Highlights and Photos: Adult Changes in Thought Symposium 2018

August 15, 2018

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The Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) 6th Annual Symposium hosted attendees from more than 20 universities, research institutions, and health care systems. The presenters shared updates on research that leverages data from the Seattle ACT study on brain health and dementia. 

This longitudinal study, a collaboration of UW Medicine/ADRC and Kaiser Permanente WA Health Research Institute, has followed over 5,000 aging participants from the community from age 65 and older, collecting information on health and cognitive function every 2 years. Some develop dementia, and some agree to donate their brains at the end of life. The ACT uses this extensive data resource to identify the environmental and genetic factors that increase the risk of brain disease and find ways to help communities delay or avoid dementia.

To get a sense of the variety of this research, scroll through the real-time highlights, photos, and links to more information from UW Memory and Brain Wellness Center/Alzheimer's Disease Research Center ADRC (@MemoryBrain_UW) and Kaiser Permanente WA (@ErinJBowles) (@kpwashington). 



Current work in the ADRC Neuropathology Core: Jessica Young, Caitlin Latimer, and Dirk Keene!






...which gets support from the Director of the National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Disease Centers Program!


ADRC collaborator Ed Lein from Allen Institute for Brain Science joined us to talk precision neuropathology!



Medical anthropology




Brain imaging news






Health and exposure risks: hearing loss, air pollution, lack of sleep, traumatic brain injury, high blood glucose, sedentary behavior