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Re-Thinking Study Abroad: Black Students Sold on the Experience of White Students

Abstract: When talking about studying abroad, my peers always emphasized easy classes, lots of partying, and traveling on the weekends. So I was surprised that some of these things were harder for me based my skin color. Racism impacted my time as an exchange student in Milan, Italy. The expectations set by some of my friends and others who participated in study abroad programs previously were very different from what I experienced. As one of the few black students on my exchange program, I was exposed to prejudices that locals had towards black people, due to illegal African immigrants entering the country. Looking back on my selection of a study abroad program, I wish I had known more about the issues in the country I was choosing. This led me to wonder: who is responsible for ensuring students are aware of issues that can impact their study abroad experience? I explore this question and offer solutions in my paper.

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