Thin girl is standing in front of a full length mirror in her bedroom, looking at herself with her hands cupped under her breasts.
A great deal has been written about the subject of body image and the media. Special attention has especially been given to the ways in which young girls are influenced by the images of women that surround them daily in the media.

Interestingly, the media hasn't yet spent too much time in discussing images of men, although there is a great deal to be said about that subject as well.

It would be almost impossible to ever achieve the levels of perfection we see staring back at us each day on billboards and magazine covers, in movies and all over the Internet. Thanks to PhotoShop and other wonderful new tech tools, along with plastic surgery, Botox and all the rest, however, perfection can now be within the reach of more of us than we ever before thought possible.

This section encourages teens to take a second lookat some of the issues surrounding the topic of body image and challenges them to consider the impact that images projected regularly through the media are having on both their peers and themselves.

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