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Awards & Recognition 2006

Congratulations to all students who completed a PhotoEssay entry in 2006. Below you will find the finalist entries for PhotoEssay.

PhotoEssay 2006

Media Quest 2006

TRIO ThinkQuest 2006

We ask viewers to remember that students created these entries as an activity in their TRIO Program and that the information and views expressed are those of the students.


PhotoEssay Finalists

Best of Contest, Secondary

 The World of a Butterfly PhotoEssay

Best of Contest, PhotoEssay (Tie)

"The World of a Butterfly" by Christy-Rose
Upward Bound Math/Science,
Leeward Community College, HI

 What do you See?  PhotoEssay

Best of Contest, PhotoEssay (Tie)

"What do you See?" by Jessica
Upward Bound,
Wesleyan University, CT

 Butterfly Photoessay

Best of Contest, Poetry

"Butterfly" by Asia
Upward Bound, California State University, Chico, CA

Best of Contest, Postsecondary

 Ribbons for Magnolia PhotoEssay

Best Post Secondary, Short Story

"Ribbons for Magnolia" by Suzanah
Ronald E. McNair Program, University of Alabama, AL

 Ribbons for Magnolia PhotoEssay

Best Post Secondary, PhotoEssay

"Catching the Big One" by Jim
UB Bridge, University of Washington, WA

Best of Contest, Middle School

 I See Today PhotoEssay

Best Middle School, PhotoEssay

"The World I See Today" by Imani
Educational Talent Search, Harlem Center for Education, NY

 The Orange and Its Peel PhotoEssay

Best Middle School, Poetry

"The Orange and its Peel" by Gabrielle
Upward Bound Freshman, Marquette University, WI

 Once Upon a Dream PhotoEssay

Best Middle School, Short Story

"Once Upon a Dream" by Kylee
Upward Bound Freshman, Southwest Virginia Community College, VA

Gold Awards

 Oceans of My Heart PhotoEssay

Gold Award, Poetry

"The Oceans of My Heart" by Marcel
Upward Bound, Portland State University

Silver Awards

 Veil of Ignorance PhotoEssay

Silver Award, PhotoEssay

"Veil of Ignorance" by Shardae
Upward Bound, Wesleyan University, CT

 Waterfall PhotoEssay

Silver Award, Poetry

"Waterfall" by Rebecca
Upward Bound Math/Science, California State University, Chico, CA

Bronze Awards

 Sweetheart Rock PhotoEssay

Bronze Award, Photoessay

"Sweetheart Rock" by Constantine
Upward Bound, Maui Community College, HI

 My Shades of Brown PhotoEssay

Bronze Award, Poetry

"My Shades of Brown" by Justen
Educational Talent Search, York Technical College, SC