AMP-AD Knowledge Portal pre AAIC workshop on resources

May 22, 2018

Going to the AAIC in Chicago? AMP-AD Knowledge Portal will be conducting a pre-meeting workshop that will describe approaches to leverage AMP-AD resources through the interactive results explorer, the 'Wall of Targets.' This application, to be launched at the AAIC, aggregates genomic evidence supporting candidate gene and module targets nominated by members of the AMP-AD consortium.

The NIA-supported Accelerating Medicines Partnership - Alzheimer's Disease (AMP-AD) program is a public-private partnership that was designed to accelerate AD target discovery through the application of data-driven systems biology approaches to nominate and validate AD candidate targets. The program is primarily focused on the analysis of genomic data generated from postmortem brain tissue. Data, analytical output, and nominated targets generated through the program are openly available for use by all researchers across the community and are accessible through the AMP-AD Knowledge Portal:

The workshop will be conducted on Saturday July 21 at 2-5 PM. Interested individuals can register by sending a note to




  • Read the summary of Ben Logsdon's presentation on AMP-AD at the ADRC Toward Precision Medicine Symposium. Logsdon is Director of Neurodegenerative Research at Sage Bionetworks at SAGE Bionetworks and leads the network working group of AMP-AD.