Southern Snake

The defining characteristic of the Southern Snake Kung fu style is its circular motions and maneuvers, which are part of its attack and defense. The circular motions within the style symbolize the evolution to one of the higher-ranked styles. Snake Kung fu is also relative to Taoist philosophy with its view of attacks. Yin is represented by circular strikes as Yang is defined by direct attacks, both are capable of countering one another.

The most recent development of the Snake style is more of a combination of previous styles, which are no longer practiced. The entire style is comprised of the Viper, Cobra and Python forms. The Viper forwards strikes that captivate a large amount of blood, which effect the foe in a major psychological manner, but refrains from severe and long-lasting damage. The Cobra resorted to the use of critical strikes to vital points and nerves using its "characteristic hand technique was an open hand with the thumb curled underneath in order to maintain dynamic tension." The Python promoted the Leopard Fist technique for precise blows and clutching. Using the open-handed strikes, a twisting of the arm may be included in order to mask the path of travel to divert the foe's defense. The current footwork of the stance is more upright as compared to the horse because the stance allows for more agile movement and execution.

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