Wu-tang Clan

The Wu-tang Clan formed in late 1992 and has proven to be the most revolutionary Hip-Hop group through their music produced in the mid-90s, which wasn't their most valuable aspect. The clan consisted of nine emcees, “The RZA,” “GZA,” “Ol' Dirty Bastard,” “Method Man,” “Raekwon,” “Ghostface Killa,” “Inspectah Deck,” “U-God,” and “Masta Killa.” Their obligation was furtherance to engulf the record industry in a profitable manner for their winning. So their plan was to release a strong group debut album, then collaborate with one another to release invaluable solo albums.

The Wu-tang Clan received their title through the martial arts film, "Shaolin and Wu Tang," which portrayed multiple disciples of the temple to be disciplined in the Wu-tang form. The origin of the word "Wu-tang" derives from Wu Dang, the Taoist holy mountain located in the Central China in the Hubei Province. The word also is the name of the Emperor Yong Le's Ming Purple Imperial City, which was constructed during the time period of 1404-1420. Their debut album, "Enter the Wu-tang (36 Chambers)," was designed to contain a Shaolin vs. Wu-tang theme, and dialogue from the Wu-Tang films were used as skits. An emcee of the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, also notes that a sword cutting through air molecules results in a "Wu" sound effect and the "Tang" sound effect is the result of contact made with a shield.

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