Illumina and UW Grant Opportunity

January 04, 2018

Illumina and the University of Washington are teaming up to provide a grant program for researchers. The call for applications is now open; please see the attachment for more information.

The grant will provide Nextera DNA Flex library prep reagents for 24 samples and MiSeq or NextSeq consumables for one sequencing run. The Nextera DNA Flex assay can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from: 

. Human whole genome sequencing 

. Large complex genomes (plants and animals) 

. Small genomes (microbes and metagenomes) 

. Plasmids 

. Amplicons 

For more information on Nextera DNA Flex, please refer to the attached datasheet, or join the upcoming webinar on January 9.

We encourage applications from projects that are in the preliminary/seed stages.