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2015 Issue – Editors’ Note

“[I]n the account given of our contemporary circumstances, I resented seeing Nature and History confused at every turn, and I wanted to track down … the ideological abuse which, in my view, is hidden there …. But I was already certain of a fact from which I later tried to draw all the consequences: myth is a language.” – Roland Barthes, Mythologies, 1957

Welcome to Neither Here Nor There, a yearly anthology of narrations of study abroad experiences.

We selected the theme of “Mythologies” for our first journal. Mythology is powerful. The residual traces of myths are found everywhere in the world, shaping our belief systems, beginning with our family, culture, and religion, but branching out as we travel and have new experiences. Myths tell the story of how we got here and what matters, how others have made the passage and how we can make the passage. Sometimes these myths are cherished, and other times they are challenged and reshaped.

The works in this volume were contributed and edited by the students in the CHID 498 class during Winter Quarter of 2015 as well as others from across campus. We hope you will enjoy this collection of narratives and images about the self-discovery that happens when we experience life and learning away from home.

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