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Disability Resources for Students

Audio Recording Lectures


Permission to Audio Record Lectures is an accommodation approved by DRS on an individual basis through an interactive process between DRS and the student. It must be supported by the documented effects of the student’s disability. It is approved by DRS to provide students with disabilities equal access to lecture content. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (45 CFR 84.44) specifically identifies audio recording as an appropriate academic accommodation. For more information on the rights of students approved for Audio Recording Lectures, please see the Office for Civil Rights – Q & A Regarding Audio Recording.

How to Use

Student Responsibilities

Upon approval of Audio Recording Lectures, the student needs to

  • Complete the DRS Recording and Presentation Agreement, in which the student agrees to not share any course recordings, and acknowledges that the recordings are solely for their personal educational use.
  • Talk with their faculty about whether a course involves personal reflection, self-disclosure, or confidential discussions.
  • Discuss any concerns with the student’s DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibility

Upon approval of Audio Recording Lectures, DRS will

  • Discuss with the student different technologies that allow for audio recording.


Students approved for audio recording classes, may find the following links useful. These links clarify the rights of students approved for audio recording and identify some of the technologies available to effectively record audio in class.

Audionote for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Link to myDRS Student Guide

Notability for iOS and Mac

Office for Civil Rights – Q & A Regarding Audio Recording