About Us


Raymond's PictureMy name is Raymond and this is my senior year attending the Upward Bound Program since 9th grade, also this is my second year competing in the Trio Thinkquest program. My hobbies include playing fighting games at a competitive level, watching foreign films, and hanging out with friends. My career interests at this point include graphic design, cinematography, and/or screenwriting. As for extracurricular activities, as you may know, I have been in the Upward Bound program for three years, Iím a silver winner of the Trio Thinkquest competition in 2006 planning to contend again this year, and I have offered my services to Team Read as a reading coach.

My initial choice of research in TTQ this year was Financial Education because it seemed to be a mildly researched topic and it could have provided me with vital information for the future, but Shaolin culture provided an abstract, new, and interesting topic compared to subjects that I usually witnessed.


Ian's PicturePeople know me as the kid with the laptop or the guy that likes shoes. It is true. I do like shoes and I do carry a laptop around. My name is Nathaniel, but most people know me as Ian.

I have many interests and my curiosity gets the best of me. I love to learn and confront challenges. Iím driven to become a better person than I am today, everyday. My passion for learning makes me interested in a broad range of topics. Currently, I am learning about web development, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Iím focusing on how to become financially independent at a younger age than most people because I want to make the most out of myself and take the advantage of being young. I love web designing and development because itís enjoyable, yet challenging at the same time.

I may be a computer nerd, but I also play sports. Out of all the sports I play, basketball is my favorite. I love the game because itís up-tempo and fun. My friends and I play frequently.

I am an easy-going person and pretty open. I try to be funny and make people smile. I treat others how I want to be treated. I love to go out and watch comedy movies at the theaters. I enjoy candle light dinners and long walks on the beach.


Bentley's PictureMy name is Bentley. I like to research the history of Krump or types of dance styles like B-boying, Hip-Hop, and probably stepping. I want to study this because I like dancing or at least seeing people dance. There is just something about it that just lets out all the anger and issues going on in your life. So its kind of like expressing yourself through writing and other things. Krumping use to be a hobby of mine and I really enjoyed it, but I didnít know where it came from so I would like to study it.