Martin Darvas, PhD

Acting Assistant Professor, UW Department of Pathology
ADRC Affiliate Member
ADRC 2017 Pilot Project Leader

Dr. Darvas worked on the 2017 ADRC funded Pilot Project, Multiplex assay for the quantification of antigens in paraffin-embedded tissue

He studies the structural and molecular bases of learning and memory and how changes of processes related to these bases promote neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. His goal is to identify key pathogenic processes, critical brain circuits and neuronal signaling pathways that ultimately will identify new potential therapeutic targets that lead to improved treatment of cognitive dysfunction. Work in the Darvas laboratory addresses these important and prevalent medical problems through a combination of mouse genetics, virus-mediated gene transfer, pharmacology and selective toxins that allows incapacitating selective signaling pathways or whole neuronal populations in discrete brain regions.

Research Interests

Molecular bases of learning and memory, Pathogenic processes of neurodegenerative diseases, Precision medicine