1644-1911 AD - Qing Dynasty

The banishment of practicing martial arts in Shaolin was instated by the Chinese government during the Qing Dynasty. The government was afraid that the Shoalin monks would rebel against them. All of the monks practiced martial arts secretly during this time to keep the essence and tradition of Shaolin martial arts alive. Many monks died because they rebelled or they practiced martial arts. Thus, the number of monks decreased from thousands to hundreds during the time the practice was banned.

In 1647 AD, a disloyal insider and many Ching loyal troops destroyed the original Shaolin temple in Henan. Those who stayed to resist were annihilated. Many fled to the Fukien temple to continue their resistance. These continuous resistances led to the destruction of the other Shaolin temples and scriptures. After this event, Shaolin Kung Fu was punishable by death and much of the culture vanished. Shaolin monks practiced martial arts secretly, continued to resist and formed the "Triads," migrated to other countries, or reverted back to solely Buddhism.