What is Martial Arts?

The term, "Martial Arts" is truly a tough concept to define. Of the Chinese martial arts in existence, 1500 of them have been originated by them. The term of style when determining a type, represents the school in which the art derived from. The animal styles such as Tiger, Crane and Monkey are easy to distinct visually because of their characteristics and maneuvers. When one wishes to select an art for themselves, it is better that they choose an art to fit their physical limitations. An example would be that if one contained good flexibility and balance, then White Crane Kung fu may be a nice choice for them. The practice of Kung fu heightens that of many mental and physical qualities of the body such as physical skills, dexterity, alertness and others as well. When first learning, the first year basics are very similar for each of the arts comprised of punches, kicks and stances.

Kung fu isn't simply isn't enveloped within a specific martial art, but it incorporates the most powerful of structure and self-preservation in current human existence. The variety of styles that Kung Fu is made up of exceeds 1,000 different styles. Two forms of martial arts that have derived from Kung fu are Karate, a very fierce, sharp and striking art, and Escrima, a Filipino martial art that focuses on stick and sword fighting. Kung fu depends on the user to be dedicated mentally and physically to the practices of the art. Relative to Taoism, the student must follow the Tao, or essentiality the life of the creator(s).

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