Get to Know Astrid-Suchy-Dicey, Epidemiologist and Notable Woman in STEM

January 11, 2022

Science Updates, Team Spotlights, News

Washington STEM features a Q&A with Astrid Suchy-Dicey,  UW ADRC Investigator and WSU epidemiologist, about her education and career path. Dr. Suchy Dicey works to better understand how a wide variety of factors, from educational to economic, impact minority communities.

As an epidemiologist, Astrid studies health and disease in whole populations. In many ways, it’s like being a physician but rather than focusing on one person at a time, she looks at large groups of people all at once. Astrid’s specialty centers around long-lasting diseases that affect the heart, kidneys, and brain, all diseases related to blood. Most recently, she’s focused on learning more about how the health of our brains changes in the long term.

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