Victoria Meadows Awarded 2018 Drake Award

On June 14, at a ceremony at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA, Prof. Victoria Meadows was awarded the 2018 Frank Drake Award for her contributions to the field of astrobiology and the understanding of life in the Universe!

“The SETI Institute’s prestigious award is named for Dr. Frank Drake, the pioneering astronomer who founded the modern field of experimental searches for intelligent civilizations among the stars, and the first President of the SETI Institute’s Board of Trustees. Previous winners of the Drake Award include Charles Townes, a Nobel Prize winner for his work on developing masers and lasers, and William Borucki, the Principal Investigator for NASA’s Kepler mission, which has discovered thousands of exoplanets, including many with the possibility of sustaining life. Meadows will be the first woman to receive the Drake Award.”

Read the UW Press Release Here or the feature in Quanta Magazine