AD@UW is a monthly 90-minute lunch-time meeting held 12:00 - 1:30pm on 4th Fridays that is intended to provide a basic understanding of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias as well as research resources available through the UW ADRC.

 FInd AD@UW recorded presentations on the ADRC Research Talks Video Channel

Each month, AD@UW will be focused on a different ADRD topic, and will include training, Q&A, and discussion led by UW ADRC faculty guides. Content will feature selected videos from the online Dementia for Scientists Curriculum published by the Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center. UW Faculty guides will also outline and discuss resources available at the UW ADRC, including biological samples, imaging and clinical data, and faculty expertise.

All meetings this year will be held remotely via Zoom. Please see below for meeting links and talk recordings.


AD@UW Schedule

Blue highlighted presentations are recommended preparation prior to the in-person session.

  Dementia definition and evaluation

  Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 948 9375 7111

  Friday  -  10/23/20  -  12:00-1:30


  Faculty Guides:

  Suman Jayadev, MD

  Kimiko Domoto-Reilly, MD

  Kelly Green, PA-C

  Dementia for Scientists Curriculum

  Defining Dementias, Clinical Features, Natural History (Video)
  Definition, clinical features and history of primary degenerative diseases. Required for REC trainees.

  Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment (Video)
  Clinical presentation, underlying neuropathology, and cognitive ramifications of AD and MCI. Required for REC    trainees.

  Clinical Evaluation of Dementias Part 1 (Video)
  Discusses a general approach to evaluation of patients presenting with cognitive change. Required for REC       trainees.

  Clinical Evaluation of Dementias Part 2 (Video)
  Case presentations of primary and secondary dementias.

  Behavioral & Psychiatric Features of Dementia Part 1 (Video)
  Background on general geriatric psychiatry including anxiety disorders, depression, psychosis, etc.

  Behavioral & Psychiatric Features of Dementia Part 2 (Video)



Past UW@AD Presentations

(Recordings & Curriculum Resources)

Dementia pathology and pathogenesis

Friday  -  9/25/20  -  12:00-1:30


Faculty guides

 C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhD

 Caitlin Latimer, MD, PhD

Dementia for Scientists Curriculum

  Alzheimer's Disease - The amyloid cascade, alternative mechanisms (Video)
  Introduction to the role of amyloid  β in neurodegenerative diseases. Required for REC trainees.

  Alzheimer's Disease - Amyloidopathy (Video)
  Fundamental concepts of amyloidopathy. Required for REC trainees.

  Alzheimer's Disease - Tau Biology and Pathology (Video)
  In-depth discussion for scientists with genetics background who want to know more about formation and     structure of tau.

  Lewy Body Dementia - Synucleinopathies & Synuclein (Video)
  In-depth discussion of LBD and alpha-synulcein.

  Vascular Dementias (Video)
  General background of vascular dementia prevalence, epidemiology, criteria, presentation, and     comorbidity with AD.

  Pathology of Dementia, Degenerative and Spinal Cord Diseases (Video)
  Warning: graphic content. Neuropathology of different types of dementia and movement disorders.