Work With Us!  Opportunities include:

Program Navigator (Patient Services Specialist 2)

The Patient Navigator will provide administrative support for clinical services at the UW Autism Center (UWAC) in Seattle and Tacoma. This position is primarily responsible for scheduling UWAC clients, and serving as a liaison between clinicians, clients, insurance companies and the UWAC billing team.  The efforts of this position will be to provide assistance to families navigating UWAC clinical services in Seattle and Tacoma.

Psychotherapist (50%-100% FTE)

The Psychotherapist will conduct individual and family therapy with children, adults, and families affected by ASD. This therapy should utilize cognitive behavioral (CBT) strategies for helping individuals build skills. Depending on expertise, this person may support families post-diagnosis with accessing resources and support in the community. This individual may work with families in our sleep clinic using assessment and treatment methodology for this unique area of need. This includes teaching parents about behavioral sleep hygiene and strategies.

Behavior Technician (Hourly/Temporary)

This individual will work amongst a team of professionals, including licensed psychologists, speech-language pathologists, board certified behavior analysts, medical professionals, faculty, graduate students, and pre- and post-doctoral fellows.  This position will provide clinical services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders, providing/Implementing direct interventions to children with ASD using principles of applied behavior analysis.


The psychologist in this position will conduct diagnostic evaluations primarily with children under 3 using a collaborative model that incorporates input and participation of birth to three providers.  The Psychologist may also conduct diagnostic autism evaluations with individuals of all ages (e.g., infancy through adulthood). The incumbent to this position will administer a standardized battery of tests to assess development and ASD symptoms. In addition, to clinical services, the psychologist will offer professional development and consultation to community providers and school districts organized by the UWAC’s Training and Consultation Team.

Or see the UW Human Resources Department to check for additional posted opportunities.