Dragon Ball Z - Krillin

Dragonball Z's short, combatant monk, “Krillin,” has been presumed to be the strongest human on Earth next to Tien, a disciple of the "Crane" Martial Arts temple. He wears an orange gi with two blue wristbands, one blue waistband, a blue undershirt, and Kung fu shoes. Oddly, he doesn't have a nose and he is one of the shortest characters in the anime.

His Japanese name, “Kuririn,” derives from the word, “kuri,” which is "chestnut," symbolizing his bald preference, and the Chinese word, “Shorin,” which is Shaolin. Also, his character was visually depicted as a Shaolin monk.

Throughout the different Dragonball series, Krillin develops from simply fighter who fights to attract women, to a focused and dedicated fighter who strives to be the best. One of his most vital characteristics is that he is constantly doubting himself and questioning his own ability when facing a formidable foe.

Xiaolin Showdown

The show, "Xiaolin Showdown," is a Western-premiered animation that is based around four warriors who have been chosen by the Xiaolin Temple's leader, Master Fung, to inherit the titles of the Xiaolin Dragons. The four chosen warriors are, Bailey, who is a cowboy from Texas, Kimiko Tohomiko, who is from Japan and highly technical focused, Raimundo Pedrosa, who is a surfer from Brazil and the monk, Omi, who has been previously training at the Xiaolin Temple as he was orphaned by them. It's common for Omi to misuse cultural American clichés and be corrected by one of the three other Xiaolin Dragons in training.

There are a combination of martial arts and actual Shen Gong Wu artifacts that produce special abilities or strengths within the combatants. With the possession of the artifact and enthusiastic yell of the name of the used artifact, a special technique is performed. Within the show there is much reference to China as well as the culture and prototypes, but the scenery in the show is presented to not use China as the main focus, but worldwide.

In the occurrence that 2 people possibly make contact with a Shen Gong Wu artifact at once, the "Xiaolin Showdown" happens and both parties have to put up an artifact that they've obtained for risk, then engage in a challenge for the winnings. In the happening of a Xiaolin Showdown, one side may call for more allies to aid them in the challenge even if they hadn't made contact with the artifact. Also, a "Shen Yi Bu Dare" may ensue where a certain amount of artifacts are placed up for risk and it's "winner take all". There may also be an event where more than two people may make contact with an artifact at once and the same rules apply, but with multiple people in the challenge. Similar rules apply to the "Xiaolin Tsunami" where there is a two vs. two challenge phase as well as the "Eight-Way Xiaolin Showdown."

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