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Moments in Transience

Whenever we’re in motion from one place to another, from point A to point B, we are also somewhere entirely both dependent and independent of those destinations. There is never a time in which we are nowhere; we can never truly be removed from our environment, no matter if we are merely passing through or just there for a moment. During those moments in transit we are constantly collecting experiences and I find that those compiled experiences of transience can be quite meaningful. I had initially planned to stay at the dorms but found myself forced to look for other alternatives when the school informed me they were full. Yet, looking back, despite all of the inconveniences of commuting, I would definitely do it again if given the chance. I feel like I got a greater sense of the immense city that is Seoul and was able to gain a slightly more authentic taste for the ways of life within it. I enjoyed public transportation before then, but I really came to fall in love with it in a new way while in Korea.

Terminal 1/2

딸기 우유

이촌 Station 3-1

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