960-1278 AD - Song Dynasty

A Shaolin monk by the name of Jueyuan roamed China to study the conditions of martial arts. He met Li Sou, his friend Bai Yu-Fengat, and Bai's son during his journey. Li Sou was a famous martial artist from Lan Zhou. Bai Jueyuan influenced the three to return to the Shaolin Temple to train in martial arts. Bai Yu-Feng entered the temple after ten years of study and was renamed Qiu Yue Chan Shi. Qiu Yue Chan Shi was noted as having expertise in bare-hand fighting and narrow-blade sword techniques. He enhanced the 18 Buddha Hands techniques into 173 techniques. He wrote the book Essence of Five Fist by putting together existing Shaolin techniques. The book included the description of the practice methods and applications of the Five Fist (animal) Patterns. The animals were the Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Panther, and Crane.