CF Research Translation Center

University of Washington
815 Mercer Bldg, Rm S324
UW Center for Lung Biology,
Box 358052
Seattle, WA 98109

Host Response Core Services

The Host Response Core (HRC) is located within the Histology and Imaging Core (HIC) at the South Lake Union (SLU) campus of the University of Washington School of Medicine. The HRC provides access to state-of-the-art imaging facilities and technical assistance for histopathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), imaging and quantitative morphological analysis to support cystic fibrosis (CF) related research. In addition, the HRC provides training in comparative pathology, immunohistochemistry, imaging and image analysis through seminars and hands on workshops and courses.  The HRC will also assist users with gaining access to The Cell Analysis Facility in the Department of Immunology at UW-SLU for research requiring flow cytometry.  For CFTRC investigators who are submitting a project to the HRC for the first time, please contact the Core Director, Dr. Charles Frevert, to discuss your research goals and requirements. If you have any questions regarding procedures for submission of your sample or the services provided, please contact Brian Johnson, Manager of the Histology and Imaging Core.

The scientific focus of the HRC is to obtain information on relevant parameters of the host response that is unique to CF using a variety of in vivo and in vitro imaging, analytical and functional endpoints.  Among the endpoints and tools the Core’s services will allow include:

  • Special stains, immunohistochemistry, imaging and image analysis to provide spatial and quantitative data for proteins, cells and bacteria in tissues.
  • Quantification of chemokines, cytokines, and other factors with ELISA and multiplex assays.
  • Leukocyte cell counts and differentials in tissue and fluid samples.
  • Live-cell imaging approaches and morphometric analyses.
  • Cytometric assays to quantify, isolate, and phenotype specific cell types.
  • Assays on leukocyte function and activation status.


Supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIDDK P30 DK 89507). Please reference this grant number on all publications resulting from support provided by this Core Center grant.