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IWW Yearbook 1917

This is a database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Industrial Worker and Solidarity. It was researched by Alison Cheung and Arianne Hermida. Start by reading the highlights report. Below that is the database.

Highlights 1917 by Alison Cheung

For the Industrial Workers of the World 1917 was a pivotal year defined a massive campaign to organize lumber workers across several states, and the United States entry into WWI.These events directly and indirectly contributed to the decline of the IWW in the following years.

            The year began with the closely watched trial Thomas H. Tracy, one of the Wobblies who survived the Everett Massacre. On November 5, 1916, a violent confrontation occurred between a group of IWW members approaching Everett to support striking shingle weavers and a group of local deputized sheriffs. This encounter resulted in the death of two sheriffs, five Wobblies and left nearly fifty individuals wounded on both sides. Seventy-four IWW members were arrested in connection to the incident. Tracy was the first Wobbly to stand trial for the murder of the two sheriffs and the IWW capitalized on the publicity given to the lengthy trial. Proceedings lasted for months and the Industrial Worker and Solidarity dutifully reported the inconsistencies found in witness testimony against the Wobblies and the conditions for the imprisoned members. Tracy’s acquittal in May 1917 was a massive victory for the IWW.

            Simultaneous to the Everett trial, the IWW launched an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to organize lumber workers. The Industrial Worker reported a series of strikes across Minnesota, Washington, Montana and Idaho. While the IWW did not organize many of these strikes, lumber workers were able to make important advancements such as an eight-hour day in the Pacific Northwest.

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Dates are either the reported date of the incident or the date the article appeared in the newspaper. Articles are from Industrial Worker (IW) or Solidarity (S).

Date Title (publication) Place State event description
12/12/1916 I.W.W.'s Defend Themselves: -- Murder Charge (S) Pittsburg CA Two fish and game commissioners shot three IWW members without provocation, inciting a shoot out that ended in the death of the two commissioners. The IWW were charged with murder.
12/30/1916 Bemidji in Action (S) Bemidji MN Eight camps in the Backus and Brooks Company, a lumber business, went on strike. The 700 strikers demanded an 10 dollar per month pay increase, the nine hour day, cleaner living conditions, better food, and no discrimination against "union men (I.W.W.)".
1/3/1917 Monster Revolt of Northern Minnesota Lumberworkers (IW) Virginia, Bemidji, International Falls, Duluth MN Lumberworkers across Northern Minnesota begin a mass strike. According to meeting details, they strike to gain a 25 cent raise, fair working hours during the weekend, and no discrimination between union and non-union workers. Several other pieces on the same strike appear in this edition of the paper.
1/3/1917 The I.W.W. in Action (S) Kenosha WS 275 striking IWWs kerosene and burn an icehouse.
01/06/1917 Minnesota Again Strike Bound (S) Gemmell MN Minnesota lumberjacks go on strike for a 25 cent per day wage increase, the removal of the Sunday night shift, Saturday shifts being on 8 hours, the changing from day to night shift every week, and equal treatment of unionized workers.
01/06/1917 Minnesota Again Strike Bound (S) Gemmell MN Six arrested for distributing pamphlets related to a lumberjack strike. Their sentences suspended by a judge.
01/06/1917 Latest from Minn. Strike (S) Gemmell MN All strike organizers ordered out of town and 70 jailed in response to the strike of "thousands" of lumberjacks.
01/06/1917 Great I.W.W. Activity at the Year's Opening (S) Virginia MN 1500 saw mill workers strike for better condition.* not specified as an IWW strike.
1/6/1917 I.W.W. in Action (S) Portland OR 40 IWW members released on a dismissal order form a judge.
1/11/1917 Strike Funds Needed (IW) Virginia, Bemidji, International Falls, Duluth MN Minnesota lumberworkers, on strike since early January, put out a call for strike funds, as the protest is ongoing. Over 1000 men are on strike.
1/12/1917 Workers Are Released (IW) International Falls MN Five lumberworkers jailed during the "monster strike" of lumbermen in Northern Minnesota have been released. The reasons for their arrests are unclear, and likely were an effort to weaken strike organization.
1/13/1917 Lumber Strike Near Aberdeen (IW) Aberdeen WA Forty lumberworkers in the Aberdeen area strike in favor of a 25 cent raise. This was not an IWW strike.
01/13/1917 Another Link in the M.T.W. Chain (S) San Pedro CA Local branch of the Marine Transport Workers formed.
01/13/1917 The Strike at Gemmell, Minn. (S) Gemmell MN 50 gunmen hired by the lumber companies to protect the camp against the 800* striking lumberjacks. Note: an earlier article said thousands were striking. This says 800.
01/13/1917 A Sample of "Justice" for I.W.W. Members (S) Fargo ND Two IWW members arrested after a group of 30 of them boarded a freight train bound for the harvest fields and removed all train non-IWW train riders. The two IWW members eventually pled guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and were sentenced to 90 days and a 100 dollar fine. After four weeks in jail, they were pardoned.
1/14/1917 Thompson Lectures in New York City (S) New York City NY James P. Thompson held a lecture on the Everett Massacre as part of his country-wide tour organized by the Everett Defense Committee.
1/15/1917 Outside Judge to Try Everett Case (S) Everett WA IWW lawyers won fight to bring in outside judge after filing and affidavit for prejudice.
1/20/1917 Utah, Dr. To The I.W.W. (IW) Tucker UT Migratory construction workers go on strike in Tucker, Utah for shorter hours and a better wage. After the strike was called off, a string of violent murders were enacted by non-union individuals. 
1/20/1917 A Control That Cuts No Logs (IW) Virginia, Bemidji, International Falls, Duluth MN Greater military support is called to Northern Minnesota: "Bachaus says that unless the sheriffs can break the strike the paper mills will have to close."
01/20/1917 The Pageant in Frisco (S) San Francisco CA The mass meeting that was to be held in January moved back a month after the police demanded they not use a particular venue. The performance was planned to include speakers and a play detailing the events of the Everett Massacre.
01/20/1917 Making Laws Against I.W.W. (S) Pierre SD A representative introduced two bills, one outlawing riding freight trains and the other banning tin horn gambling in that state with the intention of halting the I.W.W.
01/20/1917 The I.W.W. in Action (S) IA, NE, SD Legislators planned a meeting in Sioux City to "discuss the I.W.W. problem."
01/20/1917 The I.W.W. in Action (S) Oxnard CA IWW in jail incited a riot by destroying part of the jail, lighting a fire, and flooding it by breaking water pipes .
01/20/1917 I.W.W. in Action (S) Portland OR 52 IWW members arrested for vagrancy.
01/20/1917 I.W.W. in Action (S) Philadelphia PA Judge asked 80 applicants for naturalization about their membership status in the IWW. If they answered they were a member, the judge would refuse citizenship.
01/20/1917 I.W.W. in Action (S) Virginia MN 60 IWWs arrested after taking control of a freight train. They were released after trial.
1/22/1917 Pearl Button Makers Strike (S) New York NY 1000 button makers held a strike for increased wages.
1/27/1917 Jacks Answering I.W.W. Battle Call (IW) Virginia, Bemidji, International Falls, Duluth MN The "monster strike" of Northern Minnesota lumberworkers continues. The Industrial Worker reports that more than 4000 lumberworkers are involved. The article reports solidarity between lumberworkers and sawmill workers, both of whom are forced to live in squalid conditions with low wages. 
1/27/1917 M'Neely and Wetmore Acquitted of Murder (S) Aberdeen SD Two Wobblies acquitted of murder of a security guard.
02/03/1917 Everett Police Methods (S) Everett WA Police arrested IWW member, originally citing it was for his own safety as vigilantes planned on killing all IWW members in town. After being held for two weeks, he was tried for vagrancy and disorderly conduct.
02/03/1917 A.W.O. Activity (S) Park Falls MN IWW member arrested for carrying an unloaded gun and sentenced to six months.
02/03/1917 A.W.O. Activity (S) Los Angeles CA IWW members convicted of "defrauding the railroad company" and sentenced to thirty days.
2/6/1917 Free Speech Victory in Cushing Oil Fields (S) Dumright note: likely meant "Drumright" OK IWW member arrested while soapboxing. After demonstrations in his defense, he was released. He then held a street meeting and was left unmolested.
2/9/1917 A Story of Solidarity (IW) Philadelphia PA The Pennsylvania sugar strike continues. As the IWW has become more involved, many sugar workers are becoming union men. In an act of solidarity, IWW longshoremen on sugar docks and IWW seamen on sugar boats are striking as well. There are over 5000 striking sugar workers, 1500 striking longshoremen, and 100 striking seamen.  
2/10/1917 Pennsylvania Sugar Workers Strike (IW) Philadelphia PA Workers at every sugar refinery in Pennsylvania have gone on strike. Regardless of job, all employees are participating. Many of these workers have joined the IWW during their involvement with the strike. The workers are demanding a 5 cent/hr increase in wages. In a display of working class solidarity, waterfront workers in Philadelphia have pledged not to handle a single pound of sugar until the sugar workers' struggle is rewarded.
2/10/1917 Refuse To Starve! (IW) Seattle WA Railway workers were hired by the Great Northern Railway to shovel snow near a tunnel. The wages were so poor that the men would not have been able to afford food during the few weeks they spent there. The strike was ultimately unsuccessful. 
02/10/1917 Sugar Refineries Tied Up by I.W.W. (S) Philadelphia PA 5000 sugar refinery workers held a strike for a wage increase of five cents an hour. IWW longshoremen refuse to ship related cargo in solidarity.
02/10/1917 Lumber Strike Called Off (S) Duluth MN Central Strike Committee of Minnesota called off lumber strike after winning a wage increase and better food and camp conditions.
2/17/1917 Sugar Workers In Philadelphia Strike (IW) Philadelphia PA Over 5000 Pennsylvania sugar workers continue to be on strike. The article details that their regular workday had been from 11-14 hours, with each worker making around 25 cent/hr. The workers are demanding a raise of 5 cents an hour. As more workers have joined the strike, the strike has become more organized and looks to be successful. 
02/17/1917 Help Needed in Packingtown (S) Chicago IL Company Swift and Co. attempted to identify workers in the IWW and threatened to fire any members.
02/17/1917 Verona Victims to be Tried in Seattle (S) Everett WA Judge granted the IWW members charged in the Everett massacre a change of venue to Seattle.
2/24/1917 Unorganized Strike; Unionists Scab (IW) Sacramento CA An unorganized strike took place in Sacramento, when many were hired, some IWW men, to work for Libby, MacNeill & Libby's at Lockport (job unclear). Upon arriving at the job site, the workers found poor living conditions and their low wage too intolerable, and began an unorganized strike. More skilled carpenters and members of the AFL promised to strike with them, but did not. The strike was unsuccessful as AFL union men took their places.
2/24/1917 Hand 'Em Wallop (IW) Bellingham WA Sixty-five workers from the Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Company have gone on strike for a raise in wages, currently at two dollars a day. The company has sent for new workers to replace them. Although this is not an IWW organized strike, the newspaper calls for IWW members to aid the striking lumbermen. 
02/24/1917 Free Speech Victory in Cushing Oil Fields (S) Vinita OK IWW members working for Sinclair & Cudaby Pipe Company struck for increased wages and won.
2/26/1917 Funeral of Sugar Striker (S) Philadelphia PA Funeral of striker killed by police in late February drew over 15000 people.
2/27/1917 Gunmen Attack Pickets, Kill And Injure (IW) Philadelphia PA The Pennsylvania sugar strike continues for its fourth week. The strikers are positive they will have a success. However, on February 21st, police attacked the strikers, shooting one man to death and wounding many others. Violence has continued, as the strikers are beaten and arrested continuously. 
3/1/1917 Industrial Flashlights (S) Ironton MI 100 IWW struck and received their demands of for increased wages, removal of the contract system, and "the right to enter and leave on company time."
03/03/1917 The Case of Louis Lavine (S) OR Lavine and another worker were discovered by brakemen while riding a freight train. The brakemen demanded they get off the train that was travelling at 20 mph. When they refused, the brakemen attempted to force them off. Lavine brandished a set of pliers he tried to pass off as a gun, which scared away the brakemen. Upon dismounting at Hornbrook, they were arrested for "shooting... with intent to kill."
3/10/1917 Successful IWW Strike (IW) San Francisco CA IWW steel workers for the South Pacific Steel company organized a successful strike, winning eight hour days, 31.5 cent/hr wages, and time and a half for overtime. The bosses of the steel company kidnapped one of the IWW men in hopes to barter with the strikers, but it became clear that they would not. The man was released, and the strikers were rewarded with better conditions. 
3/10/1917 Efficiency On Bunk Houses (IW) Sedro Woolley WA Workers for the Lyman Lumber Company are threatening strike, as bosses demand workers to cut more lumber in one day than possible, and the lumbermen live in poor conditions.
3/10/1917 The Usual Solidarity (IW) Bonners Ferry ID Lumbermen at Paige's Camp in Bonners Ferry, Idaho have gone on strike to protest their living conditions. All lumber jacks in the area are said to be IWW men, though the bosses say they will  no longer hire IWW men. 
3/17/1917 Labor History's Greatest Trial Opens (IW) Everett WA The trial of the IWW members involved in the Everett massacre in November of 1916 has begun. Vigilante shooters are questioned for their violence against a peaceful IWW meeting/protest at the docks. 
3/17/1917 Framing Up On Everett Victims (IW) Everett WA The men arrested during the Everett massacre are still in jail. Their lives in jail are monotonous, and they live in poor conditions. They report a scheme by the jailers to try to get the men to commit acts of violence, as a bottle of whiskey is left untended in the men's showers. The IWW men have destroyed one bottle. IWW encourages members to visit the men in jail. 
03/17/1917 Colored I.W.W. Men in Baltimore Are Game (S) Baltimore MD Longshoremen strike called off after winning a wage increase and the 25 jailed IWWs released. Nine black workers who joined the strike were arrested and several shot at by police.
03/17/1917 Industrial Flashlights (S) Brainerd MN 200 miners held a strike in protest of the blacklist that led to the termination of a unionized worker.
3/24/1917 Witnesses Having Struggle With Truth (IW) Everett WA The trials in Everett continue. Witnesses to the violence have stories that begin to contradict each other. 
3/24/1917 Trying the IWW  (IW) Everett WA The Everett trials continue. However, Tracy, the worker in question, has only been mentioned a few times. Instead, the trial seems to be attacking the nature and actions of the IWW. 
3/24/1917 Utah Coal Miners Revolt (IW) Castle Gate UT Coal miners in Castle Gate, Utah have gone on their first strike in thirteen years. Demanding a wage raise and change in environment, they were defeated when other workers came to take their places. 
03/24/1917 Successful I.W.W. Strike in Norfolk (S) Norfolk VA IWW members on the S.S. Franklin went on strike for a 10 dollar per month wage increase. Their demand was granted after a few hours, making them the highest paid ship workers on the East coast.
03/24/1917 Industrial Flashlights (S) ID The Idaho legislature outlawed "advocat[ing] violence to secure reform."
03/24/1917 Industrial Flashlights (S) Oakland CA Alleged IWW members burglarized a Standard Oil warehouse and left the message, "John D. had better keep some money here; we want it for the Mooney defense."
03/24/1917 Industrial Flashlights (S) Nebraska NE Eight IWWs on trial for the destruction of goods in a Missouri Pacific rail car.
3/26/1917 Cleveland M.T.W. News (S) Cleveland OH First annual convention of the MTW held, leading the election of the executive board.
03/31/1917 Des Moines I.W.W.'s Face Frame-Up (S) Des Moines IA Three Wobblies charged with murder, though they claimed they were in the IWW hall at the time of the killing.
04/07/1917 I.W.W. Hall Raided in Kansas City (S) Kansas City MO A gang of marines raided the IWW, causing mass destruction. None of the intruders were arrested.
4/14/1917 Barbarity Revealed in Evidence (IW) Everett WA The trials in Everett continue. One IWW man recounts violence at the hands of jailers, with a picture for evidence. Stories of witnesses continue to contradict. 
4/14/1917 Unconscious Grave Diggers (IW) Eureka MT IWW organizers in Eureka, Montana are facing hunger as locals refuse to sell them meals. A stockade has been built to keep the IWW members out. 
04/14/1917 Successful M.T.W. Strike in Philadelphia (S) Philadelphia PA IWW sailors went on strike and won a ten dollar per month raise.
04/14/1917 Try to Suppress I.W.W. in Coal Fields (S) Various PA Sheriffs closed IWW halls across the coal fields.
4/14/1917 Solidarity Stopped in Rockford (S) Rockford IL Nine IWW members arrested for selling Solidarity and Alarm, a Swedish IWW publication. 
4/16/1917 Paper Mill Strike (IW) Camas WA Over 600 paper mill workers in Camas, Washington have gone on strike. They are demanding a raise of 50 cents per day as well as an eight hour work day. At this time, they are not organized, but the IWW is hopeful. 
4/21/1917 Story Of Savagery Graphically Developed (IW) Everett WA The trials in Everett continue. It is testified that the first shot came from the docks, where those opposing the IWW men on the boat waited armed. 
4/21/1917 Help This Member Get Justice (IW) Sacramento CA  A young IWW member named Frank Warren has been arrested for a crime he did not commit, purportedly on the grounds of his visible IWW membership. Despite a solid alibi and many witnesses as to his whereabouts at the time of the crime, he and another man have been imprisoned for ten years for a robbery he did not commit. 
4/21/1917 Beating Up IWW's (IW) Judith Gap MT IWW members found in Judith Gap, Montana are arrested and beaten up solely because of their IWW membership. 
4/21/1917 Funds Are Sufficient (IW) Philadelphia PA The sugar workers strike is continuing very successfully. Striking workers have found secure jobs elsewhere, and the strike continues, well funded. Those wishing to donate are urged to send funds to the IWW in Everett. 
4/21/1917 Arrested While Picketing (IW) Exeter CA Workers digging irrigation ditches in California have gone on strike against the boss, James Kennedy. Several workers have been arrested for assault and battery. 
04/21/1917 War on I.W.W. in Cleveland Slave Pen (S) Cleveland OH Willard Storage Battery Co. fired 60 workers in order to clear the factory of all IWW members. 80 additional workers quit in protest.
04/21/1917 Strike at Strathmore, Calif. (S) Strathmore CA 200 men went on strike for increased wages and the eight hour day. A police officer arrested two of them on charges of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer.
04/21/1917 Solidarity Wins in Kansas Oil Fields (S) Augusta KS Boss began to fire two workers for advocating shorter hours, but was told that all IWW members would quit if he did. He allowed the two workers to continue their employment.
4/25/1917 Revolutionary Throbs From The Revolt on the Fontine (IW) Eureka MT Mill workers in Eureka, Montana, have gone on strike for a wage of $5 per eight hour day. The owner of the mill spent $300 bringing in replacement workers, but once they arrived it was revealed that all of them were IWW men and would not work. 
4/25/1917 Comments On Progress Of Industrial Battle (IW) St. Maries ID A strike has been won by river drivers in St. Maries, Idaho. The strikers declared victory with a $5/8 hour day, from a $3.5/12 hour day. The strike is said to be the shortest in the history of the lumber Industry. 
04/28/1917 Log Drive Starts (S) Various MT Lumberjacks went on strike for better living conditions, higher wages, the eight hour day, fair treatment of unionized workers, and other basic demands.
04/28/1917 Spokane A.W.O. Notes (S) Spokane WA "River Drivers" joined the lumber strike that begun in Montana.
5/1/1917 Conspiracy Bubble Punctured (IW) Everett WA The trials in Everett continue, and begin to draw to a close. It is confirmed by many that the first shot came from the docks, and thus was not the act of any IWW man. It is revealed that policemen fired at drowning IWW members in the water. The ex-sheriff is shown to have lied in the trial. 
5/1/1917 The "Heathens" Our Inheritance (IW) Alhambra CA Over 200 Mexican and Japanese fruit pickers have gone on strike. Packing houses have been closed down due to their actions. Bosses have requested more workers to be brought in by train. 
5/5/1917 Drivers On Strike (IW) Spokane WA Lumber workers in Spokane, Washington, have declared a strike for $5/8 hour day. The boss, a Mr. Bronson, hired outside workers, or "scabs", to take their places, but found that the "scabs" were in fact IWW men who proceeded to join the other workers in the strike. 
05/05/1917 Log Drive Tie-Up Complete (S) Maries ID After three days, striking lumber workers win their demands and return to work.
05/05/1917 Chicago Macaroni Workers Join the I.W.W. (S) Chicago IL 800 macaroni workers went on strike to win higher wages, the eight hour day, fair treatment to unionized workers, no employment for non-unionized workers, and overtime pay.
05/05/1917 I.W.W. Active in Boston (S) Boston MA 1500 attend mass meeting with speeches by J. J. Ettor and Scarlett.
05/05/1917 I.W.W. Silk Weavers Strike in Paterson, N.J. (S) Paterson NJ Silk weavers went on strike for increased wages.
05/05/1917 Nolan Released (S) San Francisco CA Edward Nolan, accused of involvement in the San Francisco bomb plot, was released on bail due to lack of evidence.
5/8/1917 Fourteen Men Still Held in the Clutches of the Enemy (S) Everett WA Courts dismissed charges again Tracy and 38 others in relation to the Everett massacre. Fourteen are still being held.
5/12/1917 Verdict "Guilty" Against Everett Bosses (IW) Everett WA The first phase of the Everett Trial has been completed. IWW leader Thomas H. Tracy, on trial for the deaths of two deputies, was acquitted of the charge and released. Attorneys Lloyd Black and Cooley testified against Tracy, basing much of their argument upon the character of IWW workers. 
5/12/1917 Strike of Construction Workers (IW) La Crosse WA Construction workers at three separate camps in La Crosse, Washington, have gone on strike for a variety of reasons. One camp may give in to the demands, 
05/12/1917 Shuh and Michele Strike Won (S) Paterson NJ Strikers won their demands and returned to work.
5/16/1917 Again Seek A Worker's Life (IW) Stockton CA IWW Man Mr. Schoon was arrested for vagrancy in Stockton, California with a one other man. While being accompanied to the police department, the officer attacked the other man, a shot was fired, and Schoon ran from the scene. He was arrested one hour later and charged with the murder of the officer. The other man was not found. According to insiders, multiple details of the case have been ignored or fabricated to convict innocent Mr. Schoon because of his IWW membership. 
5/19/1917 Construction Men Win Big Victory (IW) Seattle WA A five day strike in the Seattle area by construction workers has ended in victory. Bosses have agreed to hire IWW men and pay wages of $3/day or more for eight hours. 
5/19/1917 Funds Needed for River Drivers (IW) Eureka MT The strike of mill workers in Eureka, Montana continues. "Scab" workers hired by the bosses are leaving. Funds are needed.
05/19/1917 I.W.W. Wins Strike in Prescott, Ariz. (S) Prescott AZ Smelters won their demand of a 12.5% increase in wages.
05/19/1917 I.W.W. Arrested in New Orleans (S) New Orleans LA IWW arrested and accused of "being active in I.W.W. labor agitation."
05/19/1917 Oxman Must Face Trial for Bomb Case Perjury (S) San Francisco CA Primary witness against Thomas J. Mooney accused of perjury. Superior Judge refused to remove himself from the case after accusations of prejudice.
5/21/1917 "No Compromise" Say River Drivers (IW) Fontine MT River Drivers in the Eureka area of Montana continue their strike on the Fontine River. Some "scabs" have been hired, but business is still slow. 
5/25/1917 Eight Hours, Five Dollars Won In Ten Minutes (IW) Brief WA One of the shortest strikes of IWW history has been won in Brief, Washington by river workers. 
05/26/1917 Dock Strikers Deadlocked (S) Buffalo NY Buffalo police raid IWW hall and arrest 46 workers during a meeting.
05/26/1917 Death Penalty for an I.W.W. (S) Stockton CA Worker convicted of killing a police officer and sentenced to death. The worker was under arrest at the time of the shooting and maintained his innocence.
5/31/1917 Union Organizer Murdered (IW) Riverside OR An organizer for the Sheep Shearer's Union in Riverside, Oregon, has been shot and killed by a sheep owner. Mr. George W. Shoemaker and other shearers went on a strike for a raise in wages. When attempting to negotiate the raise, Shoemaker was shot by the sheep owner three times. 
06/02/1917 Macaroni Workers' Strike Called Off. (S) Chicago IL IWW strike called off due to AFL interference.
06/02/1917 Strike Situation Unchanged (S) Buffalo NY Thirty-six of those arrested in the IWW hall raid released from jail after pleading not guilty and demanding a jury trial.
06/02/1917 Special Wire from Buffalo (S) Buffalo NY The remained IWW members arrested in the raid released.
06/02/1917 "Union" Conscription in Arizona (S) Morenci AZ Two IWW organizers arrested without charge and released after five days on the grounds that they join the Western Federation of Miners.
06/02/1917 I.W.W. Teamsters Strike in Atkins, Iowa. (S) Atkins IA Fifty IWW won a strike for higher wages and better conditions.
06/02/1917 None (S) Pittsburgh PA Fifteen Wobblies arrested on charges of conspiracy against the US and released.
6/5/1917 Arizona Miners Win Their Demands (IW) Jerome AZ Mine workers in Jerome, Arizona have won a strike for an increase in wages.
6/7/1917 The I.W.W. in Arizona (S) Swansea AZ Miners went on strike for the "Miami scale."
6/8/1917 Log Drivers Fighting Hard (S) Whitefish MT Military men raided the IWW hall and arrested their secretary without charge.
6/9/1917 Another Great Victory!  (IW) Monroe WA Striking IWW members and workers at a logging camp in the Monroe area have succeeded in their demands for better living conditions and the right to organize. 
06/09/1917 I.W.W. Wins in Jerome, Arizona (S) Jerome AZ Striking miners won their demands of wage increases, the abolition of the contract system, sliding scale, and hospital fees, and fair treatment for unionized workers.
06/09/1917 Federal Secret Police Make Raid (S) Detroit MN Under the auspices of a secret service agent, the Detroit IWW was raided. Their literature and records were seized and destroyed and two members arrested.
6/9/1917 Kansas City Hall Again Raided (S) Kansas City MO Soldiers raided the IWW hall, destroyed the interior, and injured a worker so severely he was sent to the hospital.
6/9/1917 The I.W.W. in Arizona (S) Mayer AZ Miners went on strike for the "Miami scale [and] recognition of the grievance committee." The strike was one the next day.
6/12/1917 Industrial Revolt In Butte (IW) Butte MT Miners in Butte, Montana have gone on strike for the right to assemble and organize. Over five mines have closed down.
6/16/1917 Results Organization In The Lumber Industry (IW) St. Maries MT River workers on the St. Maries river in Montana have won a strike for a $5 wage for eight hours. They have begun to organize a fund for other striking river workers nearby. 
6/16/1917 Methods In Conviction Of Shoon By Courts (IW) Stockton CA The Shoon case continues. Joe Shoon, wrongly convicted of the murder of a police officer. The jury is composed of a variety of people who have agreed to convict on circumstantial evidence. The evidence is poorly pieced together and there are many gaps in the story. 
6/16/1917 Soldiers and Sailors Attack IWW Hall (IW) Seattle WA After inflammatory articles by the Seattle PI and the Seattle Times were published, sailors and soldiers attacked the Seattle IWW Hall. IWW members had some prior knowledge of the raid, and were prepared, even notifying the police force and mayor prior to the attack. One shot was fired, though it is unclear from which side, and fifty-one IWW men were arrested. By the next day, all but ten had been released.  
6/16/1917 Another Lumber Strike (IW) Sand Point ID One hundred and thirty lumber workers in Sand Point, Idaho, have gone on strike for better food and board. 
06/16/1917 Many I.W.W.'s Arrested in Rockford (S) Rockford IL 138, about half IWW members, arrested during an anti-registration demonstration.
06/16/1917 Big Strike in Butte, Montana (S) Butte MT Butte's five largest mines shut down by a strike in protest of low wages, long hours, and the unsafe conditions that lead to over 100 deaths.
6/16/1917 Try to Raid I.W.W. Hall in Seattle (S) Seattle WA Military men attempted to raid the IWW hall, leading to 51 arrests on open chargers and the injury of one soldier.
6/23/1917 Real Solidarity Being Displayed By Workers (IW) Cle Elum WA Lumber workers have gone on strike at the camps of Cascade Lumber Company near Cle Elum, Washington. Strikers are demanding an eight hour day for the same wages as they had been working ten hour days for. They also demand better food and housing. 
06/23/1917 I.W.W.'s Arrested in Pennsylvania (S) Scranton PA Two IWW members arrested for unlawful assembly.
6/23/1917 I.W.W.'s Arrested in Duluth (S) Duluth MN Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, prominent IWW speaker, and 9 other IWW members arrested in a raid on their hall. They were charged with being in violation of the state's ban on "unpatriotic agitation."
6/25/1917 Big Lumber Strike Is Spreading (IW) St. Maries ID Influenced by similar strikes in Northern Idaho, Montana, and Eastern Washington, lumber workers near St. Maries, Idaho, have gone on strike for better working conditions and to protest unfair charges. 
6/26/1917 Lavine Released (S) Portland OR Lavie, charged of shooting a brakemen, scheduled to be released from jail.
6/26/1917 Strike to Win! (S) Bisbee, Globe, Miami, Jerome AZ Over 25000 miners went on strike in support of the striking miners in Butte.
6/26/1917 In the Can. (S) Elkader IA IWW member arrested for vagrancy.
6/28/1917 Status of Shoon Case (IW) Stockton CA Update on the Shoon case: Shoon is currently residing in Folsom Prison, does not want to return to the Stockton jail where he was starved. The death sentence has been passed on him, though attorneys are working to improve his prospects. 
6/30/1917 Reasons For Revolt Of Butte's Workers (IW) Butte MT Miners in Butte, Montana have gone on strike to protest a number of issues, including extremely poor working conditions, unsafe practices, ill-treatment, and low wages. Several unions are on site, and all are participating. 
6/30/1917 Win Victories In Lewiston, Idaho (IW) Lewiston ID Fruit pickers near Lewiston, Idaho have achieved success in their demands for an eight hour day with wages of $3/day. IWW spirit is strong. 
06/30/1917 General Strike of Lumber Workers in Full Swing (S) Various MT, ID, WA General strike of miners begun in Idaho and spread to the neighboring regions. The strike demanded better food, shorter hours, and the right to organize.
06/30/1917 12,000 Butte Miners on Strike (S) Butte MT 12000 miners went on strike for the abolition of the "rustling card" system, respect for Montana mining laws, removal of the State Mine Inspector, the right to free speech and organization, the abolition of black lists, and higher wages.
06/30/1917 The Raid that Failed (S) Seattle WA Wobblies arrested in the raid of their two weeks earlier released.
6/30/1917 Lumber Workers' Progress (IW) Fontine MT The strike on the Fontine River and other surrounding rivers continues with success. Although some men have been arrested in the picketing efforts, the force remains strong. A strike has already been won at Homestead Creek, where increased wages for a five-hour day have been achieved. 
7/1/1917 "Jayhawker" Justice (S) Turon KS Depot agent shot AWO delegate without provocation. Two IWW members arrested in the incident, one for disturbing the peace and the there for assault and battery.
7/2/1917 Shut-Down in Arizona Complete (S) Bisbee, Globe, Miami, Jerome AZ The miners' strike halt production in nearly all mines and smelters in Arizona.
7/3/1917 Hall Raided in Bend, Ore. (S) Bend OR Men raided the IWW hall and removed all materials. One Wobbly charged with extortion. He was released upon trial.
7/6/1917 Case Against Francik Dismissed (S) Kansas City MO IWW member arrested during the raid on their hall dismissed upon appeal.
7/7/1917 General Strike In Woods And Mines (IW) MT, ID, WA, AZ An enormous general strike involving over 15,000 workers is taking place across Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona, as lumberjacks and mineworkers come together for their rights. Demand highlights include 1) an eight hour day with a minimum $3 wage, 2) Time and a half for overtime and double time on Sundays/holidays, 3) Improved food and cleanliness standards, 4) Improved sleeping conditions, and 5) no discrimination against workers for attempting to better their conditions.
7/7/1917 Power Strikes With Smelter-Men (IW) Salt Lake City UT Smelters near Salt Lake City, Utah, have struck for better wages. 
7/7/1917 The Miner's Strike Wins New Strength (IW) Bisbee AZ Copper miners near Bisbee, Arizona have won a strike for better working conditions. No violence took place, making it difficult for bosses to shut down the strike. 
07/07/1917 Butte Strike Ties Up Mines (S) Butte MT The Butte miners' strike reached 15000 participants. Electricians, blacksmiths, and boilermakers joined the strike in solidarity.
7/9/1917 N. Yakima Holding the Fort (S) Yakima WA IWW hall closed and almost 100 jailed without charge.
7/10/1917 Lumberworkers Standing Firm (IW) MT, ID, WA The general lumber strike across Montana, Idaho, and Washington continues. 
7/12/1917 The Iron Heel At Work (S) Bisbee AZ 2000 strikers and strike sympathizers deported in crowded cattle cars and left for 36 hours without food or water.
7/14/1917 Strike At Pasco (IW) Pasco WA A variety of workers near Pasco, Washington have gone on strike for increased wages. These are not IWW men. 
07/14/1917 Arizona Strike Developing Rapidly (S) Jerome AZ 200 striking miners deported from Jerome.
07/14/1917 News from Agricultural Workers' Industrial Union (S) Unspecified CO Coal miners formally declared strike.
07/14/1917 Sioux City Preparing for I.W.W. "Invasion" (S) Sioux City IA Anti-IWW vigilante group Sioux City Civilian Unit created  in anticipation of the coming IWW members.
07/14/1917 117 Rockford Rebels Sentenced (S) Rockford IL 117 of the 136 (about half of whom IWW members) arrested in an anti-registration demonstration sentenced to non-registration or vagrancy. Their sentenced ranged from 30 days in jail to a year and a day of hard labor, the maximum sentence.
07/14/1917 Milwaukee Rebel Thrown in Jail. (S) Milwaukee WI Worker arrested on charged of being an active member of the IWW.
7/18/1917 Oil Workers Win at El Dorado, Kansas (S) El Dorado KS IWW oil workers won strike that demanded a wage increase of 50 cents per day.
7/20/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Sandpoint ID At the alleged request of the governor, IWW member arrested.
07/21/1917 Find No German Aid of I.W.W. (S) Washington, D.C.   Investigation found no evidence of German monetary support of the IWW.
07/21/1917 More Thuggery (S) Bisbee AZ 30 unionized workers deported from Bisbee for their involvement in the copper strike.
07/21/1917 General Strike of Lumber Workers (S) Seattle WA Lumber Workers Industrial Union 500 announced general strike. 
07/21/1917 News from Marine Transport Workers' Union Number 200 of the Great Lakes (S) Niagara Falls NY Organized Manuel "Ray" (Rey) arrested for agitation.
07/21/1917 Another Raid in Kansas City (S) Kansas City MO Other publications reported another raid on the Kansas City IWW hall.
07/21/1917 News from Duluth (S) Duluth MN Mine owners begun to deport all IWW members.
07/21/1917 Duluth Cases Being Tried (S) Duluth MN IWW members charged of vagrancy went on trial and faced horrible conditions in jail, including lack of edible food.
7/21/1917 Notes from Bemidji, MN (S) Bemidji MN Four IWWs accused of burning down a sawmill and arrested. The IWW claimed it was burned by the company to collect insurance. Shortly after, three released and one held for "Displaying Literature Advocating Sabotage."
7/21/1917 Deported Miners Standing Firm (S) Columbus NM The 1100 miners removed from Bisbee and shipped to New Mexico released. However, they refused to leave unless they could return to their families in Bisbee.
7/22/1917 I.W.W. Ice Men Strike in Fargo, N.D. (S) Fargo ND Ice workers strike for the ten hour day, weekly pay periods at $20 per week, overtime pay, and exclusive employment for IWW members.
7/22/1917 I.W.W.'s Arrested in Bemidji, Minn. (S) Bemidji MN 3 IWW members arrested during a raid on their hall.
7/23/1917 "Democracy" in Aberdeen (S) Aberdeen SD Fifty IWWs arrested without charge. Thirty-five taken outside town and beaten. Their hall was raided and their property destroyed. In all, 250 reported to have been arrested or harassed.
7/24/1917 Lumber Strike Still Spreading (IW) Aberdeen WA The lumber strike in Montana, Idaho, and Washington continues to spread, reportedly from the Pacific Ocean to North Dakota. Little violence has occurred. 
7/28/1917 An Economic Problem (IW) Opinion piece: An anonymous author has written a piece, entitled "An Economic Problem", about growing dissension regarding black workers immigrating from the South to the North. Southern bosses discourage the movement of working class African Americans to the North, because they represent cheap labor. 
7/28/1917 Eight Hour Day (IW) Opinion piece: An anonymous author has written a piece on the eight hour day and its importance, specifically within the lumber industry. In light of the recent lumber strike across multiple states, the author calls for a realization of the significance of the eight-hour day. The author highlights the rising price of lumber and the falling cost to produce it. Wages for lumberjacks and other workers have stagnated. 
07/28/1917 Put Fairfield, Iowa, on the Map (S) Fairfield IA Sheriff threatened to expel all IWW delegated found in the town.
07/28/1917 San Antonia, Too! (S) San Antonio TX Local police raided IWW hall and arrested workers on charges of "complting against the U.S.A."
07/28/1917 Barbosky Freed (S) Detroit MI IWW member held for seven weeks on charges of conspiracy released on bail.
07/28/1917 "Vag" Ordinance Nullified (S) Duluth MN 16 Wobblies tried for vagrancy released after the ordinance they violated was considered unconstitutional.
7/30/1917 Oregon Joins Big Lumber Strike (IW) OR Lumber workers in Oregon have joined the massive lumber strike spreading from North Dakota to the coast. Lumber jacks and mill workers alike have joined the strike under the IWW banner. The article includes multiple updates on other strike happenings, including one comical situation where lumber bosses attempted to do the work of their erstwhile laborers. 
7/30/1917 Baldazzi Arrested (S) Brooklyn NY IWW member arrested on charges of advocating property destruction.
7/30/1917 "Suppress the I.W.W." (S) Spokane WA Twenty citizens in a city council meeting requested the government take action against the IWW. The request was shot down after being considered ineffective to curbing the IWW.
8/1/1917 Aberdeen Ship Yards Out Solid (IW) Aberdeen WA Due to the effects of the massive lumber strike, ship yards in Aberdeen, Washington have shut down.
8/1/1917 Frank Little Lynched in Butte (S) Butte MT An armed and masked group kidnapped organizer Frank Little and hanged him on a railroad trestle.
8/1/1917 Tulsa Wob Pinched for "Unpatriotic" Speech (S) Tulsa OK Dual card holder arrested after a speech at an AFL meeting in which he refused to purchase a flag for Labor Day. The AFL subsequently revoked his card.
8/3/1917 Butte Copper Strike Leads To Barbarous Murder (IW) Butte MT Frank Little, a striking copper worker in Butte, Montana, has been murdered because of his IWW affiliation. Killed stealthily at night by five masked invaders, Little was found with a coded note pinned to his clothing, stating, "Others take notice. First and last warning."
8/3/1917 Oil Workers Win at Gypsy Camp/ (S) Drumright OK 25 Wobblies and 75 others went on strike for a 50 cent per day wage increase and improved conditions. Their demands met in three hours.
08/04/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Sandpoint ID Sheriff stepped down after refusing to expel all IWW members from the town.
08/04/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Sandpoint ID IWW hall closed.
08/04/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Unspecified Unspecified Gray's Harbor Lumber Co. sued 24 IWW members for striking without notice.
08/04/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Various Various General strike of Lumber Workers' Industrial Union No. 500 remained strong with participants in the tens of thousands across the West.
08/04/1917 General Strike in Michigan Iron Mines (S) Virginia MN Iron miners declared general strike. Not specified as an IWW action.
08/04/1917 Solidarity Asserts Itself (S) Index WA At least 13 IWW members arrested in relation to the lumber strike. They were released after one and half days.
08/04/1917 "Comical Clubs" Use Rough Stuff in Aberdeen, S.D. (S) Aberdeen SD Law enforcement begun to inspect all trains for IWW riders and, if found, beat them.
08/04/1917 Rockford I.W.W.'s Want Change of Venue (S) Chicago IL Three IWW members on trial for conspiracy requested a change of venue to avoid trial by infamously anti-IWW judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.
8/8/1917 Little Murder Result Long Series Assaults (IW) Butte MT The hanging of Frank Little has had a great effect on working culture in Butte, Montana. The noted labor leader was murdered in secret by "masked vigilantes". Workers have gone on strike to protest, while others have spoken out against it publicly. The identities of the murderers are believed to be known. 
8/8/1917 Starving Prisoners (IW) Ellensburg WA About one hundred IWW members have been jailed in Washington on charges of "being IWW's". Food is scarce and poor, and many are sick. 
8/10/1917 Oakland Hall Raided (S) Oakland CA Mob raided IWW hall and burned all dues books and furniture.
08/11/1917 Mrs. Rena Mooney Acquitted (S) San Francisco CA Rena Mooney, wife of Tom Mooney who was convicted in relation to a bomb plot and sentenced to death, acquitted of murder.
08/11/1917 Strike Bulletin (S) Various WA General lumber strike remained strong.
08/11/1917 The Hand of the "Law" (S) Duluth MN Two IWW member received sentences of 18 months in prison.
08/11/1917 I.W.W. Papers Stopped (S) Unspecified Unspecified Hungarian IWW paper Uj Tarsadalom and Italian IWW paper Il Proletario deemed unmailable by the USPS.
08/18/1917 Frank Little's Funeral (S) Butte MT Nearly 7000 people attended Frank Little's funeral.
08/18/1917 Butte Situation Unchanged (S) Butte MT Mines remained unproductive due to the massive strike.
08/18/1917 Another Deportation (S) Bemidji MN Four IWW members deported after attempting to punish those in charge of the mass deportation a month earlier.
08/18/1917 A So. Dakota Sapping with "Reverse English" (S) Groton SD IWW member beaten and robbed by vigilantes.
8/18/1917 Hall Raided in Duluth (S) Duluth MN One hundred soldiers raided the IWW hall and burned all records.
8/19/1917 Protest! (S) Various Various Protests in response to the lynching of Frank Little scheduled for August 19th.
8/20/1917 Release Our Men! (S) Various Northwestern states General lumber strike announced their demand for the release of "class war prisoners."
08/25/1917 Kelly in the "Can" (S) Montesano WA IWW member charged with inciting a riot, unlawful assemblage, contempt of court, and violation of an injunction. 
9/1/1917 "Business is Good; Kill the IWW!" (IW) Opinion piece: several excerpts from the newsletter of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles have been published on the topic of the IWW. The excerpts imply that the murder of Frank Little was an act of justice, and that similar violence toward members of the IWW is what American citizens must resort to if the law is not sufficient to stop the IWW. 
9/1/1917 Realization of Power Great Result of Big Lumber Strike (IW) Spokane WA The eleventh week of the lumber strike has begun as lumber men and other workers realize the power they hold, especially as a studied, organized force. "Scabs" are being turned away in the mills, as there is little lumber to process. 
09/01/1917 Jailed for Labor! (S) Spokane, Pasco WA Forty IWW members arrested in relation to the general lumber strike.
09/01/1917 Bisbee Parasites Desperate (S) Columbus NM IWW deportees from Bisbee continued to stay in civilian camp.
9/5/1917 Metal and Coal Miners Show Growing Industrial Unrest (IW) Shasta CA Metal and coal miners in the Shasta, California area have come together to strike and create conversation surrounding their treatment as workers. Members of the United Mine Workers have published a list of resolutions regarding their employment and unity. Multiple mines are closed because of strike activity. 
9/5/1917 Halls and Newspapers Raided (IW) Seattle WA The halls, offices, and newspaper rooms of the IWW across the US have been raided by federal marshals assisted by the local police forces. According to the policemen, the forces were searching for seditious material. Papers, typewriters, and other office supplies were seized. Some suspect this was an action to suppress the IWW effort.
9/5/1917 The Raid in Seattle (S) Seattle WA Office of Lumber Workers' Industrial Union No. 500 raided and all files seized. No arrests were made.
9/15/1917 Seattle Shipbuilders Strike; Refuse Handle Scab Lumber (IW) Seattle WA The lumber strike continues with many effects apparent. Two ship building companies in Seattle have agreed to only purchase lumber from mills that have granted eight hour days. 
9/15/1917 Haywood's Story of Raids Headquarters and Papers (IW) Chicago IL An update on the raid in Chicago- News from the Chicago headquarters of the IWW state that "business is going as usual", and that all IWW publications are available to buy, as before. The author states that the IWW has nothing to hide in its records. 
9/19/1917 Is There a Negro Problem? (IW) Opinion piece- the editor addresses black workers and the IWW. The writer claims that there is no "Negro Problem", that the IWW fully supports and welcomes black workers into the association. The piece also criticizes the actions of the AFL, claiming that they exclude black workers from craft unionism by discouraging them from learning a trade, and then calling them "scabs" when they attempt to take what employment they can get. 
09/22/1917 N.W. Camp Broken Up (S) Columbus NM Rations stopped and formerly striking miners left the camp. Some tried to returned to Bisbee and were promptly arrested. 150 Mexican workers return to Mexico and were welcomed by the government.
09/22/1917 The Raid on '800' (S) Salt Lake City UT M.M.W.I.U 800, formerly based in Arizona, raided and all records seized.
9/29/1917 None (S) Denver CO Secretary of the Denver Recruiting Union arrested.
9/30/1917 Convicted as Criminal Syndicalist (IW) Bemidji MN Jess Dunning, secretary of the Bemidji IWW, was charged with "criminal syndicalism" and determined to serve two years in the penitentiary.
9/30/1917 None (S) Tulsa OK Branch secretary arrested after an IWW meeting after indictment by the Chicago Grand Jury.
10/1/1917 Strike in Louisiana (IW) Lake Charles LA 1700 men working at the US Aviation Camp went on strike, demanding 60 cents an hour and an 8 hour day.
10/2/1917 Wholesale Jailing of "Leaders" Causes Wave of Resentment But Fails to Quell Organization Activities (IW) Chicago IL The Federal Grand Jury has indicted 266 IWW members across the country, and 240 of those have already been arrested. They have been charged with "striking".
10/3/1917 Defense is Needed for Imprisoned Men (IW) Fresno CA Fifteen men were arrested and charged with "conspiracy and sedition". These charges are refuted in a later October 6 article.
10/3/1917 Boston Freight Handlers Strike (IW) Boston MA More than 1000 dock freight handlers went on strike today, demanding an advance in wages and an 8 hour day instead of 9.
10/3/1917 Slavery at Irondale, Wash (IW) Irondale WA Workers at a steel plant briefly went on strike over unfair treatment and hours. They went back to work pending a settlement, but the strike committee and two members of the IWW were immediately fired.
10/3/1917 Making Woods Safe for Job Democracy (IW) WA, MT Workers in logging camps in multiple locations report events including quitting en masse, strikes, etc.
10/3/1917 Stimson Mill Sues Shingle Weavers (IW) Seattle WA The A.F. of L. shingle weavers and timber workers are being sued for 50,000 dollars by the Stimson Mill Company for damaged alleged to have been sustained by picketing the struck plant.
10/3/1917 Copper Kings Fail to Break Strike (IW) Butte MT A four month long miners' strike endures, and it seems that victory is close to hand.
10/4/1917 Omaha Forms a Defense League (S) Omaha NE Labor Defense League formed in support of those held in jail across the country.
10/6/1917 Seattle Shipyards Tied Up (IW) Seattle WA Ten thousand shipyard workers went on strike at 10 am demanding raises averaging between 15 and 33 cents an hour. Seven thousand are on strike in Portland, OR, and a similar but smaller strike occurred in San Francisco.
10/6/1917 IWW Murdered in Butte (IW) Butte MT Verner Nelson was shot and killed by a man named Savichewich.
10/13/1917 Eight Hour Strike on Job Spreads/Still After Eight Hours (IW) A series of blurbs describes the increasing support of the Eight Hour Work day
10/13/1917 Revising Her Down to Date (IW) Chicago IL William D. Haywood, nation secretary of the IWW, is detained at the federal prison with $25,000 bail.
10/13/1917 Sloan's Camps Tied Up (IW) Seattle WA Two construction camps run by Sloan Brothers are largely shut down after more than 80 men quit.
10/13/1917 Names of those arrested to-date (S) Various Various This article lists over 75 IWW members incarcerated at the time of publication. Notable figures include Ralph Chaplin, William D. Haywood, Rangner Johannsen, Samuel Scarlett, J.A. McDonald, and Herbert Mahler.
10/13/1917 Story of Fresno Arrests (S) Fresno CA Fourteen IWW members arrested on charges of sedition.
10/15/1917 A.W.I.U. Convention (S) Unspecified Unspecified Agricultural Workers' Industrial Union No. 400 held a convention to vote for new officers and for support of "class war prisoners."
10/17/1917 Copper Miners Strike in Portola (IW) Portola CA A strike was declared at Walker Mining Company when most of the workers walked out over poor working conditions.
10/22/1917 No Justice for IWW (IW) Chicago IL 166 indictments have been returned against members and officers of the IWW by the Federal Grand Jury.
10/26/1917 Phone Employees to Arbitrate (IW) Seattle WA Every girl in the Seattle telephone exchanges walked out at Midnight on Friday, but returned a few hours later when promised that their demands would be sorted in a few days' time.
10/27/1917 Out After Three Months (S) Moscow ID Eighteen IWW members released after being held for three months. Five still held on charges of criminal syndicalism.
11/3/1917 Trials Denied to Prisoners (IW) Wenatchee WA Thirteen IWW men have been jailed in Wenatchee for over three months without promise of a trial. Ghastly living conditions and abuse by the jailer has caused several of the men to fall seriously ill. 
11/3/1917 Cavalrymen Raid IWW Quarters (IW) Miami AZ Federal agents have raided an IWW office in Arizona, seizing "correspondence, literature, and records". 
11/3/1917 Girls Get Good Ideas (IW) Cashmere WA Female fruit pickers in Washington have begun efforts to obtain an eight hour day and increased wages. 
11/3/1917 Bondsmen Intimidated Men Languish in Jail (IW) Bonds for the 266 IWW men arrested in late September have been refused. The men remain in jail. 
11/10/1917 Timber! Timber! Hours Coming Down (IW) At several lumber sites in the Pacific Northwest, demands of an eight hour day have been met. 
11/10/1917 Men Indicted for Loyalty to Labor (IW) Chicago IL As attorneys work the case, it has become clear that the arrests of the 266 men in late September were made on grounds of IWW involvement in the past few years. 
11/17/1917 Arrest Scores IWW Delegates (IW) Omaha NE Around 200 delegates at an IWW conference in Omaha have been arrested on charges of "sedition". 
11/17/1917 Vigilantes Mob IWW in Oklahoma (IW) Tulsa OK A masked group of fifty people mobbed and abused seventeen IWW members, whipping, then tar and feathering them. 
11/17/1917 No Timber for Unfair Mines (IW) Lumber workers in Montana have walked out on the job after discovering that the lumber they were working on was supplying unfair mines. This was a display of solidarity. 
12/1/1917 Sioux City Forms Ku Klux Klan (IW) Sioux City IA A group, calling themselves the "Knights of Liberty" after the original group in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have formed in Sioux City, Iowa. They openly oppose and wish violence upon IWW members. 
12/1/1917 Tacoma Hall Raid Good Advertisement (IW) Tacoma WA A raid of the IWW Tacoma office took place on November 23rd. Acting on fabricated information that the office was distributing liquor, police raided the room, seizing documents and arresting none. 
12/1/1917 Butte Miners Holding the Fort (IW) Butte MT Copper miners in Butte, Montana, continue to strike after 22 weeks. Around 20,000 miners are actively striking daily. 
12/1/1917 Attorney Fred Moore Missing (IW) Fred Moore, long time attorney for the IWW and chief counsel in the Everett trials has been missing for two months. IWW members suspect foul play or kidnapping. 
12/8/1917 All IWW Prisoners Released at St. Maries, Idaho (IW) Spokane WA All IWW members imprisoned in Idaho have been released. The IWW is hopeful that this signals the collapse of "criminal syndicalist" charges. 
12/15/1917 Northwest Lumberjacks Win Eight-Hour Day (IW) IWW members predict a universal eight-hour day for lumberworkers in the Pacific Northwest. After a year of hard striking, this would be a welcome reward 
12/15/1917 Federal Authorities Don't Want Prisoner (IW) Seattle WA In a form of protest over the recent wave of arrests, several IWW men have approached police requesting to be arrested due to their IWW membership. The officers turned them away. 
12/15/1917 Situation Serious in Fresno (IW) Fresno CA The federal indictments of late September seem to be shaping up quite seriously in Fresno. It is very likely that anti-IWW policies will be written into law, threatening the safety of IWW members across the country. 
12/22/1917 General Headquarters is Scene of Raid (IW) Chicago IL The national headquarters of the IWW was raided by local police. No men were arrested. 105 men indicted in the late September arrests have pleaded "not guilty" to charges. Some face hanging. 
12/29/1917 Defense and Worker Office Raided (IW) Seattle WA Several IWW offices and associated offices were raided by Seattle police under the guidance of new chief Joel Warren.