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Disability Resources for Students

Accommodation Reconsideration

Students have the right to seek accommodation reconsideration upon a denial of a requested accommodation. Below are the steps to engage in the reconsideration process.

Step 1

  • Access Coordinator sends formal “Denial of Requested Accommodation” letter to student with outline of stated reasons for denial and alternatives discussed but not accepted by the student, along with information about the DRS accommodation reconsideration process.
  • Student has 10 business days, upon receiving the notice, to submit a reconsideration request to the DRS Associate Director (or designee) for review. The Associate Director has discretion to modify the 10-day requirement as needed to gather necessary information from the student.
  • The student should include their specific grounds for reconsideration, with a full explanation and any supporting documentation that may explain the barrier to access. Questions to address include:
    • What is/are the accommodation request(s) that you are seeking to have reconsidered?
    • What barrier(s) and/or impact(s) are you having in the environment based on your disability /health condition?
    • Have you received additional healthcare documentation that supports the barrier(s) and/or impact occurring?

Step 2

  • DRS Associate Director, or stated designee, has 15 days upon receipt of the reconsideration request to make a final determination. They will review all relevant DRS information and engage with the student to discuss the request. DRS Associate Director has discretion to modify the 15-day requirement as needed to gather necessary information from student and/or process the reconsideration request completely.
  • If student does not agree with the DRS Associate Director’s final determination, the student has 10 days to request a file review by the DRS Director.

Step 3

  • DRS Director (or stated designee) has 15 days once the request is received to review the file, and make a final determination.
  • If student is not in agreement with final DRS Director’s determination, they are referred to UCIRO to pursue the university‚Äôs grievance process.