Sonia K. Bishop

Research Scientist, Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement Core, ADRC

Sonia Bishop has extensive experience to support the Washington State Community Advisory Board and advise on recruitment strategies to recruit and enroll Latinx and AA & HNPI participants. As a member of Dr. Ko’s multicultural research team, she has developed close relationships with community-based organizations (CBOs) serving immigrant populations including Latinx and Asian American communities for epidemiologic, intervention, and implementation studies. Sonia has over 20 years of research experience working with over 40 different worksites in the Seattle area, leading Employee Advisory Boards (EABs) and Community Advisory Boards (CABs) for community-based participatory research projects. She has experience coordinating research projects in Seattle, Lower Yakima Valley of Washington and the Navajo Nation, serving Latinx, Navajo and AA & NHPI communities.