The UW Autism Center is happy to provide resources that increase understanding of neurodiversity. We value inclusion of a range of voices. We do not necessarily endorse all of the content on all of these websites, but we have found these resources to be useful.

Early Recognition

9-minute video tutorial on behavioral signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in toddlers. 
It includes video clips of specific behaviors indicative of either ASD or typical child development.  If you have concerns about your infant/toddler after viewing this tutorial, we encourage you to contact your child’s Primary Care Provider to discuss a referral for our infant-toddler clinic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
View or download a variety of materials from the “Learn the signs. Act early.” campaign.

First Signs
Resources for early detection of ASD.

Help Me Grow Washington connects families to the health and development resources needed to give ALL kids the best start.

Special Education referrals In order to meet its “child find” obligations, your district will have procedures in place to locate, identify, and evaluate students between the ages of 3 and 21 who are suspected of having a disability and may be eligible for special education and related services.

Child Find Schools Have a Legal Duty to Evaluate Children Impacted by Disability