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Artist’s statement:

While I was abroad in London, my tube stop — yes, my tube stop, it’s a very personal thing — had weekly poetry written on a whiteboard outside the stairs.

Normally this was a space reserved for updates about maintenance and delays, but our local crew saw it more fit as an artistic venue.

"Tube poem"

“Tube poem”

I appreciated this.

This poem is the poem I would have had displayed on that fabulous little whiteboard if I’d had the chance. It is about the tube. I found the tube equal parts frustrating and mystifying, thrilling and disturbing. It made me cringe and it made me laugh.

Overall, (and I think for all of these reasons, good and bad) I remember it quite fondly and hope to return to it again. I hope to make you feel a little bit of all of these things as well so that we might share this strange emotional dissonance created by cramped spaces and wonderfully human experiences.

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