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Part 2: Disorientation

Disorientation occurs when we lose our bearings, but it allows us to rethink our usual orientation to the world. How we reorient ourselves gives us a new sense of how things should be.

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land by Geoff Lloyd
  2. Questions I’ll Never Be Able to Answer by Ali Rosen
  3. I’m a Barbie Girl, Torn Between Two Worlds by Alyssa Taylor
  4. Beyond the Plate by Layna Elder
  5. Moroccan Opus: III. Dissonance (Ifrane/Fes) by Emily Aoki Yamashita
  6. They were. And then they weren’t by Megan Cordell
  7. Basking in the Basque by Delaney Harris
  8. first stroke by Ananya Garg
  9. Pasa by John Peterson


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