Community Engagement

The UW Autism Center works to increase knowledge and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities among professionals and the public. It aims to promote detection of ASD, inform the community of effective intervention and life-span support, and to learn from community partners to increase the availability of innovative, effective, and supportive programs for individuals with ASD and their families.

Check out some of our community engagement projects:

  • UWAC Autism Stories
  • Museum of Special Art
  • Community Events: The UW Autism Center participates in many community events including the Autism Speaks Walk, Seattle Symphony Sensory Friendly Concert Series, Lewis County Autism Coalition Conference, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Seattle Mariners Autism Speaks Event, Run 2 Pieces, Infant and Early Childhood Conference, Tee It Up Fore Autism, and the UW Autism Center Open House.  Come by and see us!
  • Community Engagement Materials: The UW Autism Center develops materials such as newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, and guides that serve to increase acceptance of ASD and communicate about the work of the UW Autism Center.
  • Website and Toll Free Number: The UW Autism Center maintains a website and a toll-free information and resource line (1-877-408-8922).

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