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The ADRC Community Newsletter

The ADRC Community Newsletter is a quarterly update from the UW Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) outreach and engagement team. This 4-page newsletter includes team member spotlights, community event recaps, upcoming events, health tips, ADRC research findings, and local resources. This newsletter is available in English or Spanish. This newsletter is produced under the leadership of the ADRC's Dr. Linda Ko, MPH, PhD. For questions or comments, please contact This newsletter comes out in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, by email and/or mail.

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Monthly Newsletter and Dimensions Magazine - UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center

The monthly e-newsletter and Dimensions Magazine connects readers with the latest news in research, clinical care, and community at the UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center, afflliated with the UW Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. The newsletter is produced by the MBWC communications team, under the leadership of MBWC and ADRC Director, Dr. Thomas Grabowski, MD. Questions or submissions, please contact 

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Fall/Winter 2023

In this Issue:

  • Getting to Know: Dr. Michael Rosenbloom, Leader of MBWC Clinical Trials
  • Sleep Doctor Studies Sleep Apnea Treatment for Dementia Prevention
  • Research Findings  &  Alzheimer’s Conference Highlights
  • Crossword Puzzle Brain Workout
  • Caregiver Stories
  • Highlights from the Knight ADRC Conference ‘Enhancing Participation by Minoritized Groups in AD/ADRD Research 
  • Shared Outdoor Adventures for Resilience
  • Remembering Dr. Ka’imi Alohilani Sinclair (1962-2022) 


Spring 2023

In this Issue

  • The Memory Hub: One Year In!
  • Sleep and Dementia Risk
  • Research Highlights: ADRC Discoveries Made Possible By You
  • Finding Beauty in Unlikely Places: The Art of a Neuropathologist
  • The Power of Connection in Dementia Care


Winter/Spring 2022 

In this Issue

  • The Memory Hub Opens
  • Angela Hanson’s Takeaways from AAIC2021
  • New Spanish Language Webpage: 
  • Microglia Cells and Genetic Risk in Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Indigenous Perspectives at the Dementia Friendly-Futures Conference
  • Homespun Comfort: My Fidget Apron Project


Spring 2021

In this Issue

  • Project ECHO Dementia: A web-based virtual learning model for front-line care providers from around WA State
  • Ask About Alzheimer's: A Program for Middle-Schoolers
  • Celebrating Our Community Champions
  • Creating a Culturally Engaging Brain Health Program for Seattle's African American Communities, One Step at a Time


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