Kung Fu movies have taken over the media and have influenced many people. Beijing Officials discovered that Shaolin could be a potential marketing tool and heritage. After most of the years that Shaolin existed, the government still feared and distrusted Shaolin and it's Kung Fu was grave. They needed a substitute for Kung Fu that was a type of hard martial art. Thus, Wu Shu was created. Wu Shu is an acrobatic art using Kung Fu movements and elements. The government officials wanted to have an art that embodied the spirit of Shaolin without the element of Kung Fu. Wu Shu gave them what they wanted because it focused centrally on acrobatic and athletic movements rather than technique and fighting.

The present Abbot of Shaolin, Master Su Xi, has been in service for over 10 years. The Chinese Government and he cleared the villages around the Shaolin Temple to ensure that there is only one official school of Shaolin, the Chinese Government Shaolin Temple. The schools have moved to a nearby major city, Kerfeng. Some of these schools have around 8000 students.