Gift Of Sexuality
After viewing a video clip that discusses sexuality as a gift, participants discuss the concept of sexuality, its complexities, and how expressions of sexuality change over time.

Gift Of Sexuality, Part 2
After discussing their own perspectives as to how expressions of sexuality change throughout an individualís lifetime (The Gift of Sexuality, Part 1), participants use images taken from print ads to make a collage illustrating how the media portrays sexuality.

Making Love Without Doing It
The media provide numerous examples of couples going out together and having sex as their main activity, Teens viewing these media could well conclude that going out together as a couple would seem to have to include sexual intercourse in order to meet the expectation of a good night out together. This lesson encourages youth to brainstorm numerous possibilities for enjoying the company of a girl or boyfriend without having sex.

Saying No Without Hurting Feelings
This lesson is designed to help participants explore alternative ways of communicating messages to their peers.