Disability Resources for Students

Alternative Testing for Students


Alternative Testing is a group of academic accommodations approved by Disability Resources for Students (DRS) to provide access to course examinations, tests and quizzes for students whose documented disability affects their ability to take exams. Alternative Testing accommodations can be facilitated by the faculty member, academic department, or through the DRS Testing Center. Students should discuss their preferred testing location with their professors. Faculty make the final decisions about whether an exam will be accommodated in the department or in DRS during business hours.

How to Use

Student Responsibilities

Upon approval of Alternative Testing, the student needs to:

  • Be familiar with the Guidelines for Effectively Requesting Accommodation for Alternative Testing
  • Use myDRS to request alternative testing accommodations by the first week of each quarter or as soon as the accommodation is approved.
  • Within one week of requesting accommodations, meet with course instructors (or TA or staff member who is designated as the accommodations contact) to discuss how accommodations will be implemented, and if exams will be administered with accommodations in the department or in the DRS Testing Center.
  • Review DRS Testing Center Rules
  • Schedule any exams to be taken in DRS at least 5 business days before exam (10 business days if the quiz/exam is during finals week)
  • Schedule make-up exams according to DRS guidelines
  • Modify/cancel exam requests as needed

DRS Responsibility

  • DRS is responsible to provide students with their approved testing accommodations when the exam is taken in the DRS Testing Center.
  • DRS will reserve a seat for students who schedule their exams on time.
  • DRS will keep the seat reserved for the student for up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time if the student does not arrive on time.


Click here to view the full guidelines for requesting and using alternative testing accommodations.

Link to myDRS Student Guide