won” as the victories mounted.

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Dates are either the reported date of the incident or the date the article appeared in the newspaper. Articles are from Industrial Worker unless marked by (S) for Solidarity.

Date Title Place State Description
01/01/1916 Detroit Entertainment (S) Detroit MI Smoker held in Detroit IWW headquarters.
01/03/1916 News Notes from the Battle Front of Industrial Unionism (S) Tulsa OK Eight Wobblies arrested in a raid and charged with vagrancy, two convicted and sentenced to 10 days on the chain gang.
01/08/1916 Clean-Cut Kangaroo (S) Eau Claire WI Four wobblies convicted of vagrancy and sentenced to up to 9 days of solitary confinement.
01/09/1916 Illustrated Lecture Cleveland I.W.W. (S) Cleveland OH Grover Perry lectured about the Joe Hill case and other struggles of laborers.
01/15/1916 Another Frame-Up in Salt Lake City (S) Salt Lake City UT IWW member shot and beaten by a victim of a recent robbery. The Wobbly received no medical aid and was held in jail.
01/16/1916 577 and Branch 400 Pull Together for Schmidt Defense (S) Des Moines IA Locals 577 and 400 (AWO) jointly hosted a smoker and burlesque show raising $11 for the defense of Schmidt, charged of murder for killing a brakemen.
01/16/1916 Helen Keller Proclaims Herself an I.W.W. (S) ? ? Helen Keller declares she is an I.W.W. because she "could not subscribe to a social policy of small, immediate advantage."
01/21/1916 E.G. Flynn Speaks in Paterson (S) Paterson NJ After months of struggle for free speech rights in Paterson, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is allowed an uninterrupted speech to striking silk milk workers.
01/22/1916 Trying to Frame up on Dave Ingar (S) Youngstown OH IWW arrested of charges of rioting.
01/23/1916  (S) Cleveland OH Protest meeting held in response to the Schmidt-Caplan case.
01/24/1916 Rockford Rebels Railroaded (S) Rockford IL After a fight between an IWW member and a non-unionized worker, thirteen IWWs arrested on charges of rioting. All thirteen convicted and received sentences from thirty days to six months in jail.
01/25/1916 Paper Mill Workers Winning Through I.W.W. (S) Holyoke MA IWW ended their strike at the Chemical paper mill after a pay raise of $2.40 per week and a reduction to and eight or nine hour day. Another strike begun at another local paper mill.
01/29/1916 Here's Some More American Justice (S) Kansas City MO Mine operators prevented the IWW from renting a hall in the city. One Italian IWW member was arrested, charged with robbery, and sentenced to 8 years while maintaining his innocence.
02/05/1916 A.W.O. Notes (S) Spokane WA Local 315 votes to become the first branch of the A.W.O. in the Pacific Northwest.
02/06/1916 Hard Coal Miners Hold Convention (S) Old Forge PA 12 coal-related IWW locals convened and voted to adopt demands for the eight hour day, pay minimums, half holidays on Saturdays, and other improvements in working conditions in the anthracite region.
02/07/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Providence RI Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/08/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Woonsocket RI Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/09/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Fall River MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/10/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) New Bedford MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/11/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Lawrence MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/12/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Lowell MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/12/1916 A.W.O. Activities (S) AWO gained 71 members in January.
02/12/1916 The Class War on the Job (S) Minneapolis MN Over 100 wobblies fired from Big Four Tractor Works because of their membership status.
02/16/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) New Bedford MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/17/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Fall River MA Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/18/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Woonsocket RI Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/19/1916 Gurley Flynn in New England (S) Providence RI Speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
02/19/1916 Metal Miners' Union of the I.W.W. (S) Minneapolis MN Metal Miners' Industrial Union, Local 490, established and specifically aimed at Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, and Missouri.
02/26/1916 Wins Fight for Birth Control Propaganda (S) New York NY Charges against Margaret Sanger for speaking and publishing information about birth control dropped.
03/03/1916 Calif. Miners Take Note (S) Redding CA Mass meeting of miners held to establish local 313 of the Metal Miners' Industrial Union.
03/04/1916 The Injunction Doesn't Work in This Way (S) Detroit MI Judge refused to grant IWW and other radical groups protection from interference of law enforcement on matters of free speech and demonstration rights.
04/01/1916 Driving Out the "Criminals" (S) Salt Lake City UT Virginia Snow Stephen, University of Utah art instructor and daughter of the former president of the Mormon church, fired for her involvement in the defense of Joe Hill.
04/01/1916 Special Notice (S) Seattle WA Industrial Worker resumed publication after a long hiatus.
04/08/1916 One Big Union Forming in and around Chicago (S) Chicago area IL One railroad strike and two wheel manufacturing strikes for higher wages, fixed hours, and improved conditions organized by the IWW.
04/08/1916 Victorious Shoe Workers in Detroit (S) Detroit MI Local 177, a shoe-making IWW group, made 36 of the 42 shops at which their members work union shops through striking. Those union shops agreed to shorter hours and overtime pay on weekends.
04/11/1916 Wisconsin Quarry Workers Line Up (S) Lohrville WI IWW aid striking quarry members, whose demands were then granted.
4/15/1916 Mosquito Fleet Seamen's Strike: Puget sound seamen on strike, Marine firemen scabbing, strikers firm. Puget Sound WA The Puget Sound seamen went on strike after 12 years of being unorganized and having no pay raise in 9 years
4/15/1916 Motion Picture Workers Los Angeles CA The motion picture workers went on strike. 
04/15/1916 Webb City I.W.W. (S) Web City MO IWW local established.
4/20/1916 Emma Goldman Jailed Emma Goldman was fined one hundred dollars for giving a speech in Yiddish about birth control.
04/22/1916 Denver House Maids Join I.W.W. (S) Denver CO Domestic Workers' Industrial Union created and join by 300 workers.
04/29/1916 None (S) Chicago IL Metal and Machinery Workers' Industrial Union established.
5/1/1916 Some May Day Strikes Fort William OR May first is also considered International Workers' day as well as May Day. The working class uses this day to voice the issues of their jobs. As many as sixteen hundred grain elector workers went on strike. By May second it had reached two thousand men.
5/1/1916 Strike News From Porterville Porterville CA Miners went on strike and their bosses raised wages by twenty-five cents to avoid strikers asking for more. The IWW demanded 3.50 a day with an eight hour work day and a housing maximum at seventy-five cents a day. This was ignored by the bosses and on May 1st, three hundred men of eight hundred went on strike. 
05/01/1916 California Miners Strike (S) Porterville CA California miners strike for increased wages and better living conditions.
5/6/1916 Some May Day Strikes Cincinnati OH Thirty-five hundred machinists went on strike. Apparently, some of the shops gave into their demands. 
5/6/1916 Some May Day Strikes Youngstown OH There was a strike of two thousand machinists. Their demands were an eight-hour work day, a closed shop and with a fifty cent an hour minimum wage.
5/6/1916 Some May Day Strikes Pittsburg PA A successful street car strike happened. All of their demands were met except for wages.
05/06/1916 Big Doings in Easter Ports (S) Philadelphia PA Local of Marine Transport Workers' Union, IWW, gained an average of 50-75 new members per week, bringing their total to 3,000 members.
05/06/1916 I.W.W. Wins Marine Strike in New York (S) New York NY IWW strikers win wage increases for marine workers.
05/06/1916 New Local in Rockford (S) Rockford IL Construction Workers' Local 574 established.
05/12/1916 Skirmish with Police in Frisco (S) San Francisco CA One IWW member arrested after speaking to a crowd of 500 in the street. He received a 30 day suspended sentence.
05/13/1916 More One Big Union Growth in Detroit (S) Detroit MI IWW aid strike of auto workers for the eight hour day, wage, increase, overtime for Sundays and holidays, and no discrimination against strikers.
05/13/1916 Judge O'Boyle Puts Us in Good Company (S) Wilkes-Barre County? ?? Judge declared member of the IWW not eligible for naturalization.
05/13/1916 No Speech Fight in Webb City, MO (S) Webb City MO City council banned Wobblies from speaking publically without a permit.
5/20/1916 Strike won and 350 join IWW Detroit MI The strike, with the help of the IWW, A. C. Christ and T.B. Webber, in Kelsey Wheel Works won the eight hour work day, an increase in wages and other concessions not mentioned in the article.
5/20/1916 Pennsy Trackmen Strike Baltimore MD One thousand trackmen from the Pennsylvania Railway went on strike. They wanted an eight hour work day and twenty-five cents an hour.
5/20/1916 Another IWW Strike Won St. Maries ID Strikers in the Bronson's and Cox's camp were able to gain more pay.
5/20/1916 Another IWW Strike Won Santa ID Two camps were able to gain two-bits a day more. 
5/20/1916 Strike at Ballard Ballard WA Five men who worked for Ballard Merchants-Delivers went on strike on May 16 for a twenty cents a day raise.
5/20/1916 Direct action used on Uncle Sam. New thing in American labor movement; Workers Victorious.  Al About 1,200 to 1,500 workers form the United States government's Alaska railway went on strike. US Commissioner Mears and a federal commission began discussions. However, the workers were suspicious so they went on strike again. Concessions were made to the workers but were not listed in the article.
05/22/1916 Joe Ettor Deported from Lawrence, Mass (S) Lawrence MA Joseph J. Ettor arrested without a warrant and transported to Boston. Ettor and Connolly, his lawyer, pressed charges of abduction against four Lawrence police officers.
05/27/1916 Big I.W.W. Parade in Philadelphia (S) Philadelphia PA 3000 members of the Marine Transport Workers of the IWW march along the waterfront, leading to strikes in three non-union docks.
05/27/1916 I.W.W. Bakers Win 8 Hour Day (S) New York NY 300 workers in the Italian Federation of Bakers, IWW, won the 8 hour day.
6/3/1916 Seattle dock workers strike Seattle  WA Twelve hundred members of the Seattle United Dock Workers went on strike to get a raise of fifty-five cents an hour and a dollar for overtime. They tried to affiliate with the International Longshoremen's Union of Seattle, which has nine hundred members, but were unsuccessful.
06/03/1916 Morgan Line, Union Organizer (S) New York NY One company fired all sailors and firemen that were IWW members.
6/10/1916 Government is with coast bosses Seattle WA The International Longshoremen's Association went on strike three days after the Seattle United Dockworkers went on strike. In order to strike, they broke a clause in their Employers' Union that required them to give a two-month's notice. They only provided one month notice. Secretary Wilson told employers not to give into the demands of the workers "presently". The Washington National Guard was placed on the Seattle waterfront.
6/10/1916 Another strike is won San Francisco CA Fishermen went on strike and with the help of the IWW they won. 
06/10/1916 Big Minn. Mine Strike (S) "Northern Minnesota" MN IWW aided and organized striking miners who demand an 8 hour days and 3 dollar per day minimum.
6/16/1916 Big strike is spreading; Strikers have own police force, certain of victory Virginia MN The strikers from the Steel Trust have been illegally driven out of Virginia, Minnesota. Minnesota has made it illegal to strike; strikers could either leave peacefully or be driven out. The strikers have made their own police force for protection since the law isn't on their side but with their bosses. There has been no violence yet, but the strikers made it clear they will strike back if they get attacked first. 
6/17/1916 Monster strike on range; strikers join IWW. Thousands out and other thousands getting ready for industrial war; three large IWW locals established; IWW mobilizing for Titanic struggle; steel trust preparing for government by gun men; 14 strikers arrested; their lawyer probably kidnapped.  Aurora MN Three local strikes for miners started in Minnesota. They were unorganized at first but with the help of the IWW their numbers increased. The Steel Trust Law and Order had arrested Arthur Boose, an IWW organizer, and thirteen other workers as a way to contain the strike. Their lawyer was potentially kidnapped. By June 13th, the IWW got a special wire from Minneapolis, Minnesota stating that the strikers are asking for a pay raise, an eight-hour workday, and payment for all workers as soon as they quit. The strike is spreading to other miners and the IWW believes they can win the strike. Over 1000 workers have joined the IWW.
6/17/1916 Peninsular tunnel strike news Portland OR Small strikes are occurring in Portland. One in particular was the St. Johns Peninsular tunnel closure. They wanted better wagers and better sanitary conditions. Oregonians accused the IWW of starting trouble. The IWW has mixed views of the strikers, calling them slaves, but overall the IWW excited about the progress happening.  
6/17/1916 Solidarity Wins St. Maries ID The river-drivers on Marble Creek went on a strike for a pay raise, which they won.
06/24/1916 Solidarity Wins (S) Great Bend KS Fourteen Wobblies arrested and charged with vagrancy or using profane language and inciting a riot. 37 marched to the mayor demanding their release, which was granted.
06/30/1916 Assert Their Rights (S) Gilbert MN One striking miner arrested without charge. In response, nine workers (at least one of whom a Wobbly) send a letter to the governor asking that he remove the mine guards.
7/1/1916 Bosses' intrigue in I.L.A.. strike San Francisco  CA After the International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) had been striking for three weeks, they made a temporary deal with the bosses saying they would be paid the union pay scale. So, for a little bit the ILA went back to work, but the employers went back on their word. Only some of the employers were offering to pay the union scale in hopes of breaking the union up. However, many workers refused to work at these fair jobs to avoid having the union break a part.
7/1/1916 Steel trust gun-men take worker's blood. Courts grinding out sentences for strikers; murderer still at large; killing but makes sixteen thousand strikers more determined; Minnesota iron mines closed tight; strike spreading; call for organizers and funds. MN The steel strike is still going in Minnesota. By June 28th, sixteen thousand miners had joined the strike. 15 IWW members had been arrested for unlawful assemblage and one man had been killed. The IWW asked for more funds.   
7/3/1916 Lumber organizer jailed in Everett Everett WA James Rowan was arrested for selling merchandise on the streets. The police wanted to stop him from speaking to the crowd. Rowan was talking about organizing the working class. He was offered 30 days in jail or to leave Everett and never come back. The jails were so horrible that he decided to give up staying in Everett.
07/08/1916 In the Industrial Trenches of Capitalism (S) Red Granite WI Quarry workers' strike ended in the fulfillment of their demands and the reinstatement of IWW who had been fired due to their membership status.
07/10/1916 Lumberjacks Awaken! (S) Seattle WA Big Lumber Workers' Conference held to discuss strategies for obtaining better conditions and the eight hour day.
7/15/1916 Frisco waterfront during strike San Francisco CA Some of the union men from the ILA have gone back to work, working alongside scabs. Scabs killed two workers.
07/15/1916 What's Doing in the I.W.W. (S) New Bedford MA Construction workers organized with IWW and won the hour day and 25 cents per hour.
07/15/1916 What's Doing in the I.W.W. (S) Baltimore MD Twenty IWW members arrested for carrying deadly weapons, which may have been associated with a joint IWW and AFL Strouse Bros. strike.
07/15/1916 What's Doing in the I.W.W. (S) Scranton PA As ordered by the mayor, the owner of the IWW banned them from meeting there.
07/15/1916 The Holland Case (S) Kansas  City MO IWW member charged with carrying concealed weapons and threatening to kill after he was allegedly beaten by a police officer who found him sleeping.
7/22/1916 For surrender and betrayal of I.L.A. The executive board of the ILA asked its members to return to work. They offered several solutions that included returning wages back to pre strike, allowing some scabs to remain or allowing scabbing to occur in cites such as Seattle, where members of the ILA had won better union rights. These options were not well received.
07/22/1916 Steel Trust Gun Only Strengthens Strikers' Determination (S) MN Thousands of striking miners join the IWW. The IWW sent over thirty organizers to aid the strikers.
07/22/1916 Press Plays Old Games (S) Duluth MN IWW organizer involved in a steel strike arrested for spitting on the street and disorderly conduct.
07/23/1916 Growing Enthusiasm for Cause of Minnesota Strikers (S) Los Angeles CA Mass meeting held in Union Square to raise funds for the Minnesota Iron Range Strikers' Defense Committee.
07/26/1916 Pregnant Woman Beaten by Gunmen (S) Gilbert MN Pregnant wife of striking miner beaten by corporate-hired gunmen then put in jail.
07/27/1916 "Battle" of Mitchell, South Dakota (S) Aberdeen SD 15 gunmen and 50 others threatened to shoot IWW members if they attempted to board a train. When the IWW tried to get on the train anyway, they were shot at. They returned fire, leading to about 100 gunshots total. Three IWW shot, four gunmen shot. The police arrested half the gunmen, but released them and returned their guns, instructing them to shoot more IWWs. Several IWWs arrested and other sent out of town on a northbound freight.
07/29/1916 None (S) Omaha NE Local branch of AWO gained 400 members in 4 days.
07/29/1916 Growing Enthusiasm for Cause of Minnesota Strikers (S) New York NY Mass meeting held in Union Square to raise funds for the Minnesota Iron Range Strikers' Defense Committee.
08/05/1916 Andreytchine's Deportation (S) Duluth MN IWW member and active striker deported after being arrested for inciting a riot and anarchism.
08/05/1916 None (S) IWW gained over 4000 new members in the month of July.
08/05/1916 No Let Up in Minnesota Strike Enthusiasm (S) Minneapolis MN` Mass protest meeting held in defense of the Minnesota strikers with a speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
8/9/1916 Fourteen hundred more strike Duluth MN The miners strike has spread to Cuyna Range. Ten mines and five pits had to close down. About fourteen hundred went on strike there. The Steel trust had to raise wages.
08/12/1916 No Let Up in Minnesota Strike Enthusiasm (S) Superior MN 300 dock men strike for a 40 cent increase in daily wage.
08/12/1916 No Let Up in Minnesota Strike Enthusiasm (S) New York NY Mass meeting held in support of striking miners in Minnesota.
08/12/1916 Organizers Mysteriously Disappear (S) Duluth MN Two IWW organizer and one correspondent for an IWW newspaper arrested then put on train out of town by deputy sheriff.
08/12/1916 Denver Booms Once More (S) Denver CO Four IWW arrested during meeting for the defense of the striking miners in Minnesota and charged with "refusing to move on." The were released on $100 bail after five days in jail.
08/16/1916 No Let Up in Minnesota Strike Enthusiasm (S) Cleveland OH Mass meeting held in support of striking miners in Minnesota.
08/19/1916 Belly-Robbing in Jail (S) St. Louis County MN Speaker/organizer of the IWW arrested and convicted of disturbing the public peace and sentenced to 90 days. He reports not being properly fed.
08/19/1916 What's Doing in the I.W.W. (S) Cleveland OH A Bermunkas, a Hungarian IWW publication, becomes a weekly instead of bi-monthly.
08/19/1916 Attempt to Railroad I.W.W.'s (S) Aberdeen SD Two IWW members arrested on charges of murder of a police officer. The arrestees claimed to have been miles away the scene of the crime.
08/20/1916 Detroit's Good Meeting (S) Detroit MI Ralph Chaplain spoke at a mass meeting held in support of striking Minnesotan miners. Over 300 attended.
08/20/1916 Rousing Boston Demonstration (S) Boston MA Meeting held in support of the striking Minnesotan miners drew over 5000 people.
08/22/1916 Everett Police Attempts to Suppress I.W.W. (S) Everett WA Nineteen IWW members arrested while holding a public speech due to the ban on IWW meetings of any kind.
8/26/1916 Free Speech fight on Everett Everett WA After James Rowan's arrest, L. Remick opened a branch of the Forest and Lumber Workers in Everett to help the shingle weavers and longshoremen. He was told to either close up his shop or be forced out. So on August 22,  James Thompson spoke to the crowd. He was soon arrested for speaking on the streets. Then James Rowan was arrested for the same reason. 17 members of the IWW were arrested. 800 citizens visited the jailed men and protested the police. 
8/26/1916 Lumber workers win in short strike Sedro-Woolley WA Lumber workers refused to work until everyone got a twenty-five cent pay rise. The IWW said the group used their strategy of "unite and win" to increase their pay by 25 cents.
08/26/1916 On the Job with the Workers (S) Minot ND IWW faced discrimination as the local law enforcement destroys membership cards and land lords will not rent them hall. The IWW then asked for a boycott of the town.
09/01/1916 Another Hostile Center (S) Oakes ND IWW organizer ordered to leave town after being blamed for men walking off the job.
9/2/1916 Everett fight is an easy victory Everett WA The men arrested were indeed deported to Seattle. On August 28, Mrs. Magler, Edith Fernett and James Thompson spoke in Seattle and were able to raise fifty dollars. Over the next couple of days, many speeches were made in Everett without the police intervening for the labor movement and rights. 
9/2/1916 Farmers cuss but wages raise Rosalia WA A successful strike was lead by two IWW farmers. They were able to increase their wages.
09/02/1916 "Law and Order" at Ironwood, Mich. (S) Ironwood MI Eight to ten IWW organized ejected from the city by a "citizens' committee".
09/09/1916 Strike Goes Right On (S) New York NY Eight IWW members, including Carlo Tresca and one woman, indicted by a grand jury for first degree murder.
09/14/1916 Big Roundup of I.W.W.'s in Coal Strike (S) Scranton PA 262 IWW members arrested for inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and forcible entry.
09/16/1916 Everett Speech Fight Fiercer Than Ever (S) Everett WA Thirty-five IWW members put in jail, beaten, and had their hall raided.
09/16/1916 None (S) Jamestown ND IWW sentenced to 90 days in jail for "giving the cat cream."
09/18/1916 Great Minneapolis Meeting (S) Minneapolis MN Over 2000 attended a meeting for the release of the Wobblies indicted of first degree murder.
9/23/1916 Iron range strike called off: not lost. Will strike again, if necessary to release strikers and organizers or use jobs as weapon; monster Pennsylvania strike of 40,000. Chicago IL The mine strike was called off on September 17th. The strikers plan to strike later now that they are better organized and funded. Two hundred and sixty one are under arrest for conspiracy, unlawful assemblage, and rioting.
9/23/1916 Everett citizens against vigilantes Everett WA IWW reported that the Everett vigilantes and their sheriff have cut back down on their violence. The IWW members that were arrested were released. On Friday, a meeting between 10 to 15 thousand citizens appeared to listen to condemnation of the police force, their right for free speech and to raise money. Those who were beaten in Everett are now suing the city and the sheriff.
09/24/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Minneapolis MN
09/26/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Sioux City IA
09/27/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Albert Lea MN
09/28/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Des Moines IA
09/29/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Ames IA
9/30/1916 Battle in place of constitution. Meaning of Everett fight to IWW and working class; pressing need of aid and funds.  Everett WA Fifty workers were sent to jail without a trial and then deported from the city. 100,000 dollars worth of property has been set on fire and the IWW are being blamed for it. The IWW claim there is no proof linking them to it. The IWW ends on the note for the right to organize and exist in cities so they need funding.
9/30/1916 Forty-six IWW's take jail Yakima WA 46 IWW members were sent to jail for undisclosed reasons. However, they attempted to break out of the jail. The fire department and police stopped them.
9/30/1916 IWW women on road to victory A Domestic Workers' Union (IWW affiliated) was created to raise wages, shorten hours and get better working conditions. They would have to shut down employment agencies to avoid getting blacklisted from work. They practically created their own with a record of 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. This is forcing employers to advertise in the papers and allow members to remain in a union without being detected. 
09/30/1916 Ore Strike Called Off (S) Mesaba Range MN Three-month long strike called off without reaching their goals of better wages and improved living conditions.
09/30/1916 Majority of Penn. Prisoners Released (S) Scranton PA All but 28 of the over 250 jailed IWW members released.
09/30/1916 None (S) Various Various AWO gained over 8000 members in August and 2000 in the first three weeks of September.
10/01/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Omaha NE
10/02/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Fort Scott KS
10/04/1916 Gurley Flynn on Tour (S) Pittsburg KS
10/04/1916 Scranton District Attorney Shows Up Sheriff Phillips (S) Scranton PA Grand Jury rules the over 250 IWW arrested were charged without legal evidence against them on any of the charges.
10/7/1916 Progress among Cal fishermen Pittsburg CA The American Federation of Labor (AFL) had attempted to organize California fishermen four times previously but was unsuccessful. The IWW has 300 fishermen recruited. The boss attempted to cut the price of fish down to 4 cents a pound (instead of 5) so the men went on strike. After 20 days of striking the bosses gave in.  
10/07/1916 James Schmidt Released (S) Aberdeen SD Schmidt, charged of the murder of a brakemen, had his charges dismissed without trial.
10/07/1916 South Dakota Jail for I.W.W. Members (S) Aberdeen SD Seven IWW members sentenced to 30 days for carrying concealed weapons after a fight with non-unionized members.
10/07/1916 Trainmen Refuse to Haul Scabs (S) Worcester MA Yard worker refused to set a train car full of strike breakers hired by a big labor agency to end a steel car strike in New York and instead sent the car back to Boston, where it originated.
10/14/1916 Strikers released in Pennsylvania Chicago IL 262 members of the IWW arrested for conspiracy outlaw assembly have been released.
10/14/1916 Job conditions in Yakima orchards. The workers are dissatisfied; men are organizing as result of their slavery; who is a liar farmer of commercial club? Yakima Valley WA The IWW is trying to get support for pickers and help them organize themselves. Farmers are arguing that they don't make enough to pay their workers more. The IWW believes they can pay them more.
10/14/1916 Tonopah miners form independent union for strike Tonopah NE An independent union has formed for the miners there. 
10/14/1916 A Call for aid Clifton AR A.V. Azuara (editor of El Rebelde) and Benigno Median were arrested two days after giving a speech about industrial unionism at Clifton. The IWW is asking for funds to help them out.
10/14/1916 Yakima Citizens "Receive" I.W.W. (S) Yakima WA Yakima police shut down IWW hall after being open only four hours. In response, the IWW moved their meetings to the streets, where 50 to 60 men were arrested. A gang of vigilantes raided the jail, locked the IWW members in railroad cars, and demanded the crew take them out of town. The train crew refused, so the IWW were released from the cars and returned to jail.
10/14/1916 Strike of Macaroni Workers (S) Long Island NY Macaroni Worker's local 301 of the IWW went on strike.
10/21/1916 Reign of terror at Everett. Workers are being arrested; lodged in jail and floated out of town; citizens start boycott; fight still continues.  Everett WA After the arrest of Rowan, the city of Everett had allowed businessmen to join up as a "vigilante committee" to stop free speech from the working class. This committee can arrest and search men. Any person carrying an IWW card is sent to jail for a night and then kicked out of Everett. The IWW is asking for money and men to help the cause.
10/21/1916 Duluth women organizing Duluth MN Thirty-five women were sent for an IWW charter for domestic workers. Apparently, the progress in the timber industry has been affecting them and they want change for themselves.
10/21/1916 Graft and slavery at Anchorage Anchorage AL The Alaska Engineering Commission had two ships brought up to Alaska filled with workers. The workers were promised a return fare. However, that promise was broken. Men in positions would sell station work to others in a scheme to get rich. 
10/28/1916 Workers refuse to feed scabs. Everett culinary workers force boss not to feed scab longshoremen; the scabs go hungry till bunk-ship is brought from Tacoma. Everett WA The AFL is helping out by not housing and feeding the scabs that are taking over the jobs Puget Sound seamen were striking from. The men from the steamer Caicque had the money to purchase food and lodging but were refused. The unions opposed their work. Eventually, they had to stay on the barge.
10/30/1916 IWW must answer the terrorism of Everett!   Everett WA 41 workers were beaten up and Everett is denying these men the protection of the law and the constitution. The IWW calls for action and support. The issue started with violations of free speech.
10/30/1916 Circumstantial story of latest Everett outrage Everett WA 41 members of the IWW took passage from Seattle to Everett without breaking any laws. They had to run through a gauntlet made by the armed vigilantes. There were about 200 vigilantes that the IWW claims were drunk despite Washington state being on prohibition.
10/30/1916 Big A.W.O. Meeting in Minneapolis (S) Minneapolis MN Annual AWO held, electing a permanent chairmen and hearing the speeches of Bill Haywood and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.
11/4/1916 Big IWW drive in the Wenatchee Valley Wenatchee Valley WA  There had been several successful strikes in the farming community. The unions tend to be on the smaller size, around 30 or less men. They are raising awareness about IWW and better rights.
11/04/1916 Everett Fight Bitter (S) Everett WA 41 IWW members tried to go to Everett in a steamer after paying for their tickets, but were stopped by over 200 vigilantes and assaulted. Several seriously injured.
11/04/1916 The Billings Verdict (S) San Francisco CA Wobbly Warren Billing convicted of first degree murder for alleged bombing.
11/5/1916 Open shop advocates take death toll. Months of lawlessness culminate in murder: five members of IWW and two members of the vigilantes dead; 287 members of IWW in Seattle jails; held for unlawful assemblage pending charges of murder; is greatest outrage in history of labor movement.  Everett WA The struggle between the working class and the vigilantes finally erupted. Five members of the IWW were killed and two of the vigilantes were killed. Many were injured. Beforehand, the IWW informed the authorities that they were coming to Everett on November 5th.
11/05/1916 I.W.W. Men Clubbed and Abused by "Law and Order" Gang (S) Everett WA Three hundred IWW in jail, five dead, and many wounded after a shootout in Everett between Wobblies aboard the Verone and a group of vigilantes on the shore. Two vigilantes were killed. 
11/11/1916 Industrial tyranny of steel MI The article talks about the low wages that miners are paid. The steal they are getting is vital for the machinery that many Americans use and it is dangerous work. Mr. Dowing argues that they should be paid better then the current $2.50 a day. Strikers had to deal with the Steel Trust's thugs who beat, jailed, and shot over six hundred men and women.
11/11/1916 Denver Housemaids' List Stolen (S) Denver CO Headquarters of the Domestic Workers' Industrial Union burglarized and a list of 6000 places of employment of these domestic workers stolen.
11/11/1916 New Mine Workers' Local in Arizona (S) Swansea AZ New branch of Metal Mine Workers' formed.
11/18/1916 Great Funeral of Everett Victim (S) Seattle WA Seattle IWWs hold funeral for three Wobblies killed at the Everett Massacre and over 600 people attend.
11/18/1916 Death fruit of months of lawlessness Everett WA 1,400 dollars has been raised for the arrested men from the Everett Massacre. They mention support from other groups. There is also a picture of the dead. 
11/18/1916 Shoe Repairers Strike in Boston (S) Boston MA Unofficial "Shoe Repairers' Union local 617" of the IWW threatened other employees and made them fear their personal safety.
11/20/1916 Tenth I.W.W. Convention Best Yet (S) Chicago IL The IWW held their tenth annual convention, which discussed topics including the possibility of a IWW educational institution that would be tuition-free to all Wobblies, a strike of tobacco workers that want IWW help, and the election of new committees. One committee proposes the removal of the words "national" and "local" from the IWW constitution.
11/24/1916 Gunman Rule and Peonage on the Mesaba Range (S) Mesaba Range MN One man searched and arrested without a warrant for selling IWW newspapers.
11/25/1916 Workers, will you defend your fighters? Everett WA List of dead from the Everett Massacre and a picture. 
11/25/1916 Five thousand demand investigation of Everett crime Everett WA A meeting of people came to hear about what happened at Everett. The AFL was supportive of this event and free speech.
11/25/1916 Mayor Gill Says I.W.W. Did Not Start Everett Riot (S) Seattle WA Seattle Mayor Hiram Gill asserted IWW were not the instigators of the violence in Everett.
11/25/1916 Button Makers Join the I.W.W. (S) New York NY Pearl Button Makers' Industrial Union 463, formerly of the A.F. of L. joined the IWW instead transferring their almost 500 members.
11/26/1916 Successful Joe Hill Memorial in Cleveland (S) Cleveland OH Over 500 attend Joe Hill memorial sponsored by Local 606.
12/2/1916 Meaning of the Mesaba strike Duluth MN James P. Thompson held a meeting for the iron ore miners and explained the significance of their strikes. He explains that they are an example of solidarity and give hope to others who want to strike. He then talks about how they are a part of a revolution.
12/2/1916 Everett frames up on workers Everett WA James Johnson, George Bradley and Edith Frenete were released from Everett jail. They were charged with bogus claims. Carlson, who was shot nine times, is suing the sheriff and several members of the Commercial club and steamship club. Those who tried to visit the arrested were denied entry.  
12/2/1916 Woman slavery in Des Moines department stores This article discusses the abuses women deal with when working at a department store. These include being charged money for being late and having her employers move the clock forward, so even if a woman came in on time the clock would be 15 minutes fast. If one wants to take a break it costs them one cent per minuet. The pay the women get is barely enough to take care of their own families. The IWW urges women to unionize and get better wages and working conditions.
12/02/1916 Mesaba Strikers Tried for Riot (S) Hibbing MN Three people* tried for rioting in relation to the recent Mesaba steel strike. 
12/02/1916 President Will Investigate (S) Washington, D.C. President Wilson sent a letter to an IWW member assuring he will investigate the case of Carlo Tresca.
12/9/1916 Portland I.L.A.. union joins the IWW Portland OR The Steamboat men from the ILA have switched over to the IWW. The IWW believes they can soon control the coast if everyone comes together and supports each other.  The IWW wants to switch from an open shop policy to a closed shop in Portland.
12/9/1916 Judicial injustice on Mesaba range Duluth MN There is a murder charge for eight of the strikers form the Iron Miners' strike for alleged rioting, assault and kindred charges from picketing. Those who have gone to court so far have been dealing with shady strategies to convict the men. However, the US Steel Corporation announced a raise of their wages.
12/09/1916 Notes of Everett Defense (S) Everett WA Some of the 74 people on trial for the incident in Everett went on hunger strike in protest of the poor quality and lack of food.
12/10/1916 Free Speech Won (S) Newark NJ IWW granted a permit to hold meetings on the streets or in their halls despite the efforts of the chief of police.
12/14/1916 Developments of Everett Fight (S) Everett WA 38 of the 74 held for the Everett massacre released on bail.
12/15/1916 State Surrenders on Murder Charges Against Mesaba Strikers and Organizers (S) MN Murder charges against the eight IWW on trial dropped and replaced with manslaughter charges against three of the eight. 
12/16/1916 Everett defense notes. Seattle WA In Seattle, members of the IWW and the Everett Prisoners' Defense Committee are raising awareness of the Everett Massacre and are trying to raise funds for the arrested. They had several successful meeting in Seattle. They have also sent out literature to other unions asking for help.
12/16/1916 Miners will strike for prisoners Miners are willing to strike for prisoners for the Steel Trust company. 
12/16/1916 Tenth Convention (S) Chicago IL Education Committee and the Work People's College in Minnesota agree to make an IWW school, free to all members.
12/23/1916 I.R.C.. reports on Everett Massacre Two members of the National Labor Defense Counsel have noticed the importance of the Everett Massacre. Citizens were denied the right of free speech and assembly and men were murdered outside the law. Those who were a part of the event are now on trial for the two men murdered from the sheriff's side.
12/23/1916 Timber Barons' union meets Spokane WA The lumber Barons' Union of eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana are having a meeting to discuss a way to prevent their workers from joining the IWW.
12/30/1916 Everett courts vicious in hatred of workers Everett WA The court and middle class of Everett is siding with the sheriff. The strikers have to deal with unfair courts. 
12/30/1916 Spokane Holds Great Everett Demonstration (S) Spokane WA Over 1000 workers attend a meeting for the Everett defense held by the Central Labor Council of Spokane.