Winter 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our Winter 2021 Newsletter, the first in a new series of quarterly updates focused on highlighting our program members’ latest and greatest scientific publications and progress!

In this edition you can learn about a powerful new technique to measure the mass of small exoplanets and learn about their interiors, as well as new studies to rigorously test claims that a possible sign of life, phosphine, was discovered in the Venus atmosphere.   And there’s more science, as well as  faculty, student and alumni news

Refining Key Properties of TRAPPIST-1 Planets

A team of astronomers led by UWAB Professor Eric Agol (Astronomy) spent the last 4 years making numerous observations of the TRAPPIST-1 system and were able to use that data to greatly refine key properties of the planetary system and have helped pave the way for better and future observations of the planets using the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Science in Action: Challenging the Phosphine on Venus Claim

In September 2020 a team led by British researchers published an apparent detection of phosphine in the clouds of Venus. Now a team of researchers from the Virtual Planetary Laboratory, and led by recent UWAB graduate Andrew Lincowski and UWAB Program Director Victoria Meadows, have conducted a follow-up analysis of both the discovery data and its interpretation as being due to phosphine, and have come up with an alternative explanation: that the signal purported to be phosphine is more likely sulphur dioxide.
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