The art of Leopard Kung fu was originally a Southern art with some borrowed attributes of Northern Panther Kung fu. It was created by a man by the name of Mot. He was a divine practitioner of Choy Lay Fut and combined both Choy Lay Fut and the Tiger styles to add a hint of unpredictability and form of attack. Of the Tiger family, Leopard Kung fu is the fastest and focuses on the development of agility and power.

The open-fisted Leopard Fist is the primary strike of the style. The way it's formed allows it the flexibility to crush, jab, and rake a foe without failure. The general areas that are struck with the Leopard fist are soft pressure points as well as the ribs, which are the most sought point when attacking. The index and middle fingers of a hand are used to strike the eyes of the opponent when possible.

Each of the Snow Leopard, "Leopard at Dawn," and "Leopard Bares its Claws" forms make up a portion of the Tiger style. The Tibetan form of the Snow Leopard is limitlessly included considering techniques and stances and "Leopard at Dawn" includes the Leopard hand strikes. The Panther style applies all of the Leopard's kicking ingenuity and the "Leopard Bares its Claws" form as its stance.

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