581-618 AD - Sui Dynasty

During the conclusion of the Sui Dynasty, the king of the Qin State, Li Shimin, had a feud with the self-appointed emperor of the Zheng State, Wang Schichong. 13 monks from Shaolin agreed to take side of Li and assisted in the capturing of Wang's nephew. This action forced Wang to surrender his throne. Li Shimin was then enthroned as the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty. He rewarded all the efforts of his followers, including the monks from Shaolin. Li granted the Temple 40 Qing (600 acres) of land and allowed the monks permission to train in martial arts to protect the property of the Temple. From 600AD to 1600 AD, martial arts gradually gained popularity throughout China. Shaolin became the central practice of a complete system of Wushu in and many traveled to Shaolin to practice martial arts.