STD Jeopardy
This lesson is designed to help students learn the facts about STDs. By challenging the students to know the different signs, symptoms, and complications of STDs, they will be able to distinguish fact from fiction. This lesson contains an interactive game "show," designed to entertain while educating the students about the facts. It is recommended that the students already have a basic knowledge of different STDs.

No Laughing Matter: Editorial Cartoons And HIV/AIDS
Students often use a variety of mediums to express their voices about a serious issue. In this lesson, the medium they are encouraged to use is the editorial cartoon. The editorial cartoon is selected as the medium here since some cartoons use humor and fear simultaneously—laughing at what scares us takes some of its power away. At the same time, students are required to reflect about facts they feel other students should realize about AIDS in order to produce their cartoons.

STD Awareness: Join The National GYT Campaign
Half of all new STDs occur in 15-24 year olds and many have NO symptoms. This lesson invites students to join the national campaign to raise awareness about STDs among their peers. Facebook is the vehicle this lesson encourages the students to use in their campaign efforts.