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DIMENSIONS (Spring 2011):

  • Focus on Research: Confronting a Century of Lewy Body Confusion
  • From Bingo to Brain Scans: A Couple's Campaign to Give Back
  • Sleep and Memory
  • Focus on the Future: Current ADRC Projects
  • African Americans and Alzheimer's Disease: Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller
  • DIMENSIONS (Spring 2011) (PDF file opens in new window)

    Dimensions Spring 2011

    DIMENSIONS (Fall 2010)
    Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Lucy Wang, Remembering the Legacy of Love, Gap in Understanding of Alzheimer's disease Risk and Prevention among Most Vulnerable Populations

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2010)
    Old Drugs are New Weapons in the Fight against Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Manard Stewart, Moments in Mind, Pacific Northwest Udall Center

    DIMENSIONS (Fall 2009)
    From Research Labs to Possible Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Taylene Watson, DHA in Alzheimer's Disease and Age-Related Cognitive Decline

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2009)
    Change is coming to the ADRC, Education Core-Changes in Staff, Meet Eric Petrie, Living at Home with Help and Home Safety Tips

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2008)
    ADRC Forum: Alzheimer's Care in the 21st Century, Meet Ellen Steinbart, Fair Weather Fun, Recognizing and Responding to Pain in Loved Ones with Dementia

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2008)
    ADRC researchers confirm Alzheimerís disease begins years prior to diagnosis, as early as 50 years old, Meet Rebecca Logsdon, Legal and Financial Planning, Q & A: Anger and what to do with it

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2008)
    Similarities and differences in identical twins with familial Alzheimer's disease, 2008 GSA Conference-Dr. Linda Teri gives Lawton award lecture at the 60th Annual GSA Meeting, Q & A: Winter safety tips, Meet Cat Olcott

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2007)
    Fall Prevention Clinic Shows Promise for Reducing Injurious Falls in Older Adults, Can You Trust What You Read?, Meet Elizabeth Phelan, Q & A: How Can I Make the Holiday Season More Enjoyable for a Loved One with Alzheimer's?

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2007)
    ADRC Public Forum, When Words Fail: Visiting a Loved One in a Nursing Home, Meet Thom Walton, Q & A: Traveling with Alzheimer's

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2007)
    Researchers Find Screening Tool Superior to Primary Care Physicians at Detecting Dementia, Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 2), Q & A: Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease and Driving, Meet Soo Borson

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2007)
    ADRC Researchers Identify Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease, Strange New World: When Persons with Dementia Must Visit the Hospital (Part 1), Meet Viki Hoyt, Q & A: Early-Stage Resources

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2006)
    Second Gene Found to Cause Frontotemporal Dementia, Preparing for the Worst: Caring for Dementia Sufferers During a Public Disaster, ADRC Faculty Recognized as M. Powell Lawton Award Winner, Q & A: How Can We Beat Those Winter Blues?

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2006)
    21st Annual University of Washington ADRC Public Forum, Q & A: Causes of Early-Onset Dementia, Helping Children Understand Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Ray Houle

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2006)
    Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers Develop and Test Innovative Interventions to Improve Caregive Skills and Quality of Life, Caregivers: The Forgotten Patients, Q & A: What's Really Going On? Long-Distance Caregiving, Meet Jim Leverenz

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2006)
    Studies from the Memory Wellness Program Lead to Greater Understanding of Insulin and Memory, When Your Relative Canít Live at Home... Do Your Homework, Have a Good Day!,Meet Cathy Blackburn

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2005)
    Improving Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia and Family Caregivers, Shared Medical Appointments: A New Model of Care for Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Paul Crane, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services and University of Washington ADRC Researchers Team Up to Improve Community-Based Dementia Care, Help is Just a Phone Call Away for Individuals Affected by Memory Loss

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2005)
    Exercise May Reduce Risk for Development of Alzheimer's Disease, A Volunteer Speaks Out, Alzheimer's Association Provides Resources to "Maintain Your BrainTM", Lumbar Punctures, Meet Grace Kim

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2005)
    UW ADRC Receives Funding Renewal, Consenting to Research: Making an Informed Decision, Meet the ADRC Director, Advances in AD Research: A Timeline

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2005)
    Exercise and Caregiver Education Improve Health and Depression in People with AD, Meet Gerald van Belle, Sexuality and Alzheimer's Disease, Outdoor Activities and AD, Question and Answer

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2004)
    Do Cholesterol-Lowering Medications Reduce Alzheimerís Disease?, Beating the "Holiday Blues", Meet Kirsten Rohde, Plan Now for Legal Issues Later, ADEAR Website Updated

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2004)
    Investigator Focuses on Improving Sleep for AD Patients and Caregivers, Caregiver Self-Advocacy: 4 Messages to Live By, 19TH Annual UW ADRC Public Forum, Questions & Answers, Petite Wine Auction

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2004)
    Investigators Embark on New Initiative Aimed at Understanding Genetics of Late-Onset AD, Home Safety: Living at Home With AD, Meet Debby Tsuang, Questions & Answers, Petite Wine Auction

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2004)
    ADRC Research at the Gerontological Society of Americal Annual Scientific Meeting, Walking to the Fountain of Youth, Another Successful ASW Conference, RDAD Study Featured in JAMA

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2003)
    SPECIAL ISSUE: Medicaid-Funded Community Residential Care in Washington State, Meet Susan Hedrick

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2003)
    Investigator Explores Relationship Between Stress and Health in Caregivers, UW Public Forum, Re-Thinking the Alzheimer's Vaccine, Meet Molly Wamble, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2003)
    Investigators Seek to Better Understand Long-Term Care Intentions, Nutrition for Good Health, Meet Walter Kukull, The ASW Lending Library, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2003)
    Growing Cells to Better Understand Alzheimer's Disease, The African American Elders Project, Meet Julie Cleveland, Dealing With Loss of Purpose, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2002)
    An Innovative Staff-Training Program Improves Care and Quality of Life in Assisted-Living Facilities, Consenting to Research: Making an Informed Decision, The Alzheimer's Road Map, Meet Eric B. Larson, Q & A, UW ADRC Provides Outreach to Blackfeet Tribe

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2002)
    ADRC Investigators at the VA Tackle the Mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease From Many Angles, Men Need Extra Help When They Become Caregivers, Meet Marie Walters, ADRC Public Forum

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2002)
    The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in AD, Visiting Scholar, Caregiving Resources on the Internet, Meet Mary Jacka, Q & A, Book Review: Aging with Grace

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2002)
    Ten-year Kame Project Yields Clues to How Lifestyle Affects Aging and the Development of AD, Falls: Why They Happen and Tips on Preventing Them, UW Faculty Publish Book for Older Adults, Q & A, Meet Inez Vincent, It's Alzheimer's -- Now What Do I Do?

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2001)
    Welcome to Our New Look, ADRC Researchers Open Door to Understanding Anxiety in Alzheimer's Disease, Meet Piruz Huda, Q & A, Dr. Martin Appointed Editor-in-Chief for New Science Website, Free National Institute on Aging Guides

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2001)
    Research Ties Stress Hormone to Increased Risk for Alzheimer's Disease, Tips for Activities of Daily Living, Meet Monique Cherrier, Public Forum, A Guide to Improving Doctor/Caregiver Communications: Suggestions from the NFCA, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2001)
    Newest ADRC Researchers Tackle a Variety of Alzheimer's Questions,Telling the Truth About Alzheimer's: Issues in Diagnostic Disclosure, Meet Patti Boorkman and Masaru Aoyama,Choosing an Assisted Living Facility,Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2001)
    UW Researcher Develops Experimental Models for Testing New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease, Treating Sleep Problems in AD, Meet David Nochlin, Book Corner, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 2000)
    National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center--An Innovation in Alzheimer's Research, Increasing Pleasant Events, Meet June van Leynseele, Resources for Wandering Offered by the Alzheimer's Association, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 2000)
    Propranolol for the Treatment of Disruptive Agitation, ADRC Renewal, A Caregiver and Research Volunteer Speaks Out, Meet Forum Speakers, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 2000)
    Study Shows Link Between Early Life and Later Development of AD, ADRC Education Core Hosts Visiting Scholar, Meet Meredith Pfanschmidt, Incontinence: Promoting Function & Dignity, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 2000)
    Estrogen Use May Help Preserve Cognitive Function, UW Provides Long Term Care Services, Meet the New Director, Learning to Care for Those with Down's and AD, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 1999)
    UW Researchers Discover Gene Associated with Frontotemporal Dementia, Lisa Millspaugh, New ADRC Research Grants, Beating the "Holiday Blues," Someone Who Cares, Healthy Aging Center Opens, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 1999)
    Eagles Grants Fund New ADRC Research, Community Presentations, Sue McCurry, Facing Guilt: Challenges for Caregivers, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 1999)
    Effects of Light Therapy on Agitated AD Patients, Hiring In-Home Help, Michael Matulka, This Stranger in Our House, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 1999)
    Quality of Life Model, Amy Moore, Behavioral Management, State Chronic Health Care Services, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 1998)
    Caregiver-Guided Exercise, Laura Gibbons, Long-Term Care Decisions, Public Forum, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Summer 1998)
    AGS/AFAR Annual Meeting, Valerie Peterson, Therapist Manuals, Caregiver Grief, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 1998)
    Genetics Update, Day Centers, Walter Kukull, Alzheimer Club, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 1998)
    Quality of Life, Duane Beekly, A Women's Health Issue, Stages of Alzheimer's, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Autumn 1997)
    The Estrogen Connection, Friends Auction, Letter to Caregivers, Zilpha Haycox, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Spring 1997)
    Treating Depression in AD, Activity Ideas, Dr. Marie-Florence Shadlen, Q & A

    DIMENSIONS (Winter 1997)
    Pilot Studies, Drug Approved for AD, Helping Kids Cope, Susan Guralnick, Q & A

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